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Most Vaccines fail to work against Omicron : Says Growing Research

Omicron Coronavirus

The body of preliminary research studies showing some lights on COVID  vaccination and suggests that most of the vaccines offered across the globe has no preventive strength against the highly contagious Omicron variant.

The primary goal of all vaccines is to protect people from illness caused from omicron. But only few vaccinations like Pfizer and Moderna Shots, added with Booster shown initial success of preventing infection, and these vaccines are not available in most of the nations.

All the proofs till now is based on lab experiments, which will not cover the entire range of immunity response of the body’s, and it is not been tracking effectiveness on real people. The outcomes are noticeable, however, mRNA technology is used by Pfizer and Moderna Shots which will give best protection against every variant of COVID19, and all other vaccines uses older methods of improving the immune system and its responsiveness.

From Omicron infection people have zero protection who have taken Chinese vaccines sinopharm and Sinovac and surprisingly people vaccinated by these vaccination consist of almost half of the global population. More specifically, Most of the China people received these vaccinations and also low and middle level income countries such as Mexico and Brazil  also used these shots.

The UK preliminary effectiveness study noticed that Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccination demonstrate no strength to prevent omicron infection even after six months after vaccination. In India, 90 percent of the people taken this vaccination shots under Covishield brand name, it is also used in most of the African countries i.e. 44 nations and sixty seven million vaccination shots distributed under the global COVID vaccine program.

Not only Britain but also Russia’s Sputnik vaccine has no ability to block the Omicron infection. The Africa and Latin America people have taken these shots, predicts by researchers.

Though the demand for Johnson and Johnson vaccination had been increasing in Africa, because the vaccination has specialty of single shot delivery and few resources can be used to delivery these vaccines. However, even Johnson & Johnson vaccination has no impact on stopping Omicron infections

These vaccines primary duty is to produce and increase the antibodies. In the preliminary research studies they found that vaccines not only induced antibodies but also helps T-Cells growth which will identify the Omicron Variant, It is essential in preventing severity of disease.

New York Weill Cornell Medicine virus expert John Moore said that asymptomatic mild infection protection is lose first and retain defence against severe disease and death. He also said that Omicron is less deadly than the delta variant.

Center for International and Strategic Studies director of Global Health Policy center J.Stephen Marrison said that this vaccines protection will be not be sufficient to block the omicron spreading across the globe.

Need to collect more data before arriving to any conclusion about vaccines efficacy against Omicron, said by Dr.Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the global vaccine alliance. He also informed that focus would be on accelerating the vaccination should continue in response to pandemic.

Low and Middle level income countries relied on NON-mRNA vaccines emerging threat due to failure of sharing the technology by the wealthy countries, said by Tolbert Nyenswah a senior researchers with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of Public Health.

Deputy minster of health in Liberia, Nyenswah predicted that As a Consequence, Low vaccinated countries will become the sources of emerging new and dangerous variants and prolonging the pandemic.

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