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How to Change Company Sponsorship Online in Qatar in COVID – 19

To restrict the dominance of novel coronavirus – Ministry of interior (Qatar) is
emphasizing on the usage of e-services to accomplish the necessary transactions.
According to the ministry, the transactions such as procedure of changing employer
or sponsor which was carried out by submitting physical forms will now be
conducted via online medium.

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour, and Social Affairs (MADLSA)
and the Ministry of Interior (MOI) were responsible for transferring company
sponsorship via offline mode. And, will continue the process of transferring company
sponsorship and changing employers via new online procedure.
One can read the guide on How to Change Jobs in Qatar (Link)
The ministry of Administrative Development, Labour, and Social Affairs has
issued the following conditions and regulations to changing the employer –

  1. The new employer will not face any restrictions
  2. Employee will have to submit a notice 30 days prior to the contract comes to
    an end (if it is mentioned as a fixed-term contract)
  3. In case of an open-ended contract, employees will have to stay more than five
    years in service. The notice period is as follows:
    • One has to serve notice period of 30 days, if duration of service is five years.
    • One has to serve a notice period of 60 days,If service is more than five years.
  4. All the applications and approvals are subject to all terms and conditions as
    per the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour, and Social affairs.
  5. Industry would be private sector.
  6. In case, if one has technical issues or queries, please connect to to tech
    support team at Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social
    affairs – 40288888

A. Must Keep the Documents Prepared

  1. The following documents needs to be prepared as per MADLSA –
  2. Proof (copy) of previous organization’s work contract certified by MADLSA
  3. Proof of computer card of the previous organization (in case of consent)
  4. Attachment of official notification from MADLSA
  5. No objection letter from the previous organization addressed to the director of Department of Labour (in Arabic)
  6. Copy of the computer card of the new organization

B. Must Fill-up Employer Change/Leave Country, Worker Notice E-Service form

One needs to fill the Employer Change / Leave Country, Worker Notice E-Service”
form on the MADLSA website.
To log in, fill the following:

  • QID
  • Mobile number
  • Tick the checkbox for CAPTCHA
  • Enter the OTP code you will receive in your mobile number to access the form
  • Fill-up the following information:
  • Worker details: QID, Name, Nationality, Gender, Job Title, Age, Worker Mobile
  • Current employer: Establishment number, Employer Name
  • Request details: Purpose, Attested Contract Copy, Signed copy of notice form

C. Must get MADLSA approval

After submission of above documents, one can now wait for the approval from

D. Transfer to the new company

Once you get approval, the new organization will then be notified about your
transfership under their company sponsorship.
Your new organization will then proceed with the transfer through the Ministry of
Interior’s e-services or via Metrash2 app. Further, the transfer fee will be paid as set
by the Ministry of Interior.

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