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Qatar Taxi Fares and Types Of Taxis

Qatar Taxis

Most people who visit Qatar depend on taxi/taxi to get around the town. Among the hotels that you plan to stay in, will either help you get a taxi/taxi or they may already have a car service of their own. The Karwa taxis are quite popular and affordable.

Which one is cheaper— Qatar taxi, or UBER?

The most popular taxi companies in Qatar are Careem, Karwa, and Uber. All of them have mobile apps and so you can easily book a taxi and travel anywhere you want.

When it comes to Uber taxis, the total fare depends on the distance, peak hours, and the traffic during the time of the booking. However, Uber payments are cashless so you can do as you please.

In cases of Karwa, the meter starts at QR4 and runs at QR1.20 per km during the daytime and at QR1.80 during night time. The fares charges vary from time to time.

According to mobile app users, Qatar taxi fares are quite expensive as compared to UBER and Careem. But we think that all three taxi companies charge equal and affordable prices. The higher prices are a result of the high demand of passengers during peak hours.

Is Taxi expensive?

Careem taxis offer private cars with drivers. All you need to do is just log on to their website or mobile app, specify the time of your ride by checking out the current rates. You will get the best ride suitable for you.

Besides, Uber taxis are also reliable and easily booked through the Mobile app. It is affordable and easy to use. To compare the fare and know more details, visit

In cases of Karwa, the meter starts at QR4 and runs at QR1.20 per km during the daytime and at QR1.80 during night time. The fares charges vary from time to time.

Is Taxi safe in Qatar?

All taxis have the driver’s details and GPS tracker. If you are going around the town for the first time, all alone, you can also write down the taxi’s plate number for your safety.

Uber and Careem are quite safe since both the passengers and drivers have their profiles and when you book a ride, along with the driver’s contact details, the taxi’s number is also shown. Not only this but you can track your ride as well you can share your LIVE location with your loved ones. Both UBER and Careem have designed a system for their customers to maximize safety and satisfaction.

Hiring a taxi from Airport

When it comes to traveling to and from the Hamad International Airport, Karwa taxis are considered the most convenient and flexible option.

The taxi pavilion at the airport will make it easy for you to hire and board your ride.

All you need to do is follow the “TAXI” sign and check out for the mint color taxis. All taxis use meters and charge slightly extra during night time.

Qatar Taxi Fares

The minimum standard taxi tariff for normal taxis is QR10. In Qatar, tipping is optional (QR5 minimum). Here is the standard tariffs for Qatar Taxis as of 2018

  • Minimum taxi fare per trip QR10
  • Flag Fall – QR4
  • Rate / km within Doha at Day Time QR1.6
  • Rate / km within Doha at Night Time QR1.9
  • Rate / km outside Doha Day / Night QR1.9

Extra Tariffs include:

  • Airport Pick up Flag Fall QR25
  • Telephone booking charges (within city) QR5
  • Telephone booking charge (from city to airport) QR8
  • Technology service charge QR1
  • Waiting charge per 15 minutes QR8

*Please note that if the meter is not operational, your trip is free.

Major Taxi companies in Qatar

Here are the contact details of some major taxi companies in Doha, Qatar.

  • Karwa, Doha Taxi Tel: 4588888
  • Fox Transport Tel: 4622777
  • Doha Limousine Tel: 4839999
  • Qatar Taxi Te;: +974 6677 8860
  • Al Watan Limousine Tel: 44477999
  • Chauffeur Car Rental Tel: 44445456
  • City Limousine Tel: 44442111
  • Directions Company LLC Tel: 44607227
  • Al Afdhal Transport Company Tel: 44880177
  • Al Muftah Tel: 44634444 /44998800 / 44446868
  • Al Ibtisama Limozine Tel: 44888024 / 55359803 / 55819152
  • Pick Quick Rent A Cars & Transport Tel: 44182225 / 77749997

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