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How to get a Residence Permit for a child in Qatar ?

Residence Permit for a child in Qatar

Exiles (expats) can support their family members, if they are residents in Qatar. Each family member, including babies, should have an individual Family (Residence Permit or RP) Visa. The RP can be purchased after candidates present various reports and follow various methodology to get a RP for a baby.

These methods are as per the following:

1. Apply for the baby’s birth certificate (if the baby was born in Qatar)

If anyone’s child is born in Qatar, it is basic to have your kid’s birth enrolled to be able to get the identification proof. The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) issues birth certificates for children who are born in Qatar. If children born to foreign nationals are not qualified for Qatari nationality. Exile parents are responsible for enrolling their child birth with their individual nation’s embassy too and have a passport.

For more data on the most proficient method to give a birth certificate in Qatar, click on the following link:

If your child is born into the world outside Qatar, you should have a birth certificate from the hospital that the child was born, which should be attested by the Qatar Embassy in your nation, and a visa.

2. Apply for the child’s visa (if the child was born in Qatar)

After you have the child’s birth certificate you should continue to your Embassy in Doha and have the child’s visa. Your international safe haven will mention to you what documents are required.

3. Apply for the RP (if the child was born in Qatar or outside)

Just with the birth certificate and the visa, are you able to continue to the Immigration Office to apply for the RP. In this case, before you do that, you should accumulate various documents (all documents must be converted into Arabic by an affirmed government translation service) to take with you to the Immigration Office:

Documents required for a child born in Qatar:

  1. Local Permit (Qatar ID) copy of parents
  2. Marriage certificate of parents
  3. Passport copies (parents and child)
  4. Letter of work from your company (validated by Ministry)
  5. Unique No Objection letter from father’s employer to permit him to support the child (this NOC letter must show work position, salary and type of agreement).
  6. Father’s unique business contract attested to the Ministry of Labor, Administrative Development and Social Affairs.
  7. Father’s unique education certificates, notarised, attested and sanctioned
  8. Father’s unique bank salary statement for a half year, which should to be marked and fixed on all pages by the boycott
  9. Tenant contract verified by Ministry of Municipality and Environment (AlBaladiya)
  10. Kahramaa bill for parents’ living arrangement in Qatar.
  11. Birth certificate of the child (got from the hospital the baby was born)
  12. Immunization card of child
  13. Visa size pictures of child with blue background (at least 4)

Reports for a child born into the world outside Qatar:

For expats, who decide to have their child in their nation of origin and come back to Qatar, further documentation is required. This documentation is additionally required in situations where the baby is born in Qatar, yet the dad and mother are both supported by their managers, and furthermore in situations where both the dad and mother don’t have a RP, or don’t have a family RP.

  1. Visa copies (parents and child)
  2. Occupant license (Qatar ID) copy of parents
  3. Marriage authentication of parents (notarised, confirmed and authorized)
  4. Father’s unique work contract attested to the Ministry of Labor, Administrative Development and Social Affairs.
  5. Father’s unique education certificates (notarised, validated and authorized)
  6. Father’s unique bank salary statement for a half year, which should to be marked and fixed on all pages by the boycott
  7. Birth certificate of the child (acquired from the hospital the child was born, notarised, verified and legitimized)
  8. Inoculation card of child (notarised, attested and sanctioned)
  9. Identification size pictures of baby with blue background (at least 4)

Extra documents required if the child is on the mother’s sponsorship:

If the child is under the mother’s sponsorship, a no complaint letter will additionally be required from the child’s dad that he has no issue with the child being under the mother’s sponsorship, to the records referenced previously.

Fill up the government form

There is a form that should be filled in Arabic before submitting it with the previously mentioned documents. That takes all the necessary records to the Immigration. It’s ideal to take all the first records and also you have to show them.

Give the forms at the Immigration Office

Take a token at the passage and give your documents. The individual behind the counter will check all the records. In the case of something missing, you should include those reports and return, however if all the documents are right, they will be permitted. It’s ideal to take some other records with you that you think might be necessary, or you may need to make more trips to the Immigration Office.

When the records are submitted, you will provide a receipt with the Visa application number.

Check passport status on Metrash2

You would then check the status of the visa application by means of Metrash2. At the point when it says “Fit to be Printed”, it implies the RP is ready for printing.

Get RP printed

Take the child’s unique passport and a visa photograph with a blue background, with the visa application receipt back to the Immigration Office. You have to pay QR 500 – via card just, and they will print out the ID card.

Visa for child (whenever born into the world outside Qatar)

In numerous nations, it’s a custom for the eager mother to be with her family for the delivery of the child. That is the reason numerous expat mums-to-be in Qatar regularly travel home to give birth with the help and love of their loved ones.

After the child is born, and the mother needs to come back to Qatar with her child, this FREE OF COST visa is conceded to childs who are under a half year old, when the child enters with his/her parents or one of them through the Doha section port.

Documents required to go through migration and get the child visa (on arrival):

  1. The parent of the baby must be an inhabitant of Qatar and have a legitimate RP in the nation.
  2. One of the parents should be supported by the other.
  3. The kid’s age must not exceed 6 months of age.
  4. Unique birth certificates of the baby should be introduced along with a different visa.

Across through the two months of the child’s entrance into Qatar on a child visa, the parents should apply for the RP as detailed above.

Punishment if RP not applied inside two-month time limit

Regardless of whether the child is born in Qatar or outside, if you don’t make a difference for the RP within two months of the child being born in Qatar or showing up from outside Qatar, you will be charged upto QR 10 every day till you get the RP for the child given.

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