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How To Check Qatar ID Status On MOI Online

How To Check Qatar ID Status On MOI Online

You have landed on the right page to check your MOI Qatar ID status online and see if you need to renew it anytime soon. Here is a guide of simple 6-step process which will help you to check your Qatar ID status online.

Let’s start.

Steps to Check your MOI Qatar ID Status OnlineQID Validity / Expiry Inquiry

  1. Go to the Official Website of Ministry of Interior (MOI) Qatar
    Visit the official website of Qatar Ministry of Interior (MOI) by clicking here.
  2. Click on the MOI Services
    Click on the MOI Services next to the ‘Home’ menu on the top menu.
  3. Click on the ‘Inquiries’ section
    After clicking on the MOI services menu, click on the Inquiries section.
  4. Click on the Other Inquiries
    You will find a menu with different options on the left side of the page. Click on the other inquiries section.
  5. Click on the Official documents button
    On the page, you will find four different buttons. Click on the official document button.

Here are the steps to fill the details

MOI Qatar for ID

Step 1

Insert your QID Number or Passport Number

Qatar id on MOI step 1

Step 2

Enter the Captcha

Qatar id on MOI step 2

Step 3

Then Click on Search Button as shown below

Qatar id on MOI step 3

Step 4

Qatar ID status results will be shown as below

QatarID Status Result

The system will give you your ID Card Expiry Date, Passport Expiry Date and Residency Expire Date once you click on the search button.

What is Qatar ID?

The Qatar ID is and document that any resident or national must carry with them. Both adults and children are required to have the document.

If you are working in Qatar, Qatar ID would be your most important card to carry. This identification is important for most transactions in the country. Moreover, government applications and transactions with a private organization will require you to present your QID.

For new residents, Qatar also provides plastic ID cards with information like barcodes and photographs.

For foreign residents, the Interior Ministry has already launched the facility of smart cards in 2011. Residents can use smart cards to sidestep the passport queues at immigration with e-gate cards, and by pressing index fingers on an electronic scanner. The e-gate card allows air passengers to enter and exit the country easily. 

Residents including the Qatari citizens and GCC nationals who are seeking to obtain e-gate cards should visit the immigration department at Madinat Khalifa.

Fees for smart QID

Residents can apply for smart Ids and opt for the services provided by Ministry of Interior (MOI).

  • Cost of smart cost – QR 100
  • E-gate service for 1 year cost QR 100
  • E-gate service for 2 year  QR 150
  • E-gate service for 3 year cost QR 200

Benefit of using Smart QID Card

Expats in Qatar can now acquire Smart ID cards. A security chip makes a Smart ID card safer, more secure, and more helpful. Contrasted and the older ID card, this Smart ID Card has the following benefits: 

  • Licensing permits
  • Obtaining document renewals
  • Reissuance of a driving license
  • Permit payments
  • Online government transactions

A smart ID card is a medium that offers e-government services to all Qatari occupants. E-gate cardholders who need to change to the Smart ID card don’t need to pay an extra charge.

Qatari authorities are working with the airport official’s experts on halting the E-gate system and making Smart ID cards accessible. An electronic chip holds all the data on the smart card and can be accessed via fingerprint or PIN system.

What is Qatari ID Number?

Qatari ID number stores all your information including, nationality, age, and birthdate; which allows government officials to verify your information in no time. 

The Qatar ID number is commonly referred to as IQAMA in Arabic. 

Here’s how to understand your Qatar ID number –

  • 1st Digit: Based on the year of Born the number would allocated. If you were born between 1900 and 1999, you are number would be 2, If born in a year from or after 2000, you are 3
  • 2nd and 3rd Digits: These are the last two digits of your birth year
  • Fourth, Fifth, and sixth Digits: Your country’s ISO code.
  • Last 5 digits: The number of Qataris born in the same year as you.


What is the processing time for Qatar ID?

It takes 2-4 days to complete the whole process, depending on the fingerprints collected and the medical outcome. You may require to present your passport.

What is the cost of Qatar ID?

For those who are renewing their QIDs and first-time applicants, the amount payable is QR100. If in case, you lost your QID or it get damaged, the fee would be QR200.

What is the location of Fingerprinting service?

For the Fingerprint service, the location is at the Ministry of Interior. People who are in Qatar require to go Salwa Road, which is in an industrial area near the flyover. You can also get the services at Mesaimeer, AI Khor, and Duhail. 

How does NOC Qatar work?

NOCs are termed as No Objection Certificates. The document guarantees that the employer will not have any objection to a change of job for the employee.

How can I obtain blood type certificate?

You can obtain a blood type certificate across all the clinics which are of a very small amount. Once you get your certificate, you can plan your medical exam and blood test by connecting with the medical commission of Qatar.

Here is the link

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