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How to get a Qatar Family Residence Visa : Requirements and Guide 2024

How to get a Qatar Family Residence Visa

A Family Residence Visa is a visa using which a foreign worker can sponsor his immediate family members, like his wife and children, for a long-term stay in Qatar. Every family member, including infants, must have an individual Residence Visa to stay in Qata

In this article, we are going to give a guided tour for obtaining a Qatar family visa, so that you don’t find difficulty during the process. But let’s first know

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Latest News and Updates on Qatar’s Family Residence Visa – May 2023

Based on the experiences of recent applicants visiting MOI Centres, the following information is available:

(1) The Family Residence Visa (RP) for private sector employees is currently open. Many applicants earning salaries above QR 15,000 received approvals in April. Some applicants were requested to resubmit updated bank statements. New applications can be submitted online through the Metrash app. Gharaffa immigration no longer accepts walk-in follow-ups for private RP.

(2) The processing of Family Visit Visas has returned to normal. Applications can be submitted online via the Metrash app. The average processing time for a family visit visa is now 1-2 weeks. However, visa extensions beyond 3 months are currently not granted, except in rare cases.

It’s important to note that the above information is not based on any official announcement but rather the experiences of recent applicants at MOI Centres. Individual experiences may vary due to various factors.

What is a Family Residence Visa?

The Family Residence Visa allows foreign workers to sponsor their immediate family members for long-term stays in Qatar, including their wives and children. However, foreign residents need to have certain qualifications, such as their profession, accommodation, and salary, to get a visa. 

Over the years, the desire to get permanent residency in Qatar or getting the duration of tourist or official visa extended has become very common given the quality of life the country has to offer. In this regard, some changes into the issuance of Permanent Residency Permits were brought by the Emir of the State of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in the issue Law No. (10) of 2018.

There has been many sweeping changes into the issuance of the permit by the government which includes regulatory and administrative laws as well. not only does the changes apply to one’s legal status but also to their wages earned in the country. But some of the changes mentioned were as follows:

  • Changes in the labour and immigration laws
  • The introduction of the Wages Protection System
  • Abolishment of the exit permits

Most of the changes brought in through legislation indicated that the state wants to retain the talent which comes from outside while providing long-term employment and residency in the country.

Applicants also need to submit required documents like an attested marriage certificate, birth certificate, tenancy contract, and salary certificate from their employer.

Qatar Family Visa Conditions

Following the conditions for a foreigner to be eligible for funding his family:

Requirement for Sponsorship: Possession of a Residence Permit by the Sponsor

Before initiating the process of applying for a residence visa for your family in Qatar, it is essential that the applicant (the sponsor) possesses a valid Residence Permit. Ensure that your Qatar ID or Residence Card is ready prior to commencing the residence visa application for your family.

Profession Requirement

To sponsor their families, the sponsor’s profession on the Qatar ID must fall under the technical or specialized (non-labor) category. Individuals classified as laborers, such as drivers, delivery boys, cleaners, etc., may not be eligible to sponsor their families, regardless of their salary.

Current Minimum Salary Requirement for Family Residence Visa in Qatar

At present, the minimum salary required for a Family Residence Visa in Qatar is QR 15,000 for employees in the private sector. However, there have been reports of approvals granted to some public sector employees with salaries ranging between QR 10,000 and QR 15,000.

Previous Family Sponsorship Eligibility Criteria

Prior to 2022, individuals with a minimum salary of QR 10,000 were eligible to sponsor their families. Additionally, those with a minimum salary of QR 7,000 along with free family accommodation provided by the employer were also eligible.

These salary requirements aim to ensure that the sponsor can adequately support their family’s expenses, including accommodation and groceries.

Housing Requirements

If you have rented a house or apartment independently, it may be necessary to provide a tenancy contract that has been attested by the Municipality. However, if you choose to apply for the Family Residence Visa through the Metrash online system, a tenancy contract is not required.

If your employer is providing family accommodation, it is necessary to present an employment contract that explicitly states the provision of family housing along with your salary. This documentation serves as evidence of the arrangement made by the employer to accommodate your family.

