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6 Different types of Thobes for 6 GCC Countries

6 GCC Thobes

Are you in GCC states (Gulf Cooperation Council), if you have recently forced yourself into a country that shows different Gulf social communities and not just the country you are in.

The Gulf Countries join Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait. In these countries, if you visit the parks or shopping malls. You’ll find men with dressed beats that are not exactly equal to each person.

If you are living in any Gulf country, you will understand that the thobe styles of all Gulf countries are somewhat not equal to each other. You can perceive the nationality of a country with this thobe style.


This is manufactured with the help of polished material and has a solid tassel or shirt pocket. The headwear is made up of Cobra, as a result it should be heavily treated to reach a specific look that can be compared to the venomous snake.


Bharini Thobe

Such Kanduras are fitted with a delicate shirt collar like Kameez. A bit of these would feature shirt-like pockets too.

The headwear is made up of butterflies, which is a basic and stylish look. This allows free improvement of the neck,  not like others that will limit you.



The Kuwaiti thobe is called as Kuwaiti Kanduras, which are indicated for their awesome usage of a material highlighting a button on the collar and fit.

The head balance is manufactured utilizing taking the gotra at lopsided lengths, dropping over the throws at the shoulder and finishing over the head. The shape is seemingly of a scale, when you see it in front.



The Omani Kanduras don’t have a collar and are promptly attached just over the chest and are frequently colourful.

The headwear is called as Mussar, not others like the Gotra, which is established in whatever is left in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), that is weaved with modified models and details.


saudi thobe

These Kanduras are tight fitted with a three button collar. The saudi have short cuffs that utilize and need cufflinks.

The headwear is known as Bint Al Bakkar, that is completely difficult to prove, yet at whatever is done as such it gives an amazing look with a red and white colour.

There is few interest among people about what Saudis really wear under thobe.


The Emirati Kanduras also have no collars, but have long cuffs with tassels arranging weavings on the shoulder. The head part is known as instructors, which are basically thrown over the shoulders and is anything but difficult to accomplish.

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