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Tea Tour Around Qatar: A Global Exploration of Flavors

Green Tea

Tea is a universal beverage enjoyed by people of all ages and cultures. In Qatar, tea enthusiasts have the opportunity to embark on a delightful journey of flavors from around the world. From the national drink of Malaysia, Teh Tarik, to the refreshing Vietnamese Trà Đá and the rich Turkish Tea, Qatar offers a diverse range of teas to satisfy every palate. In this article, we will take you on a tea tour around Qatar, exploring the unique tastes and cultural experiences of various teas from different countries.

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Malaysian Teh Tarik:

The National Drink of Malaysia Content: Teh Tarik, which means “pulled tea” in English, is a popular and iconic beverage in Malaysia. It is made by skillfully pouring brewed tea from one cup to another, creating a frothy and smooth texture. The pulling technique not only enhances the tea’s flavors but also adds an element of artistry to its preparation. In Qatar, tea enthusiasts can savor authentic Teh Tarik at two prominent locations: Kopi Cup at Al Mana Hotel, Najma, and Mama Rozie restaurant in Al Muntazah.

Vietnamese Trà Đá:

A Refreshing Blend of Green Tea and Ice Content: Trà Đá, known as “ice tea” in English, is a staple in Vietnamese households and street stalls. It offers a simple yet exquisite combination of green tea, ice, and sugar, with added flavors like jasmine, lotus, and pandan. The resulting iced tea is a delightful treat for the taste buds. Those interested in trying Vietnamese Trà Đá can head to Hoi An Pho Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine on Al Jazeera Street for an authentic experience.

Polish Tea:

Embracing the Robust and Full-Bodied Black Tea Content: Polish tea offers a wide array of choices, with the traditional Polish black tea being a favorite among locals. Its robust and full-bodied taste is often enhanced with a touch of lemon or honey, providing a delightful twist to its flavor. To sample Polish Tea, visit Polka in Madinat Khalifa, where the authentic Polish tea culture is celebrated.

Azerbaijani Chay:

A Beverage Rich in Antioxidants Content: Azerbaijani Chay is known for its natural source of antioxidants, providing numerous health benefits. It is best enjoyed alongside traditional Azerbaijan desserts, jams, and dry fruits. For an authentic taste of Azerbaijani Chay, visit Nakhchivan in Souq Waqif or Mall of Qatar.

Uzbekistan Black Tea:

Kora-Choy Packed with Health Benefits Content: Uzbekistan Black Tea, popularly known as Kora-Choy, is enjoyed without sugar and boasts many health benefits. Tea enthusiasts can experience the authentic flavors of Uzbekistan at Afrasiyab on Ibn Mahmoud Street.

Sri Lankan Ceylon Tea:

Renowned for its Distinct Taste and Aroma Content: Ceylon tea is celebrated for its distinct taste and aroma. The tea leaves are carefully handpicked from the lush green tea plantations in Sri Lanka, preserving their freshness and flavor. For an authentic taste of Sri Lankan Ceylon Tea, Hoppers Doha in Msheireb and The Lounge in Intercontinental Doha Beach & Spa are highly recommended.

Ukrainian Tea:

A Variety of Flavors from Herbs and Flowers Content: Ukrainian tea offers a wide variety of flavors, with popular ingredients like dried chamomile, mint leaves, rosebay willow herb leaves, and elderberries. It is a unique beverage often made from a fruit and honey compote. Desert Rose, located near the National Museum of Qatar, is a great place to experience Ukrainian tea culture.

Moroccan Mint Tea:

A Refreshing Blend of Green Tea and Mint Content: Moroccan Mint Tea is a delightful blend of green tea leaves and fresh mint leaves, often accompanied by traditional Moroccan pastries. To experience the pouring technique and authentic flavors, visit Tajeen Moroccan restaurant in Souq Waqif or Argan Moroccan Cuisine in Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels by Tivoli.

