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How To Calculate End Of Service Gratuity In Qatar 2023

How To Calculate End Of Service Gratuity In Qatar 2023

What Is End Of Service Gratuity?

It is the amount of money set out to be paid to outgoing employees based on service period. The end of service gratuity is calculated based on the employment contract and the number of years worked for a company.

The End Of Service Gratuity is calculated as per the Qatar Labour Law No. 14 of 2004. This article explains End Of Service Gratuity Labour Law of Qatar.

Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) of Qatar provides online service which allows applicant to calculate his end of service gratuity on its official website which is available only in arabic.

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How To Calculate End Of Service Gratuity Online On MADLSA

The following steps are to calculate End Of Service Gratuity on its official website MADLSA.

Step 1: Go to this link

How To Calculate End Of Service Gratuity Online On MADLSA

Step 2: Enter your Date Of Joining as per your contract in the first field.

Step 3: Enter your Last Working Date in the second field.

Step 4: Enter your Basic Monthly Salary as per your contract in the third field.

Step 5: Enter the Gratuity Days accrued for each year (Ex: 21 days in a year) in the fourth field. Refer to your contract for the Gratuity Days.

Step 6: Click on the button available at the end to see the result.

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What Does The Law Say About The End Of Service Gratuity

An employee upon termination of his employee contract is entitled to End Of Service Gratuity and Leave Salary. As per the Article 54 of Qatar Labour Law (No. 14 of 2004), the employee is eligible for a minimum of three weeks basic salary for each year of employment as the End Of Service Gratuity. 

According to Article 81 of Qatar Labour Law, If the employment contract is terminated before a worker takes his annual leave for any reason, he is entitled to payment in lieu of annual leave equivalent to his salary for the leave days which he is entitled.

It is the responsibility of the employer to repatriating the employee back to his place or any place agreed by the parties upon termination of the employment contract. The obligation shifts to another employer when the worker gets recruited by another company..

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Will Gratuity Be Higher If Employee Has Worked For More Than 5 Years?

As per the Law, The employer and the employer shall agree upon a gratuity, provided that it should not be less than three weeks remuneration for each year of employment. The clause saying that workers should be paid higher if the employee has been working for 5-10 years and much higher if the employee has been working for more than 10 years was part of the old labour law which is not valid anymore.

In Case Of Worker’s Death, Will Gratuity Be Paid?

As per Article 55 of Qatar Labour Law, If an employee dies during service regardless of the cause of death, the employer shall deposit wage or other entitlements due to worker in addition to the end of service gratuity with the treasury of the competent court within a period not exceeding fifteen (15) days from the date of death. The Competent court will distribute the deposited amount to the deceased worker’s heirs in accordance with Islamic Sharia provisions.

Can The Employer Terminate Employee Without Gratuity?

As per Article 61 of Qatar Labour Law, there are situations under which an employee can be dismissed by the employer without the payment of the end of service gratuity. Some instances include:

  • Violation of written instructions concerning worker’s safety.
  • Worker intoxicated at work.
  • Disclosure of employer’s secret information.

As per the Qatari Labor Law, the gratuity payment is calculated as follows:

An employee who completes at least one year of continuous service with an employer is entitled to a gratuity payment of 3 weeks’ basic salary for each year of service.

An employee who completes more than 5 years of continuous service with an employer is entitled to an additional one week of basic salary for each year of service over and above the first five years.

Sources: MADLSALabour Law Promulgated by Law No. (14) of 2004 and Domestic Workers Law Promulgated by Law No. (15) of 2017

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