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How to get a Qatar Family Residence Visa? [ Updated ]

How to get a Qatar Family Residence Visa

In this article, we are going to give a guided tour for obtaining a Qatar family visa, so that you don’t find difficulty during the process. But let’s first know

What a family residence visa is?

The Family Residence Visa allows foreign workers to sponsor their immediate family members for long-term stays in Qatar, including their wives and children. However, foreign residents need to have certain qualifications, such as their profession, accommodation, and salary, to get a visa. 

Over the years, the desire to get permanent residency in Qatar or getting the duration of tourist or official visa extended has become very common given the quality of life the country has to offer. In this regard, some changes into the issuance of Permanent Residency Permits were brought by the Emir of the State of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in the issue Law No. (10) of 2018.

There has been many sweeping changes into the issuance of the permit by the government which includes regulatory and administrative laws as well. not only does the changes apply to one’s legal status but also to their wages earned in the country. But some of the changes mentioned were as follows:

  • Changes in the labour and immigration laws
  • The introduction of the Wages Protection System
  • Abolishment of the exit permits

Most of the changes brought in through legislation indicated that the state wants to retain the talent which comes from outside while providing long-term employment and residency in the country.

Applicants also need to submit required documents like an attested marriage certificate, birth certificate, tenancy contract, and salary certificate from their employer.

Qatar Family Visa Conditions

Following the conditions for a foreigner to be eligible for funding his family:

Residence Permit

Applicants should have valid residence access in the country. Be ready with your Qatar ID/ Residence Card before applying for the visa.

Profession Requirement

The profession of the sponsor should be technical or specialized as per his Qatar ID. Sponsors of other professions are not eligible to get a family residence visa.

Salary wise requirement

For people to even be considered for permanent residency or extension of stay, they must qualify in the salary parameter which has been framed in the following order:

  • Minimum salary without accommodation – 10000 QR
  • Minimum salary with accommodation from sponsor – 7000 QR

Housing Requirements

You need to submit a tenancy contract attested by the Municipality if your salary is above QR 10,000 or above QR 10,000.

However, if your salary is more than QR 7,000 but less than QR 10,000, then the family accommodation must be covered by your employer. If it is not the case, then you have to submit an employment contract mentioning a family housing grant will be paid in addition to your salary.

Qualification for getting a permanent residency

Those seeking permanent residency in the country must fulfil the following criterion so as to qualify:

  • Must not have any criminal cases pending or be free of criminal convictions;
  • Must carry evidence that their income is sufficient to support them and their family (if any) in Qatar, the minimum value of such income will be determined by the Qatar government in the near future (the details have been provided above)

Documents and details required

The following documents must be carried by the applicant at the time of application –

  • Completed application forms (not required if you are applying online)
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of Qatar ID card
  • Passport copies for family members
  • Copies of marriage certificates attested by the Qatari Embassy in your country, the embassy of your country in Qatar, and Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Copies of birth certificates attested by the Qatari embassy in your country, your country’s embassy in Qatar, and Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • NOC from your employer remarking your profession and salary- in Arabic & dated within the last 3 months or an authorized copy of the employment contract with profession & salary.
  • An attested copy of the tenancy contract or a letter from your employer confirming family accommodation is being provided.
  • Last 6 months bank statement, stamped by your bank
  • The employer’s QID/company registration card.
  • Copies of attested educational certificates

If you do not have English or Arabic copies of documents like marriage certificates, birth certificates, or education certificates, you will have to get them translated. Private attestation companies operate in Qatar and can assist with attestation and translation work. You will be required to provide statements of adoption and reasons for adoption if you have adopted children.

Process of Qatar family visa

Don’t forget to talk with your employer to see if they can help you in the process before starting the process for a visa. Although some employers take care of the process of obtaining Family Residence Visas as part of their employment policy. However, they are not obligated to do so. Let’s see the process-

Step 1- Apply online or directly for a family entry visa

The first step to getting a family residence visa is to submit all the required documents. Which decides the path of entering Qatar with your family. Other requirements like medical tests and fingerprints will be done after you arrive in the country. 

