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How to Check Saudi Arabia Iqama Expiry Online?

How to Check Saudi Arabia Iqama Expiry Online

One of the essentials and mandatory documents in the Saudi Arabia is Iqama. Expats should carry this document all the time. It plays very prominent role in getting services either from government or private sectors. Applying for driving license, open new bank account, pay the utility bills, apply for visas, and getting new SIM card are few such areas where Iqama is mandatory. is the official website to check the expiry and validity of the Iqama. Users with Absher account can check the Iqama status by using Iqama number.

All the activities such as traffic violations, bank account, visas are linked with Iqama. You can also check Iqama expiry without log in to account.

Find more details about Iqama Expiry

You can find tones of websites giving insights about how to check iqama expiry but in this blog we will provide you the Simplest way to check iqama status using Ministry of Interior ( MOI )

Expats residing in KSA should know the Iqama renewal date and how to check the expiry of Iqama. Jawazat gives three days as a grace period to the expats whose Iqama validity got expired to get it renewed.

You have to visit the KSA Official website of Ministry of Interior ( MOI ) to check the validity of your iqama and know more details such as validity of Iqama/ Expiry date. website is in Arabic language, however you can use google translator or Language change options on the website to change the language from English to Arabic and vice versa

Here are the steps to check the Iqama Expiry

  • On the Ministry of Interior ( MOI ) KSA website Click on the Electronic Inquiries  from the Main Menu.
Electronic Enquiries KSA
  • Once you are on the electronic inquiries Menu click on the left menu and find out the option called Passport then click on the option and search for Query Iqama Expiry Service then select that option.
Electronic Enquiries KSA Iqama
  • Query Iqama Expiry Service’ link will navigate you to the page where you need to submit the below details:
    • Iqama Number:
    • Enter captcha code:
    • You need to click on View Button
Iqama Expiry Query
  • It will take us to the page where you can find the iqama insights on the Ministry of Interior KSA with Iqama expiry date in Hijri Format.

It is Advised to get the Iqama renewed before it is get expired. Expats in Saudi Arabia has two option to know the Iqama expiry date either using Abhser Account or Official website for Ministry of interior Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We would like to update the Iqama related information on our blog for the user who can visit this blog and get the latest information like how to check the Iqama expiry online and other services related to Saudi Arabia.

Expats resides in Riyadh, Makkha, Madina and Jeddah can get the latest information on Iqama Expiry for 2021,2022 and 2023 in this article which helps the expats to track the expiry date on their Iqama and get it extended Happily.

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