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Four-phase exit plan from Covid19 restriction announced, Know the plan here

COVID19 Qatar Restrictons

On 8th June 2020 in the press conference Qatar authorities announced the Lift of COVID19 Restriction in 4 Phases. in Continuation of the earlier spelled out plan.

Here it is :

In order to safely exit from the restrictions put down in wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Qatar government announced range of measures keeping in mind the health ministry advisories about social distancing and flattening the curve. As of May 22, Qatar had reported 32,569 active cases with more than 180,000 people being tested for the diseases. The rate of recovery has seemed to improve with around 7893 patients now Covid19 free. With improving conditions, the government is set to open up the standstill economy and country in a phase wise manner with the highest priority to keeping the people safe and sound.

In an Interview with Al Jazeera, H.E. Dr. Hanan Mohammed Al Kuwari, Ministry of Public Health had mentioned that the restrictions would be lifted gradually and in stages to weaken the effect of the coronavirus. Although she had warned that opening up without public safety measures could jeopardise the process of flattening the curve which Qatar has been successful in doing.

“Our priority as a country is always the safety of our population. We will not open the measures unless it is safe to do that. We will keep the activities that are highest risk to our population as the last to open up”, She added.

As per the report issued by the Ministry of Public Health, the exit strategy for Qatar would be divided into four-stages with each step being closely monitored by it. Here are the four phases in which the restrictions would be eased –

Phase 1

The details of phase 1 are as follows:

  • 80% of the employees will work remotely and companies will increase work force gradually.
  • Selected private healthcare facilities will open
  • Essential and high value shops would open under restricted hours
  • Professional training for sports will reinstate provided that it is outdoors and that’s its 1:1 or 1:5.
  • Examinations in schools which were held back will happen only after confirmation from Ministry of education.

Phase 2 details

  • Less than 10 people would be allowed at one social gathering
  • Outdoor facilities such as parks, corniche, museums and beaches will open
  • All business and shops will open though in shortened hours
  • Food establishments would only operate through takeaways and delivery
  • Entertainment and leisure facilities will continue
  • Professional training will be allowed for less than 10 people

Phase 3

The details of Phase 3 are as follows:

  • Low risk inbound flights will operate
  • More businesses will resume such as:
  • health clubs
  • beauty and massage parlors
  • gyms and pools
  • barbershops and hairdressers (50% capacity)
  • driving schools
  • all souqs ( restricted hours)
  • all malls will now open for full hours with the exclusion of entertainment and leisure facilities.
  • Businesses will now be allowed to have 40% of their employees return to the workplace.
  • Social gathering of less than 40 people will be allowed with gradual opening of mosques and other places of worship.
  • Playgrounds and skate parks will open
  • Team training and amateur sports will be allowed albeit with less than 40 people. Stadiums will open with no spectators.

Phase 4

The details of Phase 4 are as follows:

All gatherings are now allowed to happen:

  1. Weddings
  2. Business-related mass gatherings
  3. Trade shows and conferences
  4. Entertainment-related mass gatherings like large concerts, festivals, exhibitions, events, summer camps, summer clubs, and summer cultural activities.
  5. Mosques and religious gatherings will continue to reopen.

On the business side, we will see the reopening of:

  1. Food outlets
  2. Food trucks
  3. Theatres and cinemas
  4. Nurseries and childcare facilities
  5. Food courts inside malls and restaurants will be allowed to have a dine-in 50% occupancy.
  6. Metro and bus services will start again
  7. Travel sector will see more inbound flights
  8. Personal boats, sea cruisers, and excursion boats will be allowed
  9. 60% employees can return to work from offices.

What is the Plan for Sports events in Qatar?

According to the MOPH of Qatar. The following timelines and spectators occupancy in Sports stadium will gradually increase up to 50% by end of September

Source: Update on COVID-19 – Surveillance & Outbreak, Health Protection & Communicable Disease Control, MOPH

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