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50 Cent Net Worth

50 Cent Net Worth

Net worth of $40 million.

50 Cent is an American rapper, producer, actor, and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $40 million. Till date, he has earned about $260 million in his career. Before filing bankruptcy in July 2015, his net worth was $100 million when his career was on peak.

Early Life

Curtis James Jackson III was born on July 6, 1975, in Queens, New York City. His mother Sabrina was a drug dealer. She raised him in South Jamaica. Sabrina was died when he was just eight years old. His grandmother raised him after that. He was arrested several times in his childhood for engagement in drug dealing. 

Early Career and Shooting

Jackson became quite popular when his controversial underground rap single “How to Rob” was released. He was shot by a gunman and hospitalized just before he was ready to release “Thug Love,” a single with Destiny’s Child, in May 2000. He got a publishing deal with Columbia Records when he was in hospital but later dropped by Columbia when he tried to publish the song “Ghetto Qu’ran.” The whole United Stated recording also blacklisted him. Then he went to Canada and released the mixtape “Guess Who’s Back?”

Rise to Fame

Eminem contracted him after get impressed by “Guess Who’s Back?” and invited Jackson to meet Dr. Dre.  He signed a record deal worth $1million and released “No Mercy, No Fear.” One of his songs also featured in Eminem’s movie “8 Mile”.  He got lots of popularity with his debut album “Get Rich or Die Trying” in 2003. It became No.1 on the Billboard charts. After date all his albums and records were massive hits.

Other pursuits

He established label G-Unit records, started G- Unit clothing company. He also acted in some movies with legends like Al Pacino and Robert Deniro.  He made a boxing promotion company, The Money Team in 2012.

Bankruptcy Filing

50 cent filed for Chapter 11 personal bankruptcy protection on July 13, 2015. The bankruptcy was filed after a jury ordered 50 to pay Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend, Lavonia Leviston, a $5 million judgment for intentionally releasing a sex tape in which she was featured.

He would later explain:

When you’re successful and stuff, you become a target. I don’t wanna be a bullseye. I don’t want anybody to pick me as the guy that they just come to with astronomical claims and go through all that. I’m taking precautions that any good business person would take in this situation.

And his lawyer followed up with:

“The filing permits Mr. Jackson to continue his involvement with various business interests and continue his work as an entertainer, while he pursues an orderly reorganization of his financial affairs.”

Vitamin Water Deal

The most brilliant financial investment of 50 Cent was Vitamin Water where he negotiated a minority stake. Initially it was reported that Cent got 10% as equity stake but it was dismissed bankers and intimated that the stake was closer to 2.5%.

Earnings by Year

2007: $32 million
2008: $150 million
2009: $20 million
2010: $8 million
2011: $6 million
2012: $7 million
2013: $7 million
2014: $8 million
2015: $4 million
2016: $6 million
2017: $5 million
2018: $4 million
2019: $4 million

Total: $261 million            

Personal Life

Jackson has a son with former girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins. Jackson and Tompkins have disputed over social media many times.

Real Estate

Cent purchased a 17-acre property in Connecticut in 2003 for $4.1 million and spends other $6 million on various upgrades. The property has 37 bathrooms, 21 bedrooms, a gym, a casino, nightclub, private movie theatre, infinity pool and a helicopter pad. He has been trying to sell the property since his bankruptcy.

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