Qualification for Getting a Permanent Residency

Those seeking permanent residency in the country must fulfil the following criterion so as to qualify:

  • Must not have any criminal cases pending or be free of criminal convictions;
  • Must carry evidence that their income is sufficient to support them and their family (if any) in Qatar, the minimum value of such income will be determined by the Qatar government in the near future (the details have been provided above)

Documents and details required

The following documents must be carried by the applicant at the time of application –

  • Completed application forms (not required if you are applying online)
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of Qatar ID card
  • Passport copies for family members
  • Copies of marriage certificates attested by the Qatari Embassy in your country, the embassy of your country in Qatar, and Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Copies of birth certificates attested by the Qatari embassy in your country, your country’s embassy in Qatar, and Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • NOC from your employer remarking your profession and salary- in Arabic & dated within the last 3 months or an authorized copy of the employment contract with profession & salary.
  • An attested copy of the tenancy contract or a letter from your employer confirming family accommodation is being provided.
  • Last 6 months bank statement, stamped by your bank
  • The employer’s QID/company registration card.
  • Copies of attested educational certificates

If you do not have English or Arabic copies of documents like marriage certificates, birth certificates, or education certificates, you will have to get them translated. Private attestation companies operate in Qatar and can assist with attestation and translation work. You will be required to provide statements of adoption and reasons for adoption if you have adopted children.

Qatar Family Visa Process

Don’t forget to talk with your employer to see if they can help you in the process before starting the process for a visa. Although some employers take care of the process of obtaining Family Residence Visas as part of their employment policy. However, they are not obligated to do so. Let’s see the process-

The process for obtaining a Qatar Family Residence Visa can be summarized as follows:

Step 1: Apply for the Family RP Entry Visa, either through the Metrash online system or offline.

Step 2: Once the visa is approved, family members can enter Qatar.

Step 3: Family members must undergo a medical test as per the requirements.

Step 4: Complete the fingerprints process, which may involve visiting the designated facility.

Step 5: Apply for the Qatar ID (Residence Permit) for each family member, following the necessary procedures and documentation.

Step 1- Apply online or directly for a family entry visa

The first step to getting a family residence visa is to submit all the required documents. Which decides the path of entering Qatar with your family. Other requirements like medical tests and fingerprints will be done after you arrive in the country. 

A visit visa is another alternative to bring the family. The process of a Visit visa is simpler than a family residence visa. And the best thing is that a visit visa can be transformed into a family residence visa by submitting the same required documents. However, you have to give an additional fee of QR 500 to convert it without leaving the country.

Many people who work for private companies are required to submit six months of bank statements, so they choose to bring their family members first on a visit visa until the six months are completed.

Option 1- Apply for a family residence visa via Metrash

Step 1 : Upon logging into the Metrash portal, locate and click on the “Visa” icon.

Metrash2 - Family visa 1

Step 2 : Select the “Issue Visa” icon by clicking on it.

Metrash2 - Family visa 2

Step 3 : Choose the “Family Visit” icon by clicking on it.

Metrash2 - Family visa 3

Step 4 : Choose the option “Family Resident Application” by selecting it.

Metrash2 - Family visa 4

IMPORTANT NOTE: By default, the selected option will be “Family Visa Application” which is intended for Family Visit Visa applicants. For Residence Visas, you must manually change this selection as illustrated below:

Step 5 : Click on the “New Application” button located at the bottom right corner of the screen

Metrash2 - Family visa 5

Step 6 : Thoroughly complete the form with the necessary details of your family member. Afterward, click on the “Validate” button.

Metrash2 Family Visa 7

Step 7 : you will find designated areas for uploading documents. Follow the instructions provided on the screen and upload scanned copies or clear photos of the required documents. Please note the following guidelines:

  • Ensure that the document scans/photos are legible and of good quality.
  • Metrash only accepts JPG image files, so please convert your documents accordingly. PDF files are not accepted.
  • If you have documents with multiple pages, combine them into a single JPG file by placing them side by side.
  • The merged JPG document should be less than 500 KB in size. If it exceeds this limit, you will need to resize it.
  • When obtaining your bank statement, inform your bank that it is for the Residence Permit (RP) application. Request one or two pages with minimal details specifically for this purpose.

