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 Iqma Renewal Fees of Iqma 2023 in Saudi Arabia

Renewal Fees of Iqma 2022 in Saudi

Saudi Arabia releases its Iqama renewal fees for the year 2022. Now, domestic workers are free from work permits. In addition, any company with less than 5 employees will be free from levy. 

Most ex-pats laboring in Saudi Arabia are reviewing their Iqama fees online as it was imposed in 2017 and continuing in 2022 and maybe in the future too. It was also levied in 2018 for companies founded on the Nitaqat status.

In this article, we are going to check Iqama issuance and renewal fee, work permit fees, and ex-pat dependent fees for the year 2022. Let’s check the numbers.

Renewal fee & Iqama Issuance 2023

  • SR 163- for 3 months
  • SR 325- for 6 months
  • SR 488- for 9 months
  • SR 650- for 12 months

Work Permit fees

One month’s work permit fee is SR 800 in Saudi Arabia. And you will need to pay for a minimum of 3 months.

  • SR 2,400- for 3 months
  • SR 4,800- for 6 months
  • SR 7,200- for 9 months
  • SR 9,600- for 12 months

Expat Dependent fees

You need to pay SR 400 per month per ex-pat dependent living in South Arabia.

  • SR 1,200/dependent- for 3 months
  • SR 2,400/dependent- for 6 months
  • SR 3,600/dependent- for 9months
  • SR 4,800/dependent- for 12 months

Iqama Expiration Penalty

  • First penalty- SR 500
  • Second penalty- SR 1000
  • Third penalty- fine or deportation.

Additionally, the holder of an expired Iqama will receive a fine and deportation on the third time expiry.

Expat Dependent fees 2023

All expatriates residing in Saudi Arabia with their dependents have to invest their dependents too with $400 per month in 2020 and going forward it may rise depending on the economic situation of Saudi Arabia. Hence, if you are expatriate labor you must understand all the details and calculations of ex-pat dependent fees in 2022.

Iqama Renewal Responsibility

According to the Saudi Labor Law Article 40 (1), it is the responsibility of the employer to renew their Iqama after expiration. They need to pay for Iqama renewal, health care, and insurance for the employee.

Saudi Iqama Fees Check is necessary for every expatriate residing in Saudi Arabia because if your Iqama expires and you don’t renew it, you won’t be able to wander freely in Saudi Arabia and will be fined and deported back to your home country if detected.

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