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MOPH starts to drive through testing for Covid19

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Testing for Covid19 is a frantic affair and every step to make this process secure is undertaken by the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH). In this regard, the ministry has collaborated with PHCC, HMC Ambulance, HMC Laboratories, and Qatar University to operate three drive-through swabbing hubs at PHCC Health centers. The initiative has been taken by the ministry to conduct a smooth community survey and to gain insight into the community transmission as well as asymptomatic cases into the society. The figures from these tests will be used to make further policies at ground level.

As per HE Minister of Public Health, Dr. Hanan Al Kuwari, “We are constantly looking at new ways of identifying any undetected cases in the community so that we help to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and provide the appropriate care and support to people who have the virus but who are showing no symptoms. We have used the drive-through testing in the past successfully and we invite you to join this latest drive through the initiative. I urge everyone who receives an SMS to take part and get tested.”

As per the national guidance on Covid19 testing, the swabbing hubs at these PHCCs have by now tested more than 2500 members at the three locations: Al Thumama, Al Waab, and Leabaib staffed by PHCC, HMC and Qatar University Volunteers. The service could be availed by those who meet the nationally agreed criterion for research and have received further validations. The process for the swabbing was very smooth as well.

Those coming for the test drove through their cars and did not enter into the building. They were asked to register at the gate and were asked some questions for the research purpose. Their swab was later taken by the trained health workers which included a cotton bud being inserted into the nose. The same was then secured in and transported to HMC Laboratory for further analysis. Once the process was over, the participants will receive their results of the test from the Ministry of Public Health on their phones.

The PHCC has said that it will continue to work closely with the ministry on furthering and developing a roadmap to fight the global pandemic which has by now affected more than 4 million people worldwide.

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