Remembering Sharad Dravid: A Proud Father’s Legacy in Cricket


Sharad Dravid would have been really happy. Like any parent would be, especially when they have a son like Rahul Dravid.

Dravid senior, who was 79, passed away at his home in Bangalore on Wednesday afternoon.

He saw his son, Rahul, become a top cricketer and even captain the Indian cricket team.

One of the happiest moments for Sharad Dravid was when he watched his son play at Lord’s for the first time in 1996. Even though Rahul missed getting a century by just five runs, it was still a big deal for Sharad.

When Rahul retired from cricket, Sharad wasn’t sad. He knew every player has to retire someday. He was proud of all that Rahul achieved and the happiness he brought to millions of cricket fans.

Cricket was a big part of the Dravid family. They all loved it. Sharad and his brother played, and Rahul grew up watching matches with his dad, which made him love the game even more.

Rahul’s nickname, “Jammy,” came from his love for jam sandwiches during matches. His teammates noticed he always had a jam bottle with him, so they started calling him Jammy.

The Karnataka State Cricket Association expressed their sadness at Sharad Dravid’s passing. It marks the end of a special chapter for one of cricket’s most beloved families.

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