A visit visa is another alternative to bring the family. The process of a Visit visa is simpler than a family residence visa. And the best thing is that a visit visa can be transformed into a family residence visa by submitting the same required documents. However, you have to give an additional fee of QR 500 to convert it without leaving the country.

Many people who work for private companies are required to submit six months of bank statements, so they choose to bring their family members first on a visit visa until the six months are completed.

Option 1- Apply for a family residence visa via Metrash 

  • Login to Metrash & choose ‘Visa’
  • Click on ‘Issue Visa’
  • Click on ‘Family Visit
  • And choose ‘Family Resident Application’

Note: By default, Family Visa Application will be selected. To apply for a residence visa, you will need to select Family Resident Application.

  • Then, select ‘New Application’
  • Fill in the required details carefully and then click on ‘Validate’
  • Simply upload the scanned documents or photos by following the screen instructions
  • Clear and readable scans are required
  • Passports should have both the photo page and bio page on one side when uploaded. You will need to combine both photos/scans into one JPG file.
  •  The JPG file for Qatar ID should also include both the front and back of the document.
  • An update will follow a few days after confirmation.
  • Payment of the visa fees can be made at the Immigration Office or online via Metrash2 after approval.

Option 2- Apply for a family residence visa directly

To submit an offline application, you would need the application form and the other documents listed above. Typing centers can also fill out this application form. You must take the required documents to the Immigration Department between 6 AM and 9 AM in Al Gharafa.

Receive a token number from the reception, and wait for your turn. Go to the counter and submit the documents when your number appears on the screen. A notification will be sent to you if the application is accepted within a few days.

The visa fee (QR 200) can be paid online through Metrash2 or at the Immigration Office if the visa is approved. Don’t forget to carry your debit/credit card for the payment.

What should I do if my family visa application is rejected?

If your application is rejected, visit the Gharafa Immigration Office and request a meeting with the visa approval committee. You will need to take a copy of the visa application receipt since they will keep the original with them and provide the copy on which they will mention the meeting date.

If your documents pass their scrutiny, you will be given an appointment date with the visa approval committee.

You will be asked simple questions like your educational background and profession during the meeting. You should keep the originals of all the documents you submitted, including your education certificates. The approval will come within a few days if everything is ok.

Step 2- Family Members enter Qatar on Entry Visas

Family members can travel to Qatar after the Family Entry Visa is approved. The entry visa is valid for 30 days after entry, within which medical tests and fingerprinting must be done.

After approval, you can move forward with the next steps if the family members are already in Qatar on a visit visa.

Step 3- Pass the medical test for a residence permit

To obtain a Residence Permit, the Visa holder must undergo a medical examination. These tests are conducted to ensure the health of the population and prevent new diseases from spreading.

In Qatar, the Medical Commission conducts health exams. An office of the Medical Commission is located on Al Muntazah Street, just off E-ring Road. The Medical Commission working hours are Sunday through Thursday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. You may be tested for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C at the medical examination.

Following documents are needed for the medical test-

  • Original Passport
  • Two copies of the visa with a mobile number to be called if necessary
  • As well as a debit/credit card for fee payment.

A Medical Test costs QR 100 per person. Children are not required to take a medical test. You must, however, take their passport and visa copy to the Medical Commission and pay

Benefits of holding permanent residency in Qatar

There are certain benefits that a permanent residency holder of Qatar can enjoy. They are –

  • They can live outside of Qatar for longer than 6 months and yet not have their permit cancelled.
  • Access to public and government funded healthcare and education
  • Permanent residency also to spouses and children below 18 years
  • They would be able to register businesses in various economic sector without having the requirement of a local Qatari joint venture partner
  • They would be able to invest in real estate and other sector which is exclusive for Qatari nationals.

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