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Metrash2 Services List for Citizens and Residents of Qatar

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has launched a mobile application named Metrash2 to make getting the services under it easily accessible to the general public. Since its launch, Metrash2 has been a revolution by providing all the essential services for which the residents had to visit the service centers of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) by simply using their smartphones.

With the help of the Metrash2 mobile application, the citizens and residents would be able to obtain most of the services such as the following:

Traffic Services

  • Traffic violations
  • Renew driving license
  • Issue replacement for damaged driving license
  • Travel exit permit
  • Transfer vehicle ownership
  • Transfer ownership of significant number plate
  • Traffic certificates
  • NOC to obtain driving license
  • Inquire about vehicle with chassis number
  • Significant plates auction
  • Display significant plates
  • Release vehicle mortgage

Citizen Services

  • Report lost document
  • Exit permit for Citizens
  • Cancel exit permit for Citizens
  • Instant approvals
  • Passport and ID services

Residence Permit Services

  • Residency Renewal
  • Residency Cancellation
  • Issue Residence Permit (RP)
  • Re-Issue RP
  • Sponsored Names Report
  • Replace Damaged/Lost ID
  • Automatic RP Renewal
  • Change Sponsorship Approval
  • Change Passport Details
  • Certificates

Leave Notifications Services

  • Residents Leave Notification
  • Visa Holders Leave Notification
  • Return Permit
  • Travel Transactions

Entry Visa Services

  • Apply for issuing visa
  • Renew visa validity
  • Extend visa
  • Pay visa fines
  • Issue return visit visa
  • Pay due visa fees
  • Update visa information
  • Change visa type
  • Issue NOC for sponsored persons
  • Change nationality of approval
  • Renew approval
  • Approval consumption
  • Follow up on approvals and pay due fees
  • Instant approvals
  • Visa holders list
  • Family Applications

General Services

  • Absconding Complaint
  • Report Lost Document
  • Delegate Services
  • Address Query
  • Metrash SMS

Communicate Services

  • Community Police
  • CID Service
  • Contact Us
  • Important Locations


  • Exit/Entry Transactions
  • Companies
  • Vehicles
  • Visas
  • Sponsored persons
  • Official Documents

All of the above-mentioned services for which the residents were required to visit the nearby service center would now be available at their fingertips. They would just require downloading the application from the play store and making it worth their service by providing the information asked by it. The Metrash2 application has seen tremendous demand from the public at a time when it is advised to stay at home. The Ministry of Interior would be adding more services which will start to automatically appear on the services list of Metrash2.

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