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How to rent a car in Qatar?

How to rent a car in Qatar

You can get a wide range of options of rental vehicles in Qatar in every size such as small saloon, medium saloon, SUV and other luxury cars. Rent a transport on temporary basis or rent a big car for a family vacation or take a luxury car for a drive, you’ll get everything here.  Here we’re presenting you some points that you need to keep in mind before renting a car in Qatar.

Required documents

Driving License requirements for Qatar Residents:

  • You must have a copy of valid Qatari ID / Copy of valid passport.
  • Duration allowed driving in Qatar: Until expiration date.
  • Copy of valid Qatar driving license.

Driving license requirement for Non-Residents:

  • GCC Driving License (Bahrain / Kuwait / Oman / Saudi / UAE)
    • Duration allowed to drive in Qatar: Until expiration date
  • GCC Driving License (Nationalities other than Gulf Nationals)
    • Duration allowed to drive in Qatar: 14 days from entry to Qatar
  • International Driving License from Country of Origin (all nationalities)
    • Duration allowed to drive in Qatar: 3 months from entry to Qatar

Age requirement

To apply for light motor vehicles and motorcycle licence, the minimum age is 18 years. But to rent a car the minimum age of driver should be 21 years. It depends on the rental company insurance.

Payment terms

  • Security deposit:  You will need to deposit a security amount to car rentals to rent a car. The amount can be paid by cash, debit card or credit card. After 14 days of returning the rental vehicle, the security amount will be returned to you.
  • Rental fee:  The rental fee depends on the company to company and on the brand and model of the vehicle. You can check if there’s any discount deal as they have most of the time. You’ll be charged extra if you return the vehicle post due date without any prior information.
    • Small saloons range from QR 90 to QR 150
    • Medium saloons range from QR 150 to QR 200
    • SUVs range from QR 180 to QR 270
    • Luxury cars range from QR 210 to QR 3,900

Other Services

Apart from the 24 hours customer service, you can get some extra services such as additional drivers, roadside protection, child seats and accident protection. You will get detailed information about traffic violation, car damage, car maintenance etc with your rental agreement form.

Take a look at some car rental companies in Qatar

  • Al Muftah Rent A Car
  • Location: Main branch, D Ring Road – Near Commercial Bank
  • Phone: +974 7063 4433
  • Website:
  • AVIS Rent A Car
    • Location: Main branch, New Salata – Near Classical Palace
    • Phone: +974 4466 7744
    • Website:
  • Herzt Car Rental
  • Jabrco Rent A Car
    • Location: Main branch, Barwa Village, Building No.18/32
    • Phone: +974 4415 2020
    • Website:
  • Oasis Rent A Car
  • Strong Rent A Car: Main branch – 8 am to 8 pm, Other branches 11 am to 8 pm
    • Haloul Road, Abu Hamour (Main branch): +974 4446 6000, +974 3303 0650
    • Airport Branch: +974 4010 8861, +974 5012 3189
    • The Pearl Branch: +974 4446 6000, +974 5560 1206
    • Radisson Blu Hotel Branch: +974 4446 6000, +974 3321 0602
    • Barwa Village Branch: +974 3312 3443, +974 4446 6070
    • Website:

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