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The last date for Registration of National Address in Qatar


The Interior Ministry in Qatar has required all nationals and citizens to list their National Address before the July 26th 2020 of last date.

The entry of the National Address should be required and it is important for the people to finish several different transactions.

At that date over millions of people in Qatar have already listed their national address. In this case, the record procedure will open until 26th July 2020.

The National Address is one of the information that is important to finish different transactions. You can list your address to secure the conclusion of your transactions in good time, the Minister has said in its Twitter account.

The enlistment of the national address was started on 27th January 2020, and it will end on 26th July. All candidates should give the right information. If the information is wrong then you should pay a fine QR 10, 000.

A fine will be demanded, if you do not register during the six-month period. The fine can be accommodated to QR5000 preceding arriving at the court.

Then, according to the review on the Interior Ministry site, around 5000 people are registering their national address through Metrash2. The review was meant to find the technique that the people utilized for registering their national address. Around 6562 people are interested in the online survey, which was started on 1 May 2020, and it will end on 30th June 2020.

The results indicate that 76 percent of voters (4989 voters) selected Metrash2, while the 20 percent speaking to 1,312 members chose toward e-services entrance and the 4 percent (261) chose toward MOI services centre’s.

The National Address information includes home address, landline, phone numbers, email address and business address for people in government or private sectors.

The registration is open on Metrash2 because to control the spread of the corona virus, the Ministry asked people to register on site or Metrash2.

The National Address will serve some government organizations as well as the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, Supreme Judiciary Council and Planning and Statistics Authority, the Ministry of Justice, a senior authority said.

The Hotline for Registration of National Address is  234200 

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