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Top 5 Qatari Traditions in Qatar

Top 5 Qatari Traditions

Qatar’s traditions are strongly affected by the Bedouin culture with an importances on hospitality and network. Every nation has its own special appeal that is regularly reflected in their culture and traditions. In this case, these traditions get old and die away. It’s important to maintain them since they are in your identity. These little ceremonies and things are the magnificence of your locale and your legacy would be lost without it.

It’s fine to see that Qataris have kept their traditions for long and still worth them today.

Regardless of whether you have lived in Qatar for a year or new to the nation, you probably won’t have heard about Qatari traditions. It’s time to discuss these wonderful traditions.

Qatari Tradition in Qatar

1. Al Nafla

Al Nafla is celebrated as a reminder of all the rewards and gifts that the blessed month of Ramadan will bring with it, and it’s celebrated on the 14 Shaaban. Before the beginning of Ramadan. The thought is to begin ready for the upcoming month of fasting. Relatives get together, purchase staple basic food items and plan food in expecting the blessed month. They get ready with traditional food and platters that are shared among the neighbors and poor people. Food like Harees and Machboos are cooked; nearby desserts like Mahalabiya and Umm Ali are arranged to be given like gifts. There is supposed to be a gift in doing things all together with family or a community, so there is much importance on this tradition.

2. Melcha


Melcha is celebrated when the groom officially requests the wife’s hand from her dad/brothers/uncles/; the old person of the family. It is a wedding festivity after the signing of the marriage contract between the wife and groom. It is arranged at the night, before the more detailed gatherings and functions occur.

The lady’s family has this get-together and generally, a few the nearby family and friends are welcome to it. The lady’s family may decide to show the gifts that the husband will be provided for his life partner. Which contains anything from a Range Rover to a cute PJ set encrusted with Diamonds.

3. Ramadan Cannon

Ramadan Cannon
Image Credit – All and About Qatar

In the past times, a gun used to be fired to mark at the end of the fast (Iftar time) at sunset to ensure that peoples faraway, in the following town heard it and could break their fast. This tradition is yet completed in Qatar. A gun is shot at places around Doha to represent breaking it fast. These places include Katara, Souq Waqif, Souq Al Wakrah and State Grand Mosque.

What’s more, if you’ve been living in Qatar for a long time, you would realize that the gun used to shoot next to the Qatar Post Head Office near Corniche. These days people take snacks and drinks with them to the above places, to see the firing of the gun.

4. Majlis

Image Credit – Grabcad

Majlis in Arabic signifies ‘a position of sitting’. In the Qatari culture, it is a position of formal or casual get-togethers, where people meet together to talk about local issues, celebrate events and socialize. Essentially, it’s a place to hang out and chill. Typically, you will see a different area close to the house or a room that is adjacent, yet has a different entrance. For special events, tents are raised close to the house to have more people.

These Majlises are regularly isolated. During these social events, Gahwa (Arabic coffee) is served by the most youth from the family present with a sign of respect. It is viewed as inconsiderate to decline coffee at a Majlis.

5. Eidiya


When Ramadan reaches a conclusion, on Eid day, childrens go from house to house in their locale, singing traditional society songs to celebrate Eid. Consequently, the older folks of the family give them money or sweets which are called Eidiya.

When you start earning, you are no longer qualified to get Eidiya. Rather you need to give it. (Sadly I am in this boat now and let me let you know, there was more cash coming in my pocket as a child.) Elders of the family withdrew new notes from the bank expecting this tradition. Nowadays, cash has offered an approach to presents like toys and games, however that is traditionally not considered as Eidiya.

These are only a couple of the traditions that Qataris have held throughout the years.

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