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Know More About H.E. Sheikh Faisal bin Qassi Al-Thani

Sheikh Faisal Qassim Faisal Al Thani
Faisal Qassem Faisal Al Thani

Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim bin Faisal Al-Thani, born in Doha, Qatar in 1948, is a highly successful businessman who has played a vital role in Qatar’s business sector development. His entrepreneurial vision, drive, and innovative thinking have contributed to Qatar’s transformation into one of the world’s strongest and fastest-growing economies.

Starting with modest capital in the 1960s, Al Faisal Holding, the company he founded and chairs, has grown over the past five decades into one of Qatar’s largest privately held diversified industry groups, with operations that continue to expand across local, regional, and international markets.

The Group has earned a strong reputation for anticipating and meeting the growing demand for high-quality goods and services in various sectors, including real estate, hospitality, industrial manufacturing, trading, services, transport, entertainment, and education. The Group’s strategy focuses on sustained, profitable growth through diversification by identifying, evaluating, and exploiting complementary market opportunities, both organically and through world-class, industry-leading partners. The Group’s operations include a majority interest in Aamal Company Q.P.S.C., which operates 24 active branches and subsidiaries, with a particular focus on industrial manufacturing.

Sheik Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani

In the last decade, the expansion of its hospitality and leisure business, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Al Rayan Tourism & Investment Company (“ARTIC”), which is engaged in real estate development, acquisition, and leasing with a primary focus on the hospitality sector and hospitality-related services, has been a particular recent focus for the Group. ARTIC’s current portfolio comprises more than 25 hotels located across MENA, Europe, and America.

Al Faisal Holdings is a widely respected contributor to the development of Qatar’s knowledge-based economy, focusing on education and skills development among young Qataris who will be vital to the country’s future economic growth.

Participating in different jobs

His main positions in Qatar, and we’ve included a few of his different responsibilities:

Main Positions

  • Founder and Chairman of “Al Faisal Holding Company”
  • Founder and Chairman of “Aamal Company Q.P.S.C.”
  • Chairman of the “Qatari Businessmen Association”
  • Founder and Chairman of “Sheik Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum”
  • Founder and Chairman of “Al Faisal Without Borders Foundation”
  • Founder and Chairman of “Sheik Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani Center for Entrepreneurship in the Middle East”

Different Positions

  • Member from the Board of Trustees of Qatar University
  • Member from the Board of Trustees of Business College of DePaul University–Chicago, USA
  • Member from the Board of Trustees of the American School of Doha (ASD)

Encouraging the culture and legacy of Qatar

H.E. Sheik Faisal isn’t only a successful businessman, he takes a distinct fascination for encouraging the culture and legacy of his nation. He is massively proud of Qatar’s past and its effects on the social conduct of Qatari society. And that is the reason, he started the legacy museum called the Sheik Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum (FBQ Museum) in 1988 out of a fort in the Al Samriya area of Doha. The goal was to restore open interest and passion about nearby culture, and this museum was the ideal method to sustain his vision. This window to the magnificence and wonder of the past of Qatar and the Islamic world has been opened for people from walking to view and experience.

The FBQ Museum says the story of Qatar through the personal collection of man, H.E. Sheik Faisal and his family. The exhibition is H.E. Sheik Faisal’s side interest and probably the greatest passion. The collection inside the museum highlights his interesting cluster of more than 15,000 displays covering a range of expressions, personal artefacts and equipment, as numerous ordinary family units and traditional things that exhibit Qatari life in the pre-oil period.

The FBQ Museum is an interesting place with many collections of old artefacts, furniture, Islamic art, weapons, coins, carpets, vintage vehicles, ancient bones and fossils of dinosaurs and different animals that roamed the earth around then. There’s even a plane in the museum!

The FBQ Museum is the pride of Qatar and has earned Sheik Faisal the title of ‘Legacy personality for 2012’ by the Arab Center for Tourism Media in 2012.

Transforming a personal passion into a public interest

H.E. Sheik Faisal is an eager authority of artefacts and art that signify Islam with Qatari traditions and its rich social legacy and customs, and his put these in the museum. Each piece has been handpicked throughout the years by H.E. Sheik Faisal himself travels around the globe. The museum showcases his immense collection of rare and extremely valuable pieces so guests can get a brief look at the Islamic culture and the Qatari lifestyle throughout the years. Pieces in the museum go back to the dinosaur time a great many years ago and proceed onward to contain the previous Islamic period and regular items that were used by Qataris in their daily lives till recently.

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