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MOFA in Saudi Arabia: Know Everything about MOFA

Know Everything about MOFA

If you are a foreigner in Saudi Arabia, then you must know all about the MOFA. Do you know that MOFA is known as a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is responsible for Saudi VISA purposes? The unique Visa number is given by the Government of Saudi Arabia. 

However, the MOFA number is an application number obtained online from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

The medical payments are processed along with the Saudi VISA application. The MOFA number is a compulsory number for processing the passport to receive a Saudi VISA.

What is the process for getting a VISA to Saudi Arabia?

To obtain a visa to tour Saudi Arabia should be via the diplomatic tasks abroad or the entrance points in accordance to instructions or via MOFA’s website underneath the “consular services” seen on the home page, where there is an electronic application to be filled and uploaded.

MOFA services in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Do you know that MOFA offers 80+ services on its website for all citizens, residents, visitors, Business & Government Agencies? Following is the list of all the services provided by the MOFA.

Services provided by the MOFA-

  • ​Amend a submitted application from Saudi missions abroad
  • Amend a submitted application from organizations
  • ​Business Visa Request
  • ​Cancellation of Airport Pass
  • ​Cancellation of Vehicle Registration
  • ​Chambers of Commerce and Recruitment Offices
  • ​Companies Abroad Services
  • ​Diplomatic Visa Request for Organizations and Diplomatic Missions
  • ​Display Invitation Letter Data
  • ​Exemption of Diplomatic Goods
  • ​Family Visit Request
  • ​Government Departments Login
  • ​Government visit request
  • ​Hajj Services provider abroad
  • ​Health Certificate payment
  • ​Health Services Provider
  • ​Inquire About Issuing exit visas for diplomatic and special passports
  • ​Inquiring about a submitted request (Issuance and renewal of passports or issuance of a laissez-passer)
  • ​Invitation Letter Request
  • ​Issuance and renewal of the diplomatic or special passport for retired state personnel
  • ​Issuance and Renewal of the Residence Permit for Foreign Mission Members
  • ​Issuance of Administrative Driver’s License
  • ​Issuance of Airport Pass
  • ​Issuance of Diplomatic Driver’s Licenses
  • ​Issuance of Exit and ReEntry Visa For The Foreign Mission Members
  • ​Issuance of Final Exit Visa For the Foreign Mission Members
  • ​Issuance of Handgun Carry Permits
  • ​Issuance of Luggage Export Permit
  • ​Issuance of Motorcycle Licenses
  • ​Issuance of Ship License
  • ​Issuance of Vehicle Export Permit
  • ​Issuance of Vehicle Registration
  • ​Issuing Diplomatic and Special Passports
  • ​Issuing exit visas for diplomatic and special passports
  • ​Issuing Laisse-Passer
  • ​Large Companies in Saudi Arabia Login (approved by MOFA)
  • ​Log in for Authorized Non-Government Agencies
  • Locat Nearest Mission
  • ​Medical Treatment visa request
  • ​Office Authorization on a work visa
  • ​Other Demands Concerning Residence Permit
  • ​Other Specific Requests for Vehicles
  • ​Passport Issuance
  • ​Passports and Flight Data Registering
  • ​Payroll verification
  • ​Personal Visa Request
  • ​Pilgrimage Visa Request
  • ​Query About Application Submitted to MoFA
  • ​Query About Visa Issued from MoFA
  • ​Querying about a visa issued by the mission
  • ​Querying about Saudi diplomatic and special visa passports
  • ​Ratification Appointment
  • ​Ratification services on documents
  • ​Recommendation request for Diplomatic and personal Passport
  • ​Renewal of Administrative Driver’s Licenses
  • ​Renewal of Airport Pass
  • ​Renewal of Diplomatic Driver’s Licenses
  • ​Renewal of Vehicle Registrations
  • ​Renewing Passports
  • ​Request for extending a return visa
  • ​Request for Opening VIP Lounge
  • ​Requesting a visa from Saudi Missions abroad
  • ​Requesting Assistance for Saudis Abroad
  • ​Residence visa request for families of Saudi Officials working in the Diplomatic Mission
  • ​Review of Previous applications and Refunds
  • ​Search for Umrah Application
  • ​Security Coordination
  • ​Special Occasion Permits
  • ​Special Visa Request for Organizations and Diplomatic Missions
  • ​Study Visa Request
  • ​Umrah Services Provider Abroad
  • ​Updating contact information of Diplomatic and special passport holders
  • ​Verification of health certificate issuance
  • ​Visa Fees payment
  • ​Visit Visa Request for Organizations and Diplomatic Missions
  • ​Visitation Request for Suspended Members
  • ​Visits to The Kingdom
  • ​Work Visa Request for Organizations and Diplomatic Missions
  • ​Work Visit Request
  • Work Visa Request for Organizations and Diplomatic Missions

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