Step 8 : On the initial screen, the required documents include the Education Certificate, Bank Salary Statement, and Other Documents. Upload any applicable No Objection Certificate (NOC) and translations (if necessary) under the “Other Document” section.

Step 9 : On the subsequent screen, the required documents include the Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, and the Visitor’s Passport (front and back). Upload all the specified documents, and once completed, click on the “Next” button.

Step 10: On the following screen, confirm your submission by clicking on the “Yes” button.

Step 11 :After completing the confirmation, your application number will be generated. To check the status of your application, click on the arrow sign located on the right side. Initially, the status will be “Under Process,” and it will later change to “Under Review.”

In the event of application rejection, the reason for rejection will be provided as notes on the same page.

Once the visa is approved, you have two options to pay the visa fees of QR 200:

  1. Online Payment: You can conveniently make the payment online through Metrash2.
  2. Payment at the Immigration Office: Alternatively, you can choose to pay the visa fees in person at the Immigration Office.

After the payment is made, you will be able to download the visa from the provided link.

Option 2- Apply for a family residence visa directly

To submit an offline application, you would need the application form and the other documents listed above. Typing centers can also fill out this application form. You must take the required documents to the Immigration Department between 6 AM and 9 AM in Al Gharafa.

Family visa application Qatar

Step 2 : Obtain a token number from the reception and wait for your turn.

Step 3 : Once your number is displayed on the screen, proceed to the designated counter and submit the required documents.

If the submitted documents meet the requirements, the application will be accepted, and you will receive a notification within a few days.

If your visa application is approved, you have two options for paying the visa fees of QR 200:

  1. Online Payment: Utilize Metrash2 to make the payment conveniently online. Please note that you will need a debit or credit card for online payment.
  2. Payment at the Immigration Office: Alternatively, you can choose to pay the visa fees in person at the Immigration Office using a debit or credit card.

“Null” Status on Receipt for Family Visa Application

We understand that some of our readers have expressed concerns regarding the presence of “null” in most fields of the acknowledgement receipt they received after submitting their family visa application. We would like to assure you that this is a normal occurrence for all applicants. The receipt serves as an acknowledgement that your application has been received, and the system contains the necessary details of your application.

Status Updates for Family Visa Application: “Under Process” and “Under Review”

Applicants frequently encounter confusion regarding changes in their family visa application status. It is important to note that it is normal for each application to transition through multiple occurrences of the “Under Process” and “Under Review” statuses before ultimately receiving approval.

Visa Application Status Flow and Meanings:

StageMetrash StatusMeaning
1st stageUnder ProcessThe application has been submitted.
2nd stageUnder ReviewThe file is under review. This does not indicate approval.
3rd stageUnder ProcessThe file has been reviewed by a Captain.
4th stageUnder Process with visa number issuedThe file is approved by Gharaffa immigration and is undergoing CID clearance. Usually, it takes around one week for approval. Please note that visiting Gharaffa will not speed up the process.

5th stage | Visa Approval / Ready To Print | After CID clearance, the sponsor will receive an approval SMS. The visa is now fully approved. You can proceed to pay QR 200 and print the visa.

The transition from “Under Review” to “Under Process” can only be carried out by the Captain (superior officers) at Gharaffa Immigration. Even if your application is currently in Stage 1, the Captain has the authority to directly move it to Stage 4.

For children below 15 years, their approval process is expedited, and they receive direct approval after the 3rd stage, as CID clearance is not required. However, the visa can only be printed once the mother’s application is approved.

If your application status changes between “Under Process” and “Under Review,” there is no need for any action on your part. In most cases, the application will be approved within a few days of the status change.

Please note that the status displayed on Metrash may differ from the status in their system.

What should I do if my family visa application is rejected?

In certain instances, your visa application may be rejected despite meeting the necessary requirements. If this happens, you have the option to visit the Gharaffa Immigration Office and request a meeting with the visa approval committee.

Remember to bring a copy of your visa application receipt, as the original receipt will be retained by the immigration office. They will provide you with a copy that includes the meeting date.

If there are no significant issues with your submitted documents after their thorough examination, you will be assigned an appointment with the visa approval committee.

