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Cabinet amends regulations on lockdown, ready to ease some norms

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The cabinet meeting led by HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khalid Bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani brought up some relaxation for the already announced reopening the country in phased manners. On 4th June, the amended regulations on the working hours, car passengers capacity, and sports activities saw being brought into action.

The cabinet which met on 3rd June has made some amendments in the restrictions imposed by itself, the Ministry of Interior and the Health Ministry. The revised policies will come into action from 4th June 2020. The changes which have been amended by the cabinet are as follows:

Working Hours for Employees

The private sector employees are now allowed to work from 7am to 8pm depending upon the chosen hours of their company from Sunday to Thursday. However, some sectors are exempted from the work timing of 7am to 8pm. They are as follows: food stores, pharmacies, factories, delivery companies, petroleum stations, car servicing stations, hospitality companies, telecommunication companies, maintenance and repair factories, restaurants and coffee shops, bakeries, logistics, as well as contract and engineering companies.

Sports Activities

The cabinet has decided that the sports activities can be undertaken even outside one’s houses. The participants in that case will not be required to wear masks but will have to follow the safety protocols such as maintaining distancing.

Passenger capacities

Now four passengers along with the driver can ride in a car together. The families have been exempted from this ruling. It is a departure from the earlier ruling where only two persons were allowed inside the car.

Buses, on the other hand, have been asked to maintain half their capacity.

Installing Ehteraz app

Downloading and installing the Ehteraz mobile application has become a necessity since the supermarkets have banned entry to those without Ehteraz app while only allowing those with green tags on their Ehteraz app. A green code means that the person is not infected and neither has come in any contact with anyone infected. The other codes are grey, yellow and red.

The relaxation in regulations come as the country reports a flatten curve in the number of Coronavirus cases and the impact of the virus has reduced by 75%. The developments were only possible because of the series of regulations implemented by the Ministry of Interior and the Health department with the continuous overlooking of the Cabinet.

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