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The meaning of Saudi Arabian flag and 9 facts about it.

The meaning of Saudi Arabian flag and 9 facts about it.

Many people are curious to know what the green colour  and And white sword mean in the Saudi Arabian flag and the translation  of the words written on it 

The old Saudi flag

15 March 1932 Saudi Arabian government adopted Saudi Arabia flag

The white Sword  was put on The flag of Saudi Arabia In the year 1912 when Najd was taken over by Ibn Saud And Islamic  inscription has been printed on it

Some Facts are.

Sentence for insulting the flag:

The one who destroys or drops or  insults the flag  will be sentence with SR 3000 fine.One year Jail .As per the  kingdom’s flag law.

Saudi Arabia’s flag in the ratio of 3 : 2. In rectangular  shape

It is written in Saudi Arabia flag that Mohammed is Allahs  messenger.Allah is the only god.

Green and white are  favourite colours of Allah and Prophet Muhammad

The Sword in the flag depict the strength and power of the Saudi Arabia 

Because the holy inscription  is printed on it it is not allowed to use All football during a FIFA matches 

The flag of Saudi Arabia is never hoisted to half flagpole

Because it is insult  to Allah.The flag can never be hoisted  in vertical  position

Najd and Hejaz use similar pattern and design used in the saudi Arabian flag . As they are the two ancient statesin  saudi

Sudan and palestine flags are similar to Hejaz.

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