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Sharjah Police Unveils Rewards and Special Offers for Timely Vehicle Renewal

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The Sharjah Police have initiated a new campaign aimed at motivating motorists to renew their vehicle registrations promptly. The campaign, named ‘Renew Your Vehicle,’ will span three months and reward motorists who adhere to renewal deadlines with exciting gifts. Additionally, a comprehensive package will be introduced, encompassing special offers for motor insurance, vehicle inspection, and renewal services.

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Effective communication in multiple languages

The ‘Renew Your Vehicle’ campaign, which commenced on Thursday, will be conducted in Arabic, English, and Urdu to effectively communicate the importance of timely vehicle renewal. It includes various awareness-raising initiatives and enforcement measures, such as informative designs, readable and audible media programs, visual materials, and prizes and gifts for participants.

Collaboration for enhanced benefits

Colonel Khaled Mohammed, the director of the Vehicle Licensing Department in Sharjah, expressed his enthusiasm for the campaign, stating, “While we have launched similar campaigns in previous years, this year we have partnered with various community stakeholders to provide additional benefits and gifts to the public, alongside multiple inspection centers.”

Promoting responsible vehicle ownership

Colonel Mohammed emphasized the campaign’s primary objective of promoting responsible vehicle ownership and its significant impact on ensuring safer roads for everyone. By encouraging timely renewal, the campaign seeks to cultivate a culture of responsible behavior among vehicle owners.

Convenient access to renewal services

In the first half of 2023, 263,804 vehicles were inspected across the Emirate of Sharjah. With 18 vehicle inspection sites spread throughout Sharjah, the central, and eastern regions, vehicle owners will enjoy convenient access to the necessary renewal services.

Addressing accumulated traffic fines

The campaign also aims to address the issue of accumulated traffic fines, which can hinder the vehicle renewal process. To tackle this challenge, the campaign will involve random field inspections, with live broadcasts on popular social media platforms. Billboards and field examinations will also serve as visual reminders for vehicle owners to renew their vehicles promptly.

Discount schemes and incentives

To encourage vehicle owners to clear their fines, the Sharjah Government has implemented multiple discount schemes. Motorists can avail a 50% discount on traffic penalties committed before March 31, 2023. Additionally, the police launched a scheme offering motorists up to a 35% discount on fines. Effective April 1, 2023, motorists will receive a 35% discount if the fine payment is made within 60 days of committing the violation. A 25% discount will be granted for fines paid between 60 days and one year after the violation.

Mitigating forced parking issues

A key objective of the campaign is to address the increasing instances of owners abandoning their vehicles, which are yet to be renewed. This issue becomes more prevalent during the summer months, leading to traffic congestion and accidents. By promoting vehicle renewal, the campaign aims to mitigate risks associated with non-renewed vehicles, such as tire damage and faulty lights, which can contribute to accidents and injuries.

On-demand vehicle inspections

Abdulrahman Al Shamsi, the director of the Accident Department at Rafid Vehicle Solutions, highlighted the provision of on-site car inspection services for vehicles less than three years old. Moreover, individuals visiting their centers will receive gifts and vouchers. Al Shamsi emphasized, “Through partnerships with leading insurance companies, we will provide customers with a comprehensive package that includes renewal, inspection, and insurance.”

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