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Qatar Museums’ Pass comes with added benefits – Check How


The State of Qatar issues Culture Pass of the Qatar Museums for people visiting Qatar to explore its culture art and heritage. The pass acts as a membership to take the tourists with the unique opportunities that can be presented inside the museums of Qatar. Apart from acting as a ticket to all the museums and heritage centres, the Culture Pass also offers exclusive and behind the scenes access to major tours, talks and workshops conducted to give the tourists and residents the glimpse of its culture.

But these are not the only benefits that come loaded with the QM Culture passes. The cultural pass has recently been upgraded and additional features have been added to already host of benefits. The upgrades have been done to support teachers and students in Qatar to learn about Qatar more exclusively. The new two tier Cultural pass includes Cultural Pass for Teachers and Students and gives them access to the educational services, workshops, and other creative online programs for free. The cultural pass has now been tiered as following –

  • Culture Pass Basic
  • Culture Pass Family
  • Culture Pass Plus
  • Culture Pass Students
  • Culture Pass Teachers

Other benefits of the Culture Pass entitle the card holder to get free entry to museums and galleries, workshops and many other benefits such as –

  • Free and unlimited admission to all museums and art galleries across Qatar for card holders and their family members.
  • Exclusive invites to host of tours, talks and workshops conducted by heritage bodies and cultural exhibitions.
  • Get some of the best savings everyday on the member card with additional discounts at cafes, restaurants and gift shops.

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) answered –

Q – What is Culture Pass? Why is it called Culture Pass?

A – A culture Pass is a membership drive created By Qatar Museums’ (QM) to facilitate best  of the services at one point for those interested in the culture, heritage and want to know more about Qatar through Museum visits. It is called a Culture Pass because it gives members unlimited access to all the heritage and cultural programs across Qatar.

Q – How can I join Culture Pass? If I join today, when can I begin using it?

A- Anyone can join the Culture Pass simply by signing up online or visiting any of the museums in person and can start to enjoy benefits instantly. Here are the ways to obtain the Culture Pass –


  • Visit, official website of Qatar Museums’ Culture Pass
  • Or download Culture Pass app from app stores for available for iOS  and Android users

Or Visit

  • Museum of Islamic Art, Ticketing Desk
  • National Museum of Qatar, Ticketing Desk
  • Mathaf, Ticketing Desk

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