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Teelah: Popular Qatar’s Multiplayer Marble Game

Al Teelah

Teelah is a captivating multiplayer game in Qatar that involves the use of various-sized glass marbles. Played on a flat surface with small holes resembling coffee cups, the game requires concentration, shrewdness, and strategic thinking. Teelah is typically played by two to ten players, with each player having a unique designation. This article explores the gameplay, player roles, timing, and cultural significance of Teelah in Qatar.


Teelah is played on a flat surface with small holes, resembling the size of a coffee cup, arranged in a specific pattern. The players take turns using their marbles to push the opponent’s marbles out of the playing area through the holes. The objective is to strategically position and maneuver the marbles to gain an advantage over the opponents. The game requires careful planning, anticipation of the opponent’s moves, and precise execution.

Player Roles:

In Teelah, each player is assigned a specific role or designation. The first player is referred to as “Awwal,” meaning the first. The second player is known as “Akho Alawwal” or the first player’s brother. The subsequent players are designated as “Akho Toosh” and “Toosh” respectively. This unique player hierarchy adds a distinct social dynamic to the game, fostering a sense of camaraderie and competition among the participants.


Teelah holds a specific time slot for play, which is one to two hours before sunset, between the Asr and Maghrib prayer times. This timing allows players to gather and engage in the game during the transitional period of the day. It provides an opportunity for social interaction, recreation, and friendly competition while respecting the cultural and religious practices of the community.

Cultural Significance:

Teelah is deeply rooted in Qatari culture, reflecting the importance of traditional games as a means of social bonding and recreation. The game brings people together, encouraging face-to-face interactions and fostering a sense of community spirit. It serves as a platform for sharing stories, laughter, and friendly banter, strengthening social connections among players.

Furthermore, Teelah showcases the significance of concentration and shrewdness in Qatari society. The game rewards players who can think strategically, analyze their opponents’ moves, and make calculated decisions. These qualities are highly regarded in Qatari culture and are often associated with wisdom, intelligence, and success.

Preservation and Adaptation:

While Teelah continues to be cherished as a traditional game, it has also adapted to modern times. As the availability of materials and playing surfaces has evolved, the game has adjusted accordingly. Today, Teelah can be played on a variety of flat surfaces, including specially designed Teelah boards or even digital platforms, allowing for wider participation and accessibility.

Efforts are being made to preserve and promote Teelah as an important aspect of Qatari cultural heritage. Cultural organizations, local communities, and schools actively encourage the teaching and practice of Teelah among younger generations. Through workshops, exhibitions, and competitions, the game is kept alive and its traditions are passed on to future generations, ensuring its continuity and cultural significance.

Teelah is a captivating multiplayer game in Qatar that combines strategy, concentration, and social interaction. Played with various-sized glass marbles on a flat surface with small holes, Teelah showcases the cultural values of concentration, shrewdness, and social bonding. As players strategize and maneuver their marbles, they engage in a shared experience that transcends generations and preserves Qatar’s cultural heritage.

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