New Law to Let Work Permit Holders in Ireland Change Employers

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A new bill is set to be approved by the Oireachtas today, allowing workers with employment permits in Ireland to change their employers after nine months. This bill, known as the Employment Permits Bill 2022, has been introduced by Emer Higgins, the Minister of State for Business, Employment, and Retail.

The Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI) has welcomed this bill as an important step in protecting migrant workers. According to Edel McGinley, Director of MRCI:

“This change is a big win for many workers in Ireland who take care of our elderly, build our homes and roads, drive our buses, and handle our food. Being stuck with one employer made them vulnerable to exploitation.”

McGinley explained that the current system, which ties workers to a single employer, often leads to serious mistreatment. She added, “Not allowing workers to change employers has been a major reason for the severe exploitation we see.”

The MRCI urges the Government to quickly set up the new rules needed to allow workers to change their employers. This will give many workers more freedom and reduce their risk of being mistreated at work.

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