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How to file a labor complaint in Qatar in 11 easy steps

How to file a labor complaint in Qatar in 11 easy steps

Qatar is home to approximately 2 million immigrants from around the world, who provide the infrastructure and services that allow the nation to grow rapidly. To stop this behavior, the Government of Qatar has launched a few support centers and helplines to protect such helpless workers.Scroll down to get all the knowledge regarding it.

What should you do if your employer does not pay your salary?

Employers must be aware that the Minister can suspend their work permits or stop all contact with the Ministry if they fail to transfer payments using the WPS within seven working days of their due date. This does not include the authentication of job contracts.

What is the process for filing a labor complaint against an employer?

You can opt for any of the following ways.

1. Labor complaint by SMS to MADLSA hotline number

MADLSA has an SMS service to keep workers informed about their problems. A 24/7 hotline is available in many languages.

  • Open your phone’s text message tab
  • Type 5 then your ID number or Visa number
  • Send it to 92727

2. Labor complaint via Unified Platform

Users can use this platform to file complaints, report violations, follow up on complaints, and also update their contact information – including updating their mobile number and email information – as they are registered in the Ministry’s database.

  • Visit ADLSA Complaints & Whistleblower Portal
  • Select “submit a complaint”
  • Now login
  • Select on “request OTP”
  • Enter the OTP and proceed as guided

3. Labor complaint via the Amerni Mobile app

You can also file your complaints online via the “Amerni Qatar” application. 

  • Download the app from the play store
  • Login
  • Complete the required setup
  • On the home page, select the “submit labor complaint” icon
  • Choose the language and fill in your complaint details.

4. Labour complaint by Calling MADLSA hotline number

You can also file your complaint by calling the Ministry of Labour Hotline number 16008.

5. Labour complaint by sending e-mail

You can also file your complaint via sending email to the Ministry’s labor complaints ID-

6. Labour complaint via MADLSA self-service kiosks

You can also file your complaints anonymously via MADLSA’s self-service kiosks placed around Qatar. They offer service in 10 different languages.

7. Labour complaint through MADLSA Offices

You can visit the Labour Department Office in Industrial Area and Al-Shahaniya to file a complaint in person. The office is open from 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM, Sunday to Thursday.

  • Write down the full name and location of the company
  • Find the contact information for the manager or the mandoob of the company
  • Obtain a copy of your passport and Qatar ID
  • Visit the Labor Department
  • Complete the complaint form
  • Submit it to the Labour Inspector
  • Explain your complaint and provide copies of any documents you have.

The Labor Department will attempt to resolve the complaint out of court after investigating the complaint.

8. Labor Complaint via Ministry Website form

 On the Ministry of Labour website, you can also submit complaints and suggestions.

  • Visit the complaints page on the Ministry of Labour website
  • Select ‘complaint’
  • Fill in your name, phone number, and email
  • Submit all the required details
  • Submit it.

9. Labor complaint via NHRC website

  • Visit the NHRC’s complaint form on the website
  • Click ‘Register Now’ if