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Saudi Arabia allows expats to change jobs without waiting a year ( New Laws )

Immigrants to change jobs without waiting a year

Do you know that immigrants working in Saudi Arabia are not permitted to change jobs from one employer to another employer without a gap year? They can only do that after fulfilling all the required conditions.

However, immigrants can now change their job from one to another without having a gap year after they arrive in Saudi Arabia as approved by the Ministry of Human Resources & Social Development (MHR&SD), as they approved this statement to the Saudi Labor Law. 

According to the new amended in the Labor Law, present employer approval is not essential for the transfer and will not be seen as a violation.

Before the amendment, Labour Law expressed that immigrant workers can transfer their services to other employers only after devouring a minimum of 1 year with the existing employer from the date of his entry into the Kingdom.

The Ministry has also supported amendments to two articles related to immigrant service transfers.

First Amendment

Immigrant employees can transfer their services to another employer without specifying the precise duration on the occasion of the approval of the existing employer and within the provisions of the Nitaqat stimulus program for establishments to create Saudi jobs.

Second Amendment

If an employee’s documented work contract expires, they have the right to change employers without the consent of their current employer.

Third Amendment

Article 77 of the Labor Law provides that an employee may transfer to another employer without obtaining approval from their current employer, provided certain conditions are satisfied.

The worker has to notify the current employer of the transfer at least 90 days before the end of the contractual relationship unless the two parties agree otherwise.

According to the amendment, “this decision cancels all previous decisions inconsistent with it.”

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