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How to Book a Quarantine Hotel while Returning to Qatar ?


Qatar is all set to lift-up the lockdown restriction ongoing due to novel coronavirus. Qatar is going to release the restrictions under a four-phase plan beginning from June 15.2020. 

From now on, people landing in Qatar have to make themselves into a state of quarantine for two weeks of the time period in designated hotels at their own expense. 

According to the Government of Qatar, the permitted arrivals must make them self quarantine in government-approved hotels upon arrival. 

In addition, the following are the conditions for those who are currently permitted to arrive in Qatar : 

For Qatari Nationals returning from 15 June – 22 September

Qatari nationals must have to book a government-approved quarantine hotel for 14 days. It’s also required to book the hotel before departure from Qatar. 

Qatari nationals who are outside Qatar will also need to pre-book an approved quarantine hotel package for the mentioned duration. 

In case, if there is not a confirmed quarantine reservation and arrival back in Qatar is before September 22.2020, check-in at HIA will not be permitted at all. 

Only Qatari nationals are allowed to Qatar before August 1.2020. 

QID holders returning from 1 August – 22 September 

QID holders would not be allowed to board a flight to Qatar unless they receive authorization to travel. Also, they will be needing confirmation for a government-approved quarantine reservation for 14 days. 

Until the QID holder gets approval to land Qatar, they are not allowed to book any quarantine package. The details regarding the booking will be published when guidelines get confirmed by the government official.  Kindly remain updated on this page for further information. 

For the information related to quarantine hotels, hotel booking, medical facilities, kindly find the information below :  

  1. Where can I make my hotel booking?

Hotel bookings for the permitted arrivals can be made at Qatar Airways Holidays partnered with Discover Qatar

  1. Can I cancel or amend the booking?

Yes, bookings can be canceled and rescheduled as required up to 24 hours before your arrival. However, no refund policy is issued for any unused quarantine reservations or if one doesn’t check-in on the arrival date.

  1. Can I choose the hotel ?

Yes, you are allowed to book the available hotels as per your budget and category. 

As of now, the following hotels have been appointed for quarantine stay for Qatari nationals : 

  • Time Rako Hotel
  • Dusit Doha Hotel
  • The Westin Doha Hotel and Spa

Click here to make a booking Discover Qatar in Partnership with Qatar Airways Holidays.

  1. How much will it cost?

Quarantine package rates are  now available from June 15 2020. 

Check out here to make bookings Discover Qatar in Partnership with Qatar Airways Holidays.

  1. Can I book direct with a hotel?

No, you can only make your booking directly with Qatar Airways Holidays in Partnership with Discover Qatar even at an approved hotel.

In regards to the safety and comfort of permitted arrivals at Qatar, here is the following information you need to know :   

  1. What will happen on arrival at Hamad International Airport (HIA)?

Upon arrival, you will be allowed to transit to the booked hotel. 

  1. How will I go from the airport to the hotel?

A one way commutation source will be provided 

  1. What steps are in place to ensure safety in the hotels?

To ensure safety, all the approved hotels meet the Qatar clean program. The program is a collaborative approach taken by the National Tourism Council, Ministry of Public Health, and the Hospitality and tourism sectors.   

A program is designed to meet the best practices and protocols to ensure cleanliness and hygiene at its best for guests. For more information please visit

  1. What precautions are in place for hotel staff?

It is advised for the hotel staff members to follow quarantine rules and MOPH guidelines. 

  1. Have hotel staff been tested / are they routinely tested for coronavirus (COVID-19)?


  1. What will happen if there is an outbreak in a hotel?

Guests need to follow instructions as per Ministry of Public Health Staff in the Hotel. 

  1. What medical services are available?

Medical teams will be available at the hotel 24/7.

  1.  Will testing for coronavirus (COVID-19) be available at any stage?


  1. What happens if I test positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) at any time of quarantine?

You will have to follow the instructions as per the MOPH staff at the hotel. 

  1. How many meals will be served?

Full board meal plan will be there for the guests consisting of breakfast, lunch, and evening meal. 

  1. Will food be delivered to my room?

Yes, food will be delivered at your door. 

  1. Can I share the room?

Yes, but with direct relatives only and with 2 adults and 1 child (6 years or under) are allowed to share a room. 

  1. Will I have access to laundry facilities?

Yes, but with an extra cost which will be advised at the time of booking. 

  1. How often will bed linen be changed?

Well, it will be changed once a week as minimum.

  1. Will I be able to use extended room services?

It might be available depending on the hotel you have booked, but at an additional cost.

  1. Can I use outdoor facilities at the hotel (e.g. Pool)?

No, accessing outdoor facilities is prohibited.

  1. What facilities are there for children?

There are no facilities allowed for children. Guests are not allowed to leave the room

  1. Will I have access to cooking facilities?


  1. Will I have access to hotel facilities like gym, pool, restaurant, bar etc?

No, leave room is prohibited.

  1.  Will there be an accessible prayer room?

No, leave room is prohibited.

  1. Can food/shopping be delivered to the hotel?


  1. Will I be able to have contact with family members or friends who are based in Qatar, at any time during quarantine?

No, physical contact is unallowed.

  1. Will I be able to have contact with family members or friends at any time during quarantine (where they are also in quarantine)?

No, unless you are sharing a room.

  1.  If anyone on my travelling party has special needs, how do we communicate this?

You need to communicate with ‘Discover Qatar’ for any special requirement at the time of your quarantine booking. 

  1. What if we are a large group and / or have specific requirements?

One can request by contacting or emailing to ‘Discover Qatar’. 

  1.  Can I talk to someone or email a question?

Yes, you can call ‘Discover Qatar’ if you would like to do so on, +974 4423 7999 Alternatively, an email can be shooted at –


For QID Expired people want to return to Qatar please click here find more information.

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