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Qatar Family Visit Visa Requirements and Application – Complete Guide

Qatar Family Visit Visa Requirements and Application

The Qatar Family Visit Visa is a temporary visa that allows foreign residents in Qatar to invite their immediate family members such as spouse, children, parents, and siblings to visit them in Qatar. The visa is initially issued for a period of one month and can be extended up to six months in some cases.

This article provides information on the various aspects of the Qatar Family Visit Visa, including the necessary requirements, documents, and application procedures. It also includes information on the visa cost and other essential details that visitors need to be aware of when applying for the visa.

It is important to note that this is a short-term visa intended only for visiting purposes. Foreign workers who wish to sponsor their families to reside long-term in Qatar should follow the Family Residence Visa Procedure instead.

Information on Qatar Family Visit Visa Requirements and Application Process

According to the information available (from the experience of other applicants)

The Processing of Family Visit Visas in Qatar Resumes for Spouses, Children, and Parents, but not yet for In-Laws and Other Relatives, According to MOI Service Center Officials. Applicants Can Submit Their Applications Online Through Metrash App, and the Average Processing Time for the Visa is Now 1-2 Weeks.

Applications for Family Residence Visas (RP) for Private Sector Employees in Qatar are Currently Not Being Approved, While Public Sector Employees are Getting Approvals. Interested Applicants Can Submit Their Applications Using the Metrash App.

As of March 2023, MOI Centers in Qatar are Still Not Accepting Walk-in Visitors for RP Applications or Follow-ups, Except for Rare Cases. Many Applicants Who Visited the Gharaffa MOI Service Centre Were Asked to Come Back After Ramadan.

Note : information provided above is not based on any official announcement or statement from the authorities but solely based on the experiences of recent applicants who have visited MOI Centres. It is important to keep in mind that individual experiences may vary depending on several factors, and it is always recommended to check with the official sources or seek professional guidance for accurate and up-to-date information.

What is the age limit for the Qatar Family Visit Visa?

At present, individuals above 60 years of age are not eligible for a family visit visa as the Metrash system does not accept their applications. However, they may be able to obtain a visa on arrival.

Family Visit Visa Health Insurance

Starting from February 1, 2023, all visitors to Qatar are required to have health insurance. Visitors can purchase health insurance for QAR 50 per month from any of the registered insurance companies listed on the MOPH website. It is recommended to purchase health insurance for at least three months if planning to extend the stay.

Obtaining an Attestation for a Marriage Certificate

Recently, there has been a shift in the requirements for visit visa applications for spouses. In the past, attested marriage certificates were not always necessary for approval. However, nowadays, many applicants are being requested to provide attested marriage certificates.

Frequently, these certificates are handwritten and issued by local or religious organizations, such as mosques, churches, or temples. In situations where the certificate’s authenticity cannot be confirmed, it may be necessary to have it attested. Therefore, it is advisable to verify whether your certificate conforms to an acceptable standard format with official stamps. If not, you will need to obtain an attestation.

Requirements for a Family Visit Visa in Qatar

Foreign residents living in Qatar are eligible to apply for a family visit visa, provided that they meet the minimum salary and profession requirements.

Minimum Salary Requirement for a Family Visit Visa in Qatar

To apply for a Family Visit Visa in Qatar for a spouse and children, a minimum salary of QR 5,000 (USD 1,373) is required.

To apply for a Family Visit Visa for other relatives in Qatar, a minimum salary of QR 10,000 (USD 2,747) is required.

Visa TypeMinimum Salary Required
Family Visit Visa – Spouse and ChildrenQR 5,000
Family Visit Visa – Other RelativesQR 10,000

In November 2021, a senior official from the Ministry of Interior confirmed this requirement

Profession Requirement for Family Visit Visa in Qatar

While most foreign residents who meet the minimum salary requirement can apply for a Family Visit Visa in Qatar, applications may be rejected if the applicant’s profession listed on their Qatar ID is classified as labor-type.

In cases where an application is rejected due to an ineligible profession, it is important to note that the Captain at the MOI Service Center has the authority to override the decision.

Fee for a Family Visit Visa in Qatar

The fee for a Family Visit Visa in Qatar is QAR 200 (USD 55) for a duration of 30 days. If needed, the initial visa can be extended by paying QAR 200 per month..

Medical Check- Up

To obtain a visa extension in Qatar, a medical check-up is necessary, and the cost for this is QAR 100.

Fine for Overstay

If a foreign resident in Qatar overstays their visa beyond the allowed period, a fine of QR 200 per day is imposed.

Validity of a Family Visit Visa in Qatar

Family Visit Visas in Qatar are first given for one month, which is 30 days. Once the visitor arrives in Qatar and takes a medical test, the visa can be extended for two additional months, making the total stay 90 days.