During the meeting, the committee may ask you simple questions regarding your qualifications and profession. It is advisable to bring the original copies of all documents you submitted, including your education certificates, in case they request to review them. If everything goes smoothly, you can expect to receive approval within two days.

Step 2- Family Members enter Qatar on Entry Visas

After the approval of the Family Entry Visa, family members are permitted to travel to Qatar. Typically, visa holders have a window of 180 days from the visa approval date to make their entry. The visa will specify the last entry date, which must be adhered to.

The entry visa remains valid for a period of 90 days starting from the date of entry into Qatar. During this time, certain essential steps such as medical tests and fingerprinting should be completed.

If your family members are already present in Qatar on a visit visa, you have the option to pay the visa fee and proceed with the subsequent requirements and processes.

Step 3- Pass the Medical Test for a Residence Permit

To obtain a Residence Permit, the Visa holder must undergo a medical examination. These tests are conducted to ensure the health of the population and prevent new diseases from spreading.

In Qatar, the Medical Commission conducts health exams. An office of the Medical Commission is located on Al Muntazah Street, just off E-ring Road. The Medical Commission working hours are Sunday through Thursday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. You may be tested for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C at the medical examination.

Following documents are needed for the medical test-

To undergo the medical test, the following documents are necessary:

  • Original passport of the family member
  • Copy of the passport
  • Copy of the Residence Visa (you will be asked to provide the sponsor’s mobile number)
  • Copy of the sponsor’s Qatar ID
  • Debit/Credit card for fee payment

The fee for the Medical Test is QR 100 per person.

For a comprehensive guide on Medical Tests in Qatar, please refer to our detailed resource.

If you are converting a visit visa into a residence visa, it is essential to inform the officer about the conversion during the process. In some cases, if you have already undergone a medical test for a visit visa extension, they may not require you to take the test again.

The results of the medical examination are electronically transmitted to the residency system at the Ministry of Interior. You will receive the results on your Metrash mobile app or via SMS within two to three days after the test. Additionally, you can also check the results online on the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) website.

MOPH Website Qatar

Medical Tests for Children

In general, children below the age of 15 are not required to undergo a medical test. Upon the child’s arrival in Qatar, it is recommended to check the sponsor’s Metrash app to verify if the “Issue Residence Permit” option is accessible.

If the option is not visible on the app, it is necessary to visit the Medical Commission and pay a fee of QR 100. During this visit, kindly provide the original passport and a copy of the visa. The Medical Commission will update the status in the system accordingly.

Step 4: Digital Fingerprinting Process

Upon completion of the medical test, adults are required to undergo digital fingerprint registration with the Ministry of Interior (MOI).

Currently, individuals can have their fingerprints taken at any MOI Service Centre, excluding the Gharaffa location.

The following documents are necessary for the fingerprinting process:

  • Fingerprint Application Form (may not be necessary at some MOI Service Centres), which can be obtained from a typing centre*
  • Original passport of the family member
  • Copy of the passport
  • Copy of the Residence Visa
  • Copy of the sponsor’s Qatar ID
  • Medical receipt

Once the fingerprinting process is finalized, you will receive an update regarding the progress via the Metrash2 app or through SMS.

*It is worth noting that you can also have the Qatar ID application form, which is required for the next step, typed simultaneously at the typing centre.

Step 5: Applying for Qatar ID Card (Residence Permit)

The last step in the process is to apply for the Residence Permit Card, also known as the Qatar ID. There are two options available for this application: you can either visit an MOI Service Centre in person or apply online through the Metrash platform.

Option 1: Applying for Qatar ID at MOI Service Centre

If you choose to apply for your Qatar ID directly at an MOI Service Centre, follow these steps:

  1. Download and complete the application form: Start by downloading the application form, which can be filled out at a typing centre**. Make sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information.
  2. Gather the required documents: Prepare the following documents for submission at the MOI Service Centre:
    • Family member’s original passport
    • Sponsor’s Qatar ID
    • Family member’s passport-size photo (35 x 45 mm) with a blue background
    • For children, instead of a signature, write their name near the photo on the form
  3. Visit an MOI Service Centre: Take all the required documents to the nearest MOI Service Centre. Present the completed application form along with the supporting documents to the MOI officials.
  4. Follow the instructions: MOI officials will guide you through the application process and may ask for any additional information or documents if needed.
  5. Await notification: After submitting the application, wait for further instructions or updates from the Ministry of Interior regarding the status of your Qatar ID application.

