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List of Mosques reopening on 15th June 2020


As per the plan of Lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in Qatar. Mosques are getting ready to reopen in June.

The Ministry of Endowments ( AWQAF) and Islamic affair tweeted in their official twitter account that from 15th June 2020,certain number of mosques will be reopened for payers, Friday prayers are not allowed in these mosques for now.

As per the phase 3 ( August ) schedule Friday prayers are allowed in 54 mosques and remaining mosques will be ready for prayers from phase 4 i.e. September onward.

Four Phase plan of lifting the COVID 19

List of Mosques reopening on 15th June 2020,

There are almost 500 mosques will be reopened on Monday 15th June 2020, the list of mosques are released on Thursday 11th June by the Ministry. Download the list of Mosques here

Precautionary steps in mosques during the Prayer

The Ministry filmed a video to show case what all the precautionary steps required in the mosques.

Here are those:

  • The mosques will open with azan only. Commuting early to the prayer is not allowed.
  • The few facilities in mosque’s will be closed ie bathrooms and Wudhu  places. Do Wudhu at home before going to the mosque.
  • 2 meters social distance from one and another.
  • The Greeting with shaking hands with others are not allowed even while wearing gloves.
  • While sneezing and coughing one should cover mouth and nose.
  • EHTERAZ App Green status is necessary to enter into mosque.
  • Extend your support with the people in charge of managing the mosque.
  • Place your prayer mats in the designated areas only.
  • One should bring their prayer mats to the mosques. Recommended not to share it with others and leave the mat in the mosque.
  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask inside the mosque .
  • Bring your own the holy Quran and do not share it with others. Or read from your mobile phone or read the Holy Quran at home.

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