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A Guide to Mobile apps and e-Services by Ministry of Qatar

Qatar Ministry Apps

To help users access all the information and outreach activities, the Ministry of Qatar has launched the mobile application as a part of the e-government strategy. The development of applications aims to make transactions conveniently and save time and effort of every individual. 

That being said, due to the rise of COVID -19 people have started accessing the e-services, because government offices were closed. Now, as the government offices have been resumed, the ministry is still emphasizing citizens to access e-services to maintain the norms of social distancing. 

In addition, below are the services that are being provided by the Ministry of Qatar through their websites and mobile apps

Ministry of Interior


One of the most accessible mobile apps in the ministry in Qatar is the Ministry of Interior’s Metrash 2 app. The app is developed to help Qatari nationals and residents to enquire about services like official documents, creating and paying for individual/company exit permits, enquiring about and settling traffic violations, etc. This helps users to access the information at their convenience. 

Find the complete list of Metrash2 services here.

MOI’s e-services include:

  • National Address
  • Residency Services
  • Traffic Services
  • Recruitment and Visa Services
  • Qatari Citizen Services
  • Security Permits Services
  • Community Policing Services
  • General Services
  • Smart Card Services
  • Civil Defense Services
  • NOC Services
  • Exit Permits Services
  • Leave Notification Services
  • Cases Services

Ministry of Administrative Development Labor & Social Affairs

The AMERNI app by the ministry allows users to find the information related to individual and corporate services provisioned by the Ministry of Administrative Development Labor & Social affairs.  

If it is about the individual services – it is categorized as Employment, Labor and Business, Housing, and Social Services, including Nurseries. 

The corporate services include – Recruitment, Notification and Complaints, and Establishment Data. 

Find out MADLSA’s complete list of e-services and e-forms here.

Ministry of Transport and Communications

The Ministry of Transport and Communications includes the e-services for crafts, big vessels, land transport, including shared services and applications. 

The official mobile app is accessible on both the iOS and Android platforms that provide information and news related to the ministry, including access to its e-services, contacts, and location. The key features of this app is: 

  • Access to maritime sector services for vessel owner’s which allows owners to quickly browse their small crafts and big vessels and perform some services on it.
  • Access to ministry news and events.
  • Access to ministry tenders.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry allows users to access a range of investor and supply services. Along with, the app allows new establishment apps and trade name services. The app is accessible both on iOS and Android. 

The ministry of Commerce and Industry allows smart electronic services to users. These services are designed to ease the transaction procedures to ensure quick delivery to improve the level of services imparted to businessmen, investors, and other members. 

The mobile app also provides users services like : 

  • Renewing and issuing commercial permits and registrations
  • Taking follow-ups o transactions made
  • Searching for commercial activities
  • Reporting complaints
  • Accomplishing processes required to obtain provision services

Apart from, app users can also have access to reports and economic indicators, updated news, and present-day development conditions related to the ministry covering all the local, regional and international zones. 

Ministry of Culture and Sports

MCS’s e-services include the following:

  • Publications and Artistic Works Services
  • Publication and Translation Services
  • Sports Services
  • Broadcasting Services
  • Arts and Culture Services

The e-services can easily be accessed from the Ministry of Culture and Sports mobile app.

Ministry of Municipality and Environment

OUN Mobile App

The Ministry of Municipality & Environment’s mobile app and OUN allows users to access various services of ministries which are as follows : 

  • Maintenance request
  • Building Demolition request
  • Small additions request
  • Fencing request
  • Sewage vehicle
  • Workers’ housing
  • Rain water removal
  • Unclog drainage
  • Providing bin containers
  • My Address plate
  • Pest control
  • Tree pruning
  • Abandoned car
  • Follow-up my requests
  • Complain

The app also features Search Parks Function, that updates you on latest news, Tenders and auctions among others and MME customer service branches.

Find the complete list of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment e-services here.

Ministry of Education and Higher Education 

The ministry of education is a boon to the education community that offers the most advanced online services. These services are developed to fulfill the needs of the community by providing ease in searching for information, access, and sending education applications, including the online submissions activities. 

Following are the various services : 

Public education services:

  • Student registration
  • Student transfer
  • Textbooks fees payment
  • School transportation fees payment
  • Registration in summer and recreational centers
  • Registration in evening centers for adult education
  • Recorded lessons
  • Search for a public school (WHERE IS MY SCHOOL)
  • Exception of children of private-sector employees
  • Distance learning portal
  • Registration of Educational Support Needs (ESN) students
  • Research system of students and teachers

Private Education Services :

  • Search for a private school
  • Licenses of Private school / private educational institutions
  • licenses of private educational centers
  • complaints
  • Early registration in private schools
  • Submit an Enquiry

Higher Education Services:

  • Equivalency of University Degrees
  • Pre-approval for Studying abroad at own expense
  • Governmental scholarships
  • List of approved universities for scholarships abroad
  • letter to whom it may concern

Evaluation Services:

  • General Secondary School Results
  • Issuance of a School certificate (Secondary and below)
  • Equivalency of school certificates
  • Attestation of school certificates
  • A letter of “has enrolled as a newcomer” to student
  • Mark-sheet / Statement request
  • Public Services Portal

Shared Services:

  • Recruitment
  • Tenders
  • Verification of Certificates issued by the Ministry

Ministry of Justice 

The Ministry of Justice offers two mobile apps that can be downloaded:

  • SAK Application
  • Al-mothamin Application

According to the Ministry of Justice, the SAK app is designed to access the services related to real estate registration and documentation in the MOI, in which several other services are delivered to beneficiaries including individuals, investors, businesses, and government bodies. 

On the other hand, the AI-mothamin app is developed to assist those who want to buy or sell real estate. The app also features the valuation process based on real estate numbers possessed by the users. In case, if one wants to get an approximate worth of his real estate. 

Ministry of Finance 

Ministry of Finance features its e-services on the Ministry of Finance which are –

  • Government Procurement Services
  • Payment Inquiry

Government procurement services allow access to government tenders in Qatar and classify companies. 

On the other side, payment inquiry is for checking information related to payment status which requires QID or CRN and Payment Reference Number. 


Hukoomi is an official e-government portal of Qatar, which was initiated in 2003 from the Amiri decree. The portal directs the government entities to cooperate with e-government. 

As mentioned on the website, Hukoomi’s objective is to consistently keep government information and services efficient, so that it is easily accessible to the citizens, visitors and businesses. 

Moreover, Hukoomi aims to spread awareness on the public events, news, and government initiatives, along with objectives proposed by the Qatar e-government for the 2020 strategy. 

All in all, Hukoomi is a comprehensive web platform to access online information and services for the users having the intention to visit, live, and work in Qatar. The Hukoomi mobile app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android platforms. 

Hukoomi is your one-stop gateway to access all the online information and services you need to live, work, or visit Qatar. The Hukoomi mobile app is available on both Android and iOS. You can find the list of all the e-services here.

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