Japanese Matcha Tea:

Embracing Mindfulness and Tranquility Content: Japanese Matcha Tea is a finely ground powder made from specially grown green tea leaves. It is prepared using a traditional tea ceremony that emphasizes mindfulness and tranquility. Kane Mochi and Harvest Coffee offer authentic Japanese Matcha Tea experiences at various locations across Qatar.

Indian Masala Chai:

A Spiced Delight for the Senses Content: Indian Masala Chai is a flavorful blend of black tea leaves, milk, and a combination of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. Bombay Cutting Chai on Al Nasr Street and Indian Coffee House on Ibn Al Arqam Street are excellent places to savor this aromatic tea.

Taiwanese Bubble Tea:

A Playful and Refreshing Experience Content: Taiwanese Bubble Tea is known for its refreshing taste and chewy tapioca pearls, adding a playful element to the beverage. TabiBoba Onezo Bubble Tea and Go-Ssip Bubble Milk Tea offer delightful Taiwanese Bubble Tea experiences at various locations in Qatar.

Turkish Tea:

A Symbol of Hospitality and Social Bonding Content: Turkish Tea, brewed using a small, double-chambered teapot called a ‘çaydanlık’, is more than just a beverage; it symbolizes hospitality and social bonding in Turkish culture. MADO Qatar and Simit Sarayi offer authentic Turkish tea experiences at several locations across Qatar.

Qatari Karak Chai:

A Local Favorite for Social Gatherings Content: No tea tour in Qatar is complete without indulging in Qatari Karak Chai, a local favorite enjoyed during social gatherings and meetings. Tea Time and Karak Mqanes are highly recommended places to try authentic Qatari Karak Chai at various locations across the country.

Contact Details: For more information on these tea experiences and locations, visit their respective Instagram pages or websites:

  • Kopi Cup: Instagram –
  • Mama Rozie restaurant: Instagram – @mamarozieqa
  • Hoi An Pho Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine: Instagram – @hoianpho.qatar
  • Polka: Instagram – @polka.2022
  • Nakhchivan: Instagram – @nakhchivan.qatar
  • Afrasiyab: Instagram – @we_afrasiyab
  • Hoppers Doha: Instagram – @hoppersdoha
  • The Lounge (Intercontinental Doha Beach & Spa): Instagram – @intercontinental
  • Desert Rose: Instagram – @desertroseqr
  • Tajeen Moroccan restaurant: Instagram – @tajeen_restaurant
  • Argan Moroccan Cuisine: Instagram – @argandoha
  • Kane Mochi: Instagram –
  • Harvest Coffee: Instagram –
  • Bombay Cutting Chai: Instagram –
  • Indian Coffee House: Website –
  • TabiBoba Onezo Bubble Tea: Instagram – @tabiboba.onezo
  • Go-Ssip Bubble Milk Tea: Instagram –
  • MADO Qatar: Instagram – @madoturkey_qtr
  • Simit Sarayi: Instagram – @simitsarayiqatar
  • Tea Time: Instagram – @teatime.qatar
  • Karak Mqanes: Instagram – @karakmqanes
  • MARU Korean BBQ Restaurant: Instagram – @marukoreanbbq_qatar
  • Korean Restaurant Sol: Instagram – @korean_restaurant_sol
  • Seasons Tea Lounge (Four Seasons Hotel Doha): Instagram – @fsdoha
  • Xuan Tea: Instagram – @xuan_tea
  • Ladurée Qatar: Instagram – @ladureeqatar
  • Leau De Cafe: Instagram – @leaudecafe

Qatar’s tea scene offers a rich and diverse array of teas from different countries, providing tea enthusiasts with a delightful journey of flavors and cultural experiences. Whether it’s the traditional Teh Tarik, the refreshing Trà Đá, or the aromatic Masala Chai, each tea has its own unique charm and appeal. Head to the recommended places to savor these global teas and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of tea cultures from around the world, all within the vibrant setting of Qatar.

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