**Note: The application form can be filled at a typing centre, if required.

MOI Service Centre

**Please note that the application process may vary depending on the MOI Service Centre you visit. Some centres may require applicants to bring a completed application form, while others may provide a paper for you to sign during the application process. It is recommended to check the specific requirements of the MOI Service Centre you plan to visit before proceeding with your Qatar ID application.

Qatar ID Fee:

The fee for the Residence Permit (Qatar ID) is QR 500 for the first year.

Upon payment of the fee, the Qatar ID will be printed within a quick turnaround time of approximately 5 minutes.

Applying for Qatar ID through Metrash:

If you prefer not to visit the MOI Service Centre, you can apply for Qatar ID through the Metrash2 app. Once you receive a message confirming that the fingerprint process is successful, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Metrash2 app.
  2. Navigate to the “Residency” section.
  3. Select the “Issue Residence Permit” option.
  4. Provide the required details as prompted.
  5. Upload a passport-size photo with a blue background.
  6. Capture a picture of the family member’s signature and upload it. (For children, write their names on a piece of paper and upload it as their signature).
  7. Pay the required fee of QR 500, along with an additional QR 20 for QPost delivery charges.
  8. You can track the delivery of your Qatar ID card on the MOI website using the sponsor’s Qatar ID number.
Qatar Post

Qatar Family Visa Fees

The fees for Qatar Family Visa are as follows:

  1. Family Residence Visa (Private Sector Employees):
    • QR 200: Visa issuance fee
    • QR 200: Visa printing fee
  2. Family Residence Visa (Government Sector Employees):
    • QR 200: Visa issuance fee
    • QR 200: Visa printing fee

Please note that these fees are subject to change, and it is advisable to check with the relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information on visa fees.

In addition to the regular visa fees, there are some additional charges associated with document attestation and typing centre services (if required). These fees may vary depending on the specific documents and services needed.

Furthermore, if you need to transfer a visit visa to a residence visa without exiting the country, an additional charge of QR 500 per person will apply.

It is important to note that these fees are subject to change, and it is recommended to verify the latest fees with the relevant authorities or immigration department.

Registering For National Address

After obtaining the printed Qatar ID (QID), it is important to register the National Address for the new QID holder. This can be done conveniently at any Ministry of Interior (MOI) service centre or through the Metrash mobile app.

To register the National Address, follow these steps:

  1. Visit an MOI service centre or open the Metrash mobile app.
  2. Navigate to the relevant section for National Address registration.
  3. Provide the required details accurately, such as residential address, contact information, and other relevant information.
  4. Verify the information provided and submit the registration request.
  5. Once the registration is complete, the National Address will be associated with the QID holder’s profile.

Registering the National Address is an important step as it ensures that the QID holder’s residential address is properly documented and linked with their official records.

Please note that it is advisable to keep the National Address information up to date, especially in case of any changes in the residential address, to ensure smooth communication and efficient delivery of services.

Guidelines for Sponsoring Adult Children

When applying for visas, it’s important to be aware that male children who are 25 years and older are not eligible to be included on either parent’s visa. However, there is no age restriction for daughters, as long as they are unmarried. This means that adult daughters can still be sponsored by their parents for a residence visa regardless of their age.

In cases where children with existing Qatar ID (QID) cards reach the legal age limit, they may be granted a Residence Permit under their parents’ sponsorship for an additional year. This extension allows them time to find employment and transition to an employer-sponsored visa in the following year. It provides an opportunity for adult children to secure their own sponsorship and continue their residency in Qatar without interruption.

Note: It’s important to consult the relevant immigration authorities or seek professional advice to ensure accurate and up-to-date information regarding specific visa requirements and regulations for sponsoring adult children in Qatar.

Work Permit for Spouse and Children

Dependent spouses and children who are 18 years and older and wish to work in Qatar while under family sponsorship are required to obtain a special work permit. This work permit allows them to legally work in the country. The application process for the work permit can be conveniently completed through the Metrash mobile app, making it easier for applicants to submit their requests and necessary documentation.

