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Now Visa holders can book Umrah before they enter Saudi

Now Visa holders can book Umrah before they enter Saudi

By filling out the Eatmarna application, all holders of every kind of visa can schedule their appointment to complete the procedure of Umrah before they enter the Kingdom of Saudi, declared by Saudi Arabia. 

Individuals who want to perform Umrah need an entry visa for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. The ministry also explained the significance of securing validity when signing up and producing a reservation on the Eatamarna application.

The Ministry also declared that the permit could be automatically canceled in the following two situations:

  1. Persons who have contracted the COVID-19 virus or who have been exposed to an affected person.
  2. Unless the individual enters Saudi Arabia 6 hours before the scheduled Umrah date.

The ministry also revealed the step-by-step procedure to book Umrah outside of Saudi Arabia through the Eatmarna app stating that anyone who likes to perform Umrah must sign up for the app. And then they have to choose the visitor button and fill in the essential information like passport number, email address, mobile number, and nationality. 

After the completion of the registration, it will decide whether they have accepted the visa or not. You will get the recipient with the verification code through his registered email within the application. After inputting the verification code you can choose the permit you like to issue as well as the chance to specify the date & time. In the end, you can look at all permits given in addition to buying conveyance services. 

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