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Salary & Living Expenses In Kuwait

Salary & Living Expenses In Kuwait

If you want to move to the city of Kuwait, you must know about all the expenses and how much individuals get as a salary for their work. So do not worry, because we are going to discuss all the living expenses & salary of an individual in Kuwait.

You might be surprised by knowing that there is no statutory minimum salary in the private sector. However, an open two-tiered labor market guarantees high salaries for Kuwaiti citizens. Particularly those who serve in government’s white-collar and administrative positions, whereas immigrant workers, despite in skilled positions get lower salaries.

Bangladeshi indigenous workers receive 20KD (1KD= 200 IRS) per month. However, there is no statutory minimum wage in the country. Private sector salary varied from 2,500 to 3,000 dinars every month for uppermost administrators of big firms to mid 200 to 300 dinars for different experienced experts and no experienced workers.

However, the public sector minimum salary gives a modest standard of living for a worker and family. The salary of untrained workers in the private sector does not always give a modest standard of living, with housekeepers usually earning less than 40 dinars every month. To be qualified to sponsor family members for residency, government and private sector workers must get a minimum wage of 400 dinars per month. 

Employers usually abuse workers’ eagerness to admit poor conditions. Most of the foreign workers, particularly, amateur, semiskilled, South Asian workers, live and work much like enslaved workers, and are ignorant of their constitutional rights. They often face contractual conflicts and inadequate working conditions and may face physical & sexual exploitation too.

Several immigrant workers are subjected to live in “camps,” which usually are congested and lack sufficient cooking and bathroom access. They live in squalor in rooms with 10 or more people in a row, and several have no access to running water.

Cost of living in Kuwait

The cost of living in Kuwait is not extreme. The laws of Kuwait do not allow exiles to purchase residences or estates. The monthly rent of 1BHK is approx 250-300 KD based on the area. The 2BHK flat cost approx 300-400 KD. 

However, several Indian families are living in a shared apartment. Shared apartments are expected to be more cost-effective than others. For 75-100 KD per person, students can share a flat/room with 3-4 other students. However, normally for an individual the cost of food will be approximately 50 – 75 KD per month.

Transportion in Kuwait

Several people have their car particulary wome. However, for the driving license, your minimum salary should be 600KD. You can purchased second hand car in approx 2500- 3000KD. However many people are dependent on public transport. The minimum fare of public transport is 1KD. 

According to this modern salary situation, if you make approx 300 KD per month as an individual, your monthly expenses will be as follows:

  • Room rent: 100 (Sharing with other bachelors) 
  • Food : 50 KD 
  • Transport : 40 KD 
  • Other expenses: 20 KD

The minimum salary range recommended for a family of four is 750 KD. However, this is estimated data, the expenses depend on individuals.

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