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Metrash2 Registration & User Guide – MOI Qatar

Metrash2 Registration & User Guide, 2022 for MOI Qatar

Today, we are going to talk about the Metrash2 app, what it is? How we can register ourselves on the app and everything else. In short, we are going to provide you with the user guide of the Metrash2 app. So read the whole article for information.

What is the Metrash2 app?

Metrash2 is a free mobile platform from Qatar’s Ministry of Interior, which allows citizens and inhabitants to receive a broad range of official services while relishing the amenity of using their phones.

Do you know that the app has more than 150 services including renewal of Residence permits, visit visa applications, renewal of driving license, transfer of vehicle ownership, and checking traffic violations? The application also provides complete official details of your own and your dependents at a single click.

The history of MOI Qatar & Metrash

In 1970 the Ministry of Interior was created. The functions of the ministries and other government organizations in the country are outlined in the decree (5) for the year 1970. 

MOI Qatar aims to possess delivering peace, security, and organizing police forces guaranteeing the protection of national security and keeping the safety and security of citizens and immigrants.

MOI Qatar is also taking all the important steps to stop incidents of crimes and informing the secrets of committed crimes in addition to taking care of nationality-related affairs, issuing travel documents, organizing immigrants’ entry to the country and their residence, and organizing the prison.

Assisting with the developments seen by the State of Qatar under the bright leadership of Emir H.H. Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani and Father Emir H.H. Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the role of MOI Qatar and its departments is getting larger in the field of sustaining security and serenity to meet with the needs of extensive reform and growth in the country.

However, Metrash was launched in 2006 as an electronic service for mobile users only via subscription. Citizens could receive SMS messages regarding a traffic violation, RP expiry, license expiry, etc. It has been simplified in the last five years, and you can now do it in 5 minutes with your mobile phone.

How can I register Metrash on my phone?

  • Download the Metrash2 app from the Play Store.
  • Choose language
  • Enter your Qatar ID number & Expiry Date
  • Send automatic SMS to 92992
  • Enter activation codes & set a PIN code
  • Receive confirmation SMS & now you are set to use the app.

What is inside the Metrash app?

On the top of the Metrash app, you will see two tabs.

My Info Tab

In the first tab, you can see details related to your official documents like Qatar ID, Passport, Driving License, and the last date when you entered Qatar. You can also check the details of your family members under Residence Services in the second row. In the third row, you can find traffic details such as owned vehicles, traffic violations, etc. The fourth row is for Visa services.

Service Tab

The service tab has the following details:


In this you will have options for an issue residency permit, residency cancellation, residency renewal, replace damaged or lost ID, sponsored names report, re-issue RP, change passport details, sponsorship change, automatic RP renewal, etc. 


Here you can find several transactions needed by Qatari citizens.


Here you will have services of license renewal, check traffic violations, pay for violations, vehicle ownership transfer, accident registration, etc.

General Service

You can use this page to report lost objects, get police clearance certificates, and apply for security permits.


Here you will have the services of issuing a new visa, visa approval, visa extension, visa follow up, etc.

Leaving Notification

Here you will find the options of Leave notification, return permit, traveler transaction, etc.

National Address

Here you can register your national address. It is compulsory for all residents and citizens to register their address on Metrash.

Communicate with us

You can use this page to communicate with departments such as CID, traffic, and security. This page also allows you to report traffic violations.

Activating Metrash on a second device

Do you know that you can activate the Metrash2 app on a second device? Follow the following steps to activate: 

  • Download the Metras2 app on the second device.
  • Enter QID & password used for the first device.
  • Metrash2 will send a 10-minute OTP to the device used to activate it previously.
  • Enter the OTP to activate the service on the second device.

How to change the mobile number in Metrash?

Follow the following steps to change your mobile number in the Metrash2 app:

  • Visit the Ministry of Interior website
  • Click on the ‘Inquiries’ icon
  • Go to the Metrash page
  • Click on ‘Metrash for individuals’
  • Enter your QID and the new mobile number
  • Choose a language.
  • Enter captcha code
  • Click ‘change number.’

The same page can also be used to subscribe and unsubscribe.

How to deactivate Metrash on a mobile device?

  • Open the Metrash2 application
  • Click on the top-right icon
  • Scroll down to the last option ‘Settings’.
  • Click on ‘Deactivate’
  • Enter the password

It is important to select whether to activate this device or all devices if the service is activated on multiple devices.

Metrash Helpline

The Government Contact Center offers 24-hour customer service to citizens and residents with technical issues relating to Metrash. You can reach the Hukoomi Contact Center at 109 (within Qatar) or +974-44069999, by fax at 44069998, or by live chat on the Hukoomi website. Email can be sent to [email protected]

FAQ on the Metrash Mobile App

What should I do if I forget my Metrash password?

You can change your password by clicking ‘Forget Password.’

Metrash can be activated on how many devices?

You can only activate the Metrash app on two devices not more than that on one Qatar ID.

What if I do not have a Qatar ID on my phone?

If you don’t want to get a new SIM card, you will have to contact your service provider and ask about transferring your phone to your QID.

Is the Metrash app necessary for children?

Metrash is not required for children under 18 years of age.

What is the best way to get assistance with the Metrash app?

Residents can contact the 24-hour call center: 2342000 or email MOI Qatar at [email protected] to receive support for Metrash2.

Metrash can be installed in Qatar by visitors?

No, but you should have Qatar ID to register for the Metrash2 app.

Metrash offers what payment methods?

There are two payment methods supported by Metarash2: Credit card payment for individuals and Direct debit via Ban only for companies.

What is the process for companies to activate Direct Debit account payment for Metrash?

A representative of the company must go to Qatar National Bank to apply for Metrash2 service.

In the event of a paid service error, how do you get a refund?

A refund request will be automatically submitted to the bank in the event of an error in paid service. Transaction time depends on the bank process. 

Is it possible to change the language of the Metrash app?

Yes. Tap the icon in the upper right corner of the app. Tap the ‘Settings’ option at the bottom. Select the language option.

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