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Why Qatar remains a safe country despite the pandemic?

Qatar Covid-19 Pandemic
Qatar Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid19 pandemic has brought the world to its knees with more than 3 million people affected worldwide while more than 200,000 people have died to date. As of now, more than half of the world’s population still remains under forced lockdown so as to contain the spread of the pandemic. Qatar, despite having the impact has been relatively a safer country with around 12000 cases but only 10 casualties making it one of the safest places. This couldn’t have been possible without the active participation of the government and its excellent healthcare system. But it is worth knowing why Qatar remains a safe country while the whole world faces the ire of the pandemic.

Ray of hope amid the global crisis

There are quite a few reasons why Qatar remains a country highly ineffective of the global pandemic. Though it has cases, the country has been able to manage the spread of the virus through its excellent care system. Check out some of the reasons why Qatar remains safe despite the global pandemic –

Excellent Healthcare system

Qatar has an unparalleled health system not only in the Middle East but also compared to many countries in the world. The country boasts one of the most modern medical facilities in the world with a state of art health infrastructure. The healthcare system is led by Hamad Medical Corporation and it has been able to identify, trace, and isolate the cases as soon as possible to make the containment a great success.


While healthcare remains the top priority, the Qatar government has also remained vigilant about transparency relating to information about the pandemic. The government has relayed all important messages to the public without delay and has kept the public informed about all the safety norms and medical care. The Ministry of Public Health updates its social media page daily and also answers queries on a regular basis. They hold daily press conferences to let the public know about the pandemic even closely.

Pre-emptive Measures

Apart from providing the best of medical care not only to its citizens but also to its non-residents, the Qatar administration has been helping all the citizens with the distribution of food and other necessary items to the market and has kept the flow going. To date, the residents have not complained about any shortage of food items or any necessary items. One of the reasons why Qatar has been successful in containing the virus is because of its reserve pool of Volunteers and how they have responded to the call immediately. People have been helping others with all the help they need.

Helping other countries in need

This Covid19 situation has put some countries in need of immediate medical supplies and Qatar has been at the forefront of helping out nations with deficiencies that prove its regional efficiency and humanitarian motive. Qatar has provided other countries with medical devices, sanitizers, necessary medications, and surplus ventilators as well. Some of the beneficiaries are Tunisia, Lebanon, and Palestine.

Though the world is currently crushed under the pandemic in an unprecedented situation, Qatar’s efficiency in containing the virus should be exemplified so that other countries can take benefit from it.

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