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Top 4 Richest Persons in Kuwait

Richest Persons in Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Some of the Kuwait affluent people owns many properties, wealth and are names among richest persons in the world. Checkout the list of Kuwait Richest Billionaires and how much are they worth for.

Bassam Alghanim

Bassam  Al Ghanim

Bassam Al Ghanim is the Richest Man of Kuwait. His father started Alghanim Industries and Bassam led the company in 70s,80s and 90s. The Family Holding company is operating in 40 different countries. It has grown by leaps and bounds by partnering with companies like British Airways, Xerox, Whirlpool, American Express, General Motors and others.  Though he born in Kuwait he spends most of his time in LA’s Bel-Air Neighbourhood.

Forbes recorded Bassam Alghanim Net Worth  – $1.6 Billions

Fawzi Al Kharafi

Fawzi Al Kharafi is the one of richest persons in Kuwait. He is the CEO and Vice president of MA Al-Kharafi & Sons Group. Fawzi owns the stake in various Kuwait firms which includes Zain Telecom firm and National Bank of Kuwait. In Addition, The Group US divisions drives various fast food business in Middle East such as, Hardee’s, Krispy Kreme, and KFC.

Forbes recorded Fawzi Al Kharafi Net Worth –  $1.2 Billions

Mohannad Al Kharafi

Mohannad Al Kharafi

Mohannad Al Kharafi is the brother of Fawzi Al Kharafi Current CEO of Al-Karafi Group. His father started this organization, later Jassim Al-Kharafi run the business until his death in 2011. Mohannad Al Kharafi is CEO of Zain Telecom of Kuwait and the Group is one of the biggest Middle East Holdings.

Forbes recorded Mohannad Al Kharafi Net Worth – $1.2 Billions

Kutayba Alghanim

Kutayba Alghanim

He is one of the richest persons in Kuwait and he inherited Family Business along with his brother Bassam. While making division of family wealth their feud ended up in the court. Later Bassam Al Ghanim withdraw from the family owned business.

Forbes recorded Kutayba Alghanim Net Worth – $1.2 Billions

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