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MOI opens hotline for National Address registration issues

National Address

A hotline has been set up by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) to solve and assist people who are having issues in registering themselves online in the National Address registration procedure. The hotline services in Qatar can be availed by dialling 234200 and assistance will be made available instantly to anyone. Any technical issues faced by people while doing the process of registering on the National Address register can file a complaint here as well and get assistance instantaneously.

Since the law of mandatory registration was passed in January 2020, more than one million people have registered themselves in the National register till April 2020 as per the Ministry of Interior statement. The ministry then called for starting the registration of the National Address through electronic means which can be done by people through the already available Ministry of Interior app Metrash 2 mobile application as well as by visiting the Ministry of Interior website.

Understanding the National Address Law

As per the law no, 24 of 2017 on the National Address, the Qatar government has issued notification that every resident and citizen of Qatar has to register themselves a permanent national address through the electronic means such as Metrash2 application before 26 July 2020. If they fail to do so, a fine will be charged against them. The law was made to keep up with the economic and social developments and to maintain the legislative renaissance while updating the advanced security services in the country.

There are greater objectives of the National Address. Here are they –

  • It will contribute towards achieving greater security and stability by providing services such as emergency ambulances and civil defense as soon as it is sought.
  • It will help citizens to identify important areas, crowded areas and locations of crimes easily.
  • It is a step towards moving from descriptive address to digital address system which is based on unique addresses meant for all regions of the country.
  • To modernize the state’s critical infrastructure.
  • To provide fast services to all segments of society including citizens and residents.

One can register on the National Address register by applying to it through the Ministry of Interior’s mobile application Metrash2 as well as by visiting its official website and furnishing the required information.

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