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Early Summer Vacation Begins for UAE Residents with a 6-Day Eid Al Adha Holiday

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With the Eid Al Adha break falling just before the summer holiday in the UAE, vacation time has come early for residents. The UAE will have a six-day weekend to mark the Islamic festival — from Tuesday, June 27, till Sunday, July 2.

Moldovan resident in Dubai, Inga Steytler, has already started her vacation and left for her home country. Steytler expresses her excitement, saying, “That’s because Eid holidays are falling just before summer vacations this year. We are all extremely excited and looking forward to traveling back and seeing my parents.”

The early vacation period will not impact the education of Steytler’s two children. She explains, “As it is, schools in the last week usually have year-end activities and teachers’ training sessions. So, we thought why not make the most of this week.”

Initially planning a staycation for this week, Steytler and her family reconsidered their decision. She states, “But then we reconsidered our decision. We thought why spend extra money; we might as well utilize it to buy tickets and have an extended holiday.”

Steytler is among the thousands of residents in the UAE who are taking advantage of the combination of the summer vacation and the Eid Al Adha break to plan their travels.

According to flight comparison marketplace SkyScanner’s latest research, a staggering 87 percent of UAE travelers are planning to get away during the Eid holiday. The agency highlights that savvy UAE travelers are maximizing their annual leave during this holiday period, with more than half of them searching for trips that are a week long or less. Additionally, 42 percent of respondents mentioned they prefer shorter flight times.

Ayoub El Mamoun, a Skyscanner travel expert, shares insights on UAE travelers’ preferences. He explains that for 65 percent of UAE travelers, price is a crucial factor in determining whether they would go on holiday during Eid.

The availability of an extended six-day weekend, coupled with the festivities of Eid Al Adha, has given UAE residents the perfect opportunity to plan vacations without disrupting their children’s education. The combination of the Eid break with the summer holiday has become a popular choice for many, allowing families to spend quality time together while exploring new destinations or visiting their home countries. As more UAE travelers choose to utilize this unique time off, airlines and travel agencies are adapting to meet the demand, providing affordable options and shorter flight durations for those seeking convenient travel experiences.

Whether it’s a staycation or an adventurous journey abroad, the Eid Al Adha break combined with the summer vacation offers residents in the UAE an exceptional opportunity to relax, unwind, and create lasting memories with their loved ones.

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