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Top 10 Saudi companies in Saudi Arabia

Top 10 Saudi companies in Saudi Arabia

Are you thinking about moving to Saudi Arabia but don’t know what kind of work and which company you should apply for? If yes, then this article is going so much beneficial for you as we are going to talk about the top 10 Saudi companies. We have made a list of those companies where you should apply if you are thinking about moving to Saudi Arabia.

1. Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco is a foremost provider of energy and chemicals that manage global trade and improve the daily lives of people around the globe by providing energy to the world.

  • Name: Saudi Aramco
  • Business: Oil & Energy
  • Company size: 10,000+ workers
  • Headquarters: Dhahran
  • Founded: 1993

2. SABB Financial Services

It is an associated company of HSBC Group, one of the world’s most extensive banking & financial services industries with more than 10,000 offices in 83 countries and regions across Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, and the Middle East & Africa.

  • Name: SABB Financial Service
  • Business: Banking, Finance, Support, Sales
  • Company size: 1000-5000 Workers
  • Headquarters: Riyadh
  • Founded: 1978

3. STC Telecommunications

STC provides several ICT solutions and digital services in various categories like telecommunications, IT, financial technology, digital media, cyber security, etc. with that they are driving the digital alteration nationally and regionally.

  • Name: STC Telecommunications
  • Business: Telecom, budgeting, human resources, engineering
  • Company size: 10,000+ workers
  • Headquarters: Riyadh
  • Founded: 1998

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4. King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre

KFSH&RC is a specialist hospital in Jeddah & Riyadh. It is the national research center for oncology, organ transplantation, cardiovascular conditions, and hereditary diseases.

  • Name: King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre
  • Business: Hospital & Health care
  • Company size: 10,000+ workers
  • Headquarters: Riyadh

5. Almarai

It is the world’s most extensive vertically combined dairy company and the country’s highest food & refreshment production and shipping company. 

  • Name: Almarai
  • Business: Food & Beverages
  • Company size: 10,000+ workers
  • Headquarters: Riyadh, Central Province
  • Founded: 1977

6. Security Forces Hospital

It is one of the foremost Health Care Providers in Saudi Arabia, established in 1975 to give health care services to the workers of the Ministry of Interior & their dependents.

  • Name: Security Forces Hospital
  • Business: Hospital & Health Care
  • Company size: 1,000- 5000 workers
  • Headquarters: Riyadh
  • Founded: 1972

7. Mobily

It is Saudi Arabia’s second mobile network operator. They started their services in May 2005 and were approved by GSM World Associations as the quickest rising operator in the Middle East and North Africa Region.

  • Name: Mobily
  • Business: Telecommunications
  • Company size: 1000-5000 workers
  • Headquarters: Riyadh
  • Founded: 2004

8. Al Rajhi Bank

It is one of the biggest Islamic banks in the world, holding assets of SR 384 billion.

  • Name: Al Rajhi Bank
  • Business: Banking
  • Company size: 10,000+ workers
  • Headquarters: Riyadh
  • Founded: 1957

9. Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group

It has an aim to promote and produce a state of the art medical facilities and deliver top-notch healthcare services.

  • Name: Dr. Sulaiman AL Habib Medical Group
  • Business: Hospital & Health Care
  • Company size: 10,000+ workers
  • Headquarters: Riyadh
  • Founded: 1995 

10. Riyad Bank

Riyad Bank is among the greatest financial institutions in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia with the property of SAR 30 billion.

  • Name: Riyad Bank
  • Business: Banking
  • Comapany size: 5000-10,000 workers
  • Headquarters: Riyadh
  • Founded: 1957

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