If you have a spouse or children who are dependents under your sponsorship in Qatar and they wish to work, they will need to obtain a work permit. This work permit allows them to legally work in the country while being under your family sponsorship.

To apply for a work permit for your spouse or children, you can use the Metrash app, which provides a convenient and efficient way to submit the application. Through the app, you can provide the required information and upload the necessary documents to complete the process.

It’s important to note that the work permit is specifically for dependents who are 18 years and older. They will need to fulfill the necessary requirements and meet the eligibility criteria set by the Ministry of Interior. Once the work permit is obtained, your spouse or children will be able to work in Qatar in compliance with the country’s regulations.

Applying for a work permit for your spouse or children demonstrates the commitment of the Qatari government to support and facilitate opportunities for family members under your sponsorship to contribute to the workforce and enhance their professional development.

Benefits of Holding Permanent Residency in Qatar

There are certain benefits that a permanent residency holder of Qatar can enjoy. They are –

  • They can live outside of Qatar for longer than 6 months and yet not have their permit cancelled.
  • Access to public and government funded healthcare and education
  • Permanent residency also to spouses and children below 18 years
  • They would be able to register businesses in various economic sector without having the requirement of a local Qatari joint venture partner
  • They would be able to invest in real estate and other sector which is exclusive for Qatari nationals.

FAQs about Qatar Family Residence Visa

What is the minimum salary requirement for a family visa in Qatar?

As of 2023, a minimum salary of QR 15,000 is required to be eligible for sponsoring your family in Qatar.

What should I do if my family visa application gets rejected?

In the event of a rejected family visa application, you can visit the Gharafa Immigration Office and request a meeting with the visa approval committee.

How can I renew the Residence Permit for my family?

To renew the Residence Permit (QID) for your family members, you can utilize the Metrash2 application. Online payment can be made, and QPost will handle the delivery.

Is it possible to obtain a residence visa for extended family members?

In Qatar, family residence visas are typically issued for immediate family members such as spouses and children. However, there are exceptional cases where parents can be sponsored.

What are the costs associated with a family visa in Qatar?

The cost of an initial entry visa is QR 200, and the annual fee for Qatar ID is QR 500. Additional expenses include Medical Test fees (QR 100) and miscellaneous charges like attestation fees.

What should I do if my Family Visa application is marked as “Under Process” in Qatar?

If your family visa application status remains “Under Process” after submission, there is not much to do except wait. It’s important to note that, as of 2023, there might be delays in processing many applications.

What does it mean when a Family Visa is “Under Review”?

When the family visa status is marked as “Under Review,” it indicates that the application file is being processed by an immigration officer. Generally, this is considered a positive sign.

Is health insurance mandatory for a Family Residence Visa?

No, health insurance is not required for a Family Residence Visa in Qatar. It is only necessary for visit visas.

Can I change my job or employer while my family is on a family visa?

Yes, you can change your job or employer while your family is on a family visa. However, you will need to transfer the sponsorship of your family to your new employer. This process involves canceling the existing sponsorship and obtaining a new sponsorship from the new employer.

How long is a family visa valid for in Qatar?

A family visa in Qatar is typically valid for one year. It needs to be renewed annually by following the required procedures.

Can I sponsor my siblings for a family visa in Qatar?

Generally, siblings are not eligible for sponsorship under the family visa in Qatar. The family visa is typically limited to immediate family members such as spouses, children, and parents.

What documents are required for a family visa application in Qatar?

The documents required for a family visa application in Qatar may vary depending on the specific circumstances. However, some common documents include a valid passport, marriage certificate (for spouses), birth certificates (for children), educational certificates (if applicable), and a salary certificate or employment contract. It is advisable to check with the relevant authorities for the exact document requirements.

Can I sponsor my same-sex partner for a family visa in Qatar?

Qatar does not currently recognize same-sex partnerships or marriages, and therefore, it is unlikely that you can sponsor a same-sex partner for a family visa. However, it is recommended to consult with the relevant authorities or seek legal advice for the most up-to-date information regarding this matter.

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