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Qatar Summer Safety Guidelines: Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Qatar Summer Safety Guidelines

While summer offers a time of leisure and enjoyment, it’s essential to remain cautious about potential risks and dangers. By adhering to specific recommendations and heeding warnings, you can avert unnecessary mishaps and ensure a secure and pleasurable summer season for yourself and those close to you.

Preventing Accidents at Home Summer Safety Insights –

To mitigate potential accidents, especially during the scorching summer months, take these precautions at home:

  1. Turn off gas or electric-powered water heaters when not in use to prevent fire hazards.
  2. Regularly inspect and service appliances like air conditioners, coolers, and electric chimneys.
  3. Safely store flammable substances away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  4. Ensure all electrical appliances are switched off before leaving the house.
  5. Keep exhaust fans turned off when not needed and maintain them clean and dust-free. For more information on preventing summer fires in Qatar, read: Tips to Safeguard Against Fire Incidents.

Vehicle Care in the Heat Summer Safety Insights –

Taking care of your vehicle during the summer is crucial to maintaining its condition and safety. Here are some vehicle care tips:

  1. Avoid storing lighters in your car, as heat can cause them to explode or ignite.
  2. Carbonated drinks can burst due to pressure buildup from the heat.
  3. Don’t leave battery-powered devices like smartphones or tablets in the car for extended periods.
  4. Keep perfumes and hand sanitizers containing alcohol away from the car’s heat.
  5. Crack your car windows slightly when parked to prevent overheating.
  6. Opt for shaded parking spots to reduce direct sunlight exposure.
  7. Refrain from filling the fuel tank to maximum capacity.
  8. Whenever possible, refuel your car during the cooler evening hours.
  9. Maintain moderate air pressure in car tires to prevent explosions.
  10. Ensure your vehicle is equipped with a functional fire extinguisher.
  11. Never leave children unattended in the car while traveling. For more car care advice, check out: Essential Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips in Qatar.

Supervising Water Activities for Kids Summer Safety Insights

While kids enjoy pool time during the summer, it’s important to ensure their safety:

  1. Strictly supervise children to prevent drowning and exposure to harmful chemicals.
  2. Follow safety guidelines for swimming in pools or at beaches, and use appropriate swimming gear.
  3. Always watch over children while they swim and limit them to designated swimming areas.
  4. Enroll children in proper swimming instruction and training centers.
  5. Learn CPR techniques to be prepared for emergencies. For additional guidance, read: HMC’s Advice for Safeguarding Children During Rising Temperatures.

Proper Storage of LPG Cylinders Summer Safety Insights

To prevent potential explosions or leaks, it’s crucial to avoid exposing LPG cylinders to direct sunlight for extended periods:

Apply Sunscreen for Skin Protection Summer Safety Insights –

Shield your skin from harmful UV radiation during the intense summer sun:

  1. Regularly apply sunscreen to protect against sunburn, skin cancer, and premature aging. For more sun safety information, see: The Importance of Sunscreen Application in Qatar.

Minimizing Electricity Consumption Summer Safety Insight

Given the extreme heat, adopting energy-saving practices can help manage electricity consumption:

  1. Adjust air conditioning settings to slightly higher temperatures.
  2. Utilize natural ventilation methods whenever possible. In case of Emergencies, Keep These Contacts Handy Sometimes unforeseen situations require professional intervention. Here are important contacts for emergencies:

Emergency Helpline Numbers:

  • Ambulance/Fire/Accident: 999 Emergency and Trauma Centers:
  • Hamad Hospital: +974 4439 5777
  • Al Wakra Hospital (Adults): +974 4011 4314
  • Al Wakra Hospital (Children): +974 4011 4636 / +974 4011 4637 / +974 4011 4638
  • Women’s Hospital: +974 4439 3296
  • Heart Hospital: +974 4439 5474 / +974 4439 5475
  • Al Khor Hospital: +974 4474 5654
  • HMC Hotline Advisory (Child Health): +974 4439 6066 Roadside Assistance:
  • AA Roadside Assistance: +974 3003 1241
  • Qatar Towing Service: +974 6602 6862 / +974 5088 4428

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