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Ways to check STC Balance in Saudi Arabia

How to Check the STC Balance in Saudi Arabia ( KSA)

STC is the leading telecom company based out in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It offers various mobile phone services, Landline as well as Internet services in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Telecom Company is more admired telecom company in KSA. Zain Telecom and Mobily are secondary preferred networks when we compare with STC.

Inhabitants of KSA and opting STC SIM Card should know how to check the balance. If you are not aware of it do not worry, in this article we are showing many ways to check the STC Balance.

Here you can find STC Sawa Internet DATA balance and Mobile Calling Balance for prepaid as well as Postpaid.

Option 1 : To check the STC Balance

Calling the STC helpline to know the Sawa Balance

You need to Dial 900 from STC SIM card inserted mobile to call STC Customer service helpline

After Dialling ‘900’ from VIR you need to select STC  Balance inquiry option to listen the balance information or choose the option to talk to STC Customer service representative to know the Balance in Arabic or English

The same above option you can use it for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers to check the STC Balance.

Option 2 : To know the STC Sawa Balance via Codes

  • Dial *166# on your mobile keypad and click on the call button to check the STC Sawa Balance.
  • Once you dial it, Pop up message appears with STC Sawa Balance on mobile phone screen.
  • Using *166# code you can check the “STC Balance” on the mobile device as code or you can go online and type*166# to check the STC Balance using the same phone.

Option 3 : Using SMS Check the STC Sawa Balance

The Most preferred way of knowing the STC Balance is sending the (Short message Service) SMS from your mobile device.


  1. Open the SMS Write Panel
  2. Type SMS Message “balance”
  3. Send it to 900
  4. You will receive a message from Sawa
  5. Open the message and find the STC Sawa remaining Balance.


  1. Open the SMS Write Panel
  2. Type nothing leave it BLANK
  3. Send it to 2220
  4. You will receive message with STC Sawa remaining Balance.

Option 4 : Check the STC Sawa Balance using their Mobile Application

Another option is via Smartphones. Now-a-days everybody is using smartphone in their daily life and Smartphone users may install STC mobile Application either from the Google Playstore or Apple Store. STC Application displays STC prepaid or Post balance after installing STC Application on your mobile phone device.

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