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Tawakkalna App – Check out all countries’ travel requirements ( KSA )

Check out all countries' travel requirements

The Tawakkalna has been a very helpful app during the pandemic delivered by Saudi Arabia for foreigners and citizens.However, the app works as a Health Passport with various other features and services. Though, the new features of the app provide travelers to check their travel necessities.

With the Tawakkalna app, check out all countries’ travel requirements

The new feature of the Tawakkalna app will permit users to check the health requirements established by each country, including the COVID-19 PCR tests date, the age groups required to travel, the type of vaccine approved by each country, and more.

Travelers can check all the requirements of any country via the Tawakkalna app and tap on “Health Travel Requirements” in the Health service, and opt for the country name, departure date, and arrival date.

The Health Travel Requirements service also delivers the open accredited PCR centers feature, to promote and rev the searching procedure for the authorized centers.

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