Previously, it was possible to extend a family visa for another five months for first-degree relatives and in-laws (Father, Mother, Sister, Spouse, and Children), and two more months for other relatives. However, currently, the extensions are only allowed for 60 days. There has been no official announcement regarding whether longer extensions will be allowed in the future.

Time Limit for Entering Qatar After Visa Approval

After the visa is approved, it will have a “visa valid till” date on the top, which is the final date for entering Qatar, not for staying there. Currently, this time limit is 90 days from the visa approval date. Visitors cannot use this visa to enter Qatar after this date.

Required Documents for Qatar Family Visit Visa

Applying for a Visit Visa for Wife and Children in Qatar: Required Documents

The following documents must be uploaded when applying for a Qatar Family Visit Visa through Metrash:

  • Copies of the visitor’s passport,
  • Proof of relationship (marriage certificate for wife and birth certificate for children),
  • Round-trip flight tickets, and
  • Health insurance that is valid in Qatar.

If applying offline (directly at MOI Service Centre), additional documents may be required such as:

  • Completed application form (available at any typing center)
  • Copy of the applicant’s Qatar ID
  • No objection letter from the employer that specifies the applicant’s profession and salary
  • Work contract that has been notarized by the Ministry of Labour
  • Photocopy of the company’s registration card.

When applying through the Metrash app, employment details are not required as labour contracts are linked with the Metrash system.

There are additional documents that need to be provided when applying for a visit visa for other relatives.

Expatriates who are married and have families living in Qatar are eligible to sponsor other relatives for a visit visa

The following documents need to be uploaded when applying for a visit visa for other relatives through Metrash:

  • Visitor’s passport copy
  • Proof of relationship, such as Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Round-trip flight tickets
  • Health insurance valid in Qatar.

If applying offline (directly at MOI Service Centre), the following documents may also be required:

  • Application Form (which can be obtained from any typing center)
  • Applicant’s Qatar ID copy
  • Qatar ID copy of the sponsor’s wife (if she is a resident)
  • No objection letter from employer, stating the profession and salary
  • Work contract (notarized by the Ministry of Labour)
  • Photocopy of Company’s Registration Card.

Application for Qatar Family Visit Visa

Traditionally, to apply for a family visit visa, one had to visit a Ministry of Interior (MoI) Service Centre and submit copies of the required documents along with a printed application form.

In 2018, Qatar launched an online system that allows residents to apply for family visit visas through the Metrash2 or MOI website.

By using this service, applicants can upload all the required documents into the designated fields. Furthermore, they can track the status of their application and pay the fees electronically once their application is approved.

Applying for a Qatar Family Visit Visa Online: Step-by-Step Guide

here are the steps to apply for Qatar Family Visit Visa using Metrash mobile app:

Step 1 : Download and install the Metrash2 app on your mobile device.

Step 2 : Register and create an account.

Step 3 : Log in to the Metrash2 app and select “Visa Services” from the main menu.

Step 4 : Choose “Family Visit Visa” from the list of visa types

Metrash 2

Step 5: After uploading all the required documents, click on the “Issue Visa” icon in the Metrash2 app to submit your application for processing.

Metrash 2 visa info

Step 6. Select the “Family Visit” option.

Metrash 2 step 3

Step 7 : Click On “Family Visa Application”

Metrash 2 visit visa

Step 8 : Check “New Application”

Metrash 2 visa visit

Step 9 : Furnish the details of the Visitor

Metrash 2 Visit visa 2

Step 10 : Validate the details

Metrash 2 visit visa validity

Uploading Required Photos or Scans of Documents for Qatar Family Visit Visa Application

Clear and readable scans or photos of the documents are required.

If there are multiple pages in a document, they should be combined and saved as a single JPG file.

Passport photo and bio pages should be uploaded on the same side.

You can upload the attested backside of the marriage certificate for “Marriage Certificate (Others)”.

If a birth certificate is not available to prove your relationship with the visitor, other documents can be used as proof of relationship.

After a few days, you will receive an update on your application.

After submitting the application, the authorities may notify you if any documents are missing or do not match the requirements. Once you make the necessary changes and the application is approved, you will receive an application number. The status of your application may change to “Under Process” or “Under Review” multiple times before being finally approved.

Pay the required fee

To pay for the approved visa, you need to make an online payment of the visa fee (QR 200) through Metrash2. To do this, navigate to the “Visa Operation” page and select the “Visa Fees Payment” icon.

Metrash 2 payment fee

Once you have completed the payment, you can download the copy of the visa and send it to the visitor for their travel.

How to Apply for Family Visit Visa Offline in Qatar

For applying for the family visit visa offline, you will need a completed application form along with the other documents mentioned above. You can get the application form completed from any typing center.

Metrash 2 application visit visa

If required, you may need to bring the original copies of your passport, Qatar ID, and NOC letter from your employer for verification purposes.

Take all the necessary documents to any Ministry of Interior (MOI) Service Centre, obtain a token number from the reception and wait for your turn. Once your number is displayed on the screen, proceed to the designated counter and submit the required documents.

In some cases, the authorities may add comments to your application and ask you to meet with the Captain for final approval. The Captain will review your application and make a decision on whether or not it can be accepted. If your application is found satisfactory, you will be issued a receipt and instructed to check back after 2-3 working days.

You can check the status of your application after 2 days by using the link provided on the receipt. If you have the Metrash 2 app installed on your phone, you will also receive notifications for any updates on the status of your application.

If the visa is approved, you can pay the visa fees online via Metrash2 or the MoI Service Centre. The visa can then be downloaded from the same link

Checking the Status of Your Family Visit Visa Application

If you have applied for a Family Visit Visa using Metrash, you can check the status of your application directly from the Metrash app.

Metrash 2 visit visa status

You can check the status of your family visit visa by visiting the Ministry of Interior website and navigating to the “Inquiries” section, then selecting “Visa Services” and “Visa Approval Tracking” and filling in the required details accurately. This will allow you to check the status of your visa application.

Metrash 2 visa application tracking

What to Do if Your Family Visit Visa is Rejected

Your family visit visa application may be rejected for various reasons, including the submission of incorrect or inadequate documents. If the document photo is unclear or lacks attestation (in the case of a marriage certificate), you can get it attested and resubmit. However, it is essential to understand the reason for rejection and address it before reapplying.

In addition to incorrect or insufficient documents, family visit visa applications may also be rejected if the Qatar resident applicant does not meet the required conditions such as salary or profession. If the rejection is due to not meeting the salary requirement, it may be challenging to get approved again. However, if the rejection is due to profession, you can request reconsideration by meeting the Captain at the MOI Service Center in Gharaffa. The Captain may approve the application if the profession is deemed acceptable.

Steps to Cancel Visa Application in Metrash

To cancel a visa application in Metrash, you can simply click on the right arrow on the status page as long as the application is still under review or in process. However, if this option is not available, you will need to visit an MOI Service Center to cancel the application.

Checklist of Required Documents for Family Visit Visa Travelers

  • Passport
  • Visa printout
  • Two-way flight tickets
  • Health insurance

Guide to Extending Your Family Visit Visa

To avoid penalties, it is necessary for the sponsor to extend the family visit visa within the first month, as the initial visa is only issued for one month.

Here is the detailed process for a medical test that is required for extending a visit visa for relatives who wish to stay beyond one month.

After passing the medical examination, the extension of the visit visa can be done either online using the Metrash mobile app (Visa –> Visa Services –> Extend Visa), or by visiting any MOI service center.

Other Important Information to Consider

To avoid issues with airlines, it is important to note that visitors may not be allowed to board their flight if their return ticket is after 30 days, as the initial visa is only valid for one month. Therefore, it is advisable to book a flight ticket that can be modified with a minimum change fee. Once the visitor has arrived in Qatar, the ticket dates can be adjusted accordingly.

In some cases, airlines may require an “OK to Board” status in their system before departure as this is an online visa. To obtain this status, the visa copy must be presented to the airline’s Doha office.

“Null” Status on Visit Visa Application Receipt

Several readers have expressed concerns about the acknowledgement receipt they received after submitting their application, as most fields appear as “null.” However, it’s important to note that this is standard for all applicants. The receipt is simply a confirmation that your application has been received, and your application details will be stored in the system.

Status of Visit Visa Application: ‘Under Process’ and ‘Under Review’

The visit visa application status can be confusing for applicants, as it often goes through multiple cycles of “Under Process” and “Under Review” before approval. However, it’s important to note that this is a normal part of the application process.

If your visit visa application status shifts between “Under Process” and “Under Review,” there is typically no action required on your part. In the majority of cases, the application will be approved shortly after the status change, usually within a few days.

Approval Timeline for Qatar Family Visit Visa

As of March 2023, the typical timeframe for approval of a Qatar Family Visit Visa is one to two weeks. It’s worth noting that applications are handled in groups and may not be processed in the order they were received.

  • Review the application and make any necessary corrections.
  • Pay the visa fee electronically.
  • Wait for the visa application to be processed.
  • Check the visa status on the Metrash2 app.
  • Once approved, download and print the visa from the Metrash2 app or MOI website.

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