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List of Popular Beaches in Kuwait

List of Popular Beaches in Kuwait

Locals and visitors visit the beaches to relax, take a long walk on the beach, and spend quality time sunbathing on the sands or swimming in the seas. You must be aware that Kuwait is famous for its wonderful beaches. In this article, we are going to talk about the most popular beaches in Kuwait. Let us know how many have you already been in the comment section! Let’s check out the list.

Messilah Beach Salimiyah, Kuwait

Messilah Beach

Messilah Beach is known as one of the most famous private beaches in Kuwait and is situated in Salmiyyah Kuwait. From Kuwaiti Towers to the area around Al-Bedaa, the seafront is extended. You will love ambling down the well-kept paths, and the abundance of foliage will be a visual feast. The amenities include a restaurant that serves food and ice cream, three huge pools, a kid’s pool, gardens, and greenery. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, the beach celebrates Ladies’ Days, when there are special performances and dancing only for women.

Location :

Top Attractions: Water Sports, cozy seating space, Swimming pools and restaurants

Al Khiran Beach – South Of Kuwait

Al Khiran Beach

Al Khiran is a resort with man-made waterways that is situated in the southern part of Kuwait. This is known as the nation’s pride and the capital of the beaches. There are palm trees, beautiful beaches, swimming pools, barbeque spaces, and a great grocery there. Along the beachfront, you can engage in water sports including jet skiing, water skiing, and scuba diving in addition to two snack shacks that serve drinks. Additionally, visitors can take a boat journey out into the azure sea.

Location :

Top Attractions: Water Sports, Boat trips, jet, scuba diving and restaurants.

Kuwait Egaila Beach – Fantastic Deluxe Holiday

Egaila Beach

Private beach in Kuwait Egaila is well known for being a great location for barbecues and picnics. Access to the sea is difficult because the bottom is rocky and the beach is sandy with pebbles. The Egaila beach park, which was inaugurated in September 1980, has a long wooden bridge that extends deep into the water. There are paths lined with vegetation and trees that run along the shore. Along the sand, there are BBQ grills set up, along with seating options including seats and tables. Within the boundaries of the beach, there is also an open theatre, a playground for children, and verdant lawns. There is a separate entrance fee for the beach park’s pool.

Location :

Top Attractions: Water Sports, Views, playground, swimming pool, and open theatre.

Al Kout Beach, Kuwait – Natural and Man-made Beauty

Al Kout Beach

A variety of fun family-friendly activities and other waterside pastimes are offered at Al Kout Beach. One of Kuwait’s top beaches is Al Kout Beach. This tranquil beachfront is one of Kuwait’s largest, with white sands and inviting blue waters. Families particularly enjoy Al Kout Beach, and during the weekends, both kids and adults throng the area’s swimming pools. Al Kout Beach will be more entertaining for tourists traveling with pals. Since this beach also has barbecue facilities, visitors can eat outside as the sun sets over the Arabian Gulf.

Location :

Top Attractions: Water Sports, Dancing fountain, barbecue, exotic food, and swimming pool

Hilton Beach Resort, Kuwait

Hilton Beach Resort

The Hilton is a reputable seaside hotel in Kuwait. The fact that all of its amenities are on the beach and not in the garden sets it apart from other hotels of a similar nature in the Persian Gulf and makes it the best beach in the nation. There are swimming pools, water sports, a gym, a spa, tennis courts, children’s activities, shops, and food and beverage establishments in this seaside resort.

Location :

Top Attractions: Water sports, Swimming pools, spa, running route, tennis courts, children’s activities, shops, restaurants and beverage outlets.

Fintas Beach, Kuwait – Enjoy the Delicious Barbeque

Fintas Beach

Fintas is a public beach in Kuwait that is situated in a typical metropolitan neighborhood. Although there are many stones at the bottom, the entrance to the water is smooth. The beach is great for both adults and kids because of its many green spaces, kids’ playground, and little gym.

Location :

Top Attractions: Water sports, Barbecue, Childern Playground, gym, and restaurants.

Mangaf Beach, Kuwait

Mangaf Beach

Mangaf is a city beach in Kuwait’s southern suburbs with great sand and a nice entrance to the water. There is not much shade on the shore, though, due to its placement on a busy road. Given its hectic surroundings, it might not seem like the ideal spot to unwind.

Location :

Top Attractions: Water sports, Barbecue, Childern Playground, and restaurants.

Marina Beach, Kuwait – Perfect Family Picnic

Marina Beach

A popular city beach in Kuwait with fantastic views of the skyline is the marina beach. Compared to other beaches in Kuwait, there are many palm trees growing on the sand here, which is unusual. Ice cream and beverages are sold at the kiosks. Along with bike rentals, a skate park, and a stretch of excellent eateries across the beach, there is a sizable, bouncy playground for children.

Location :

Top Attractions: Water sports, Barbecue, Childern Playground, and rental bikes.

Kubbar Island

Other activities besides scuba diving that you might like include in Kubbar Island are snorkeling, swimming, boating, campfires, and beach parties. The beaches are very beautiful. You should come to enjoy your day.

Green Island – Ideal Family picnic spot!

Green Island was inaugurated in February 1988 and is a well-liked Kuwaiti vacation destination. People come with their family and love once to do a picnic and to chill the whole day, and some quality time with their close ones.

In terms of beaches, Kuwait is a one-stop travel destination. Visitors from all over the world come here only to unwind and spend time with their loved ones on the beaches. Have you been there? Let us know in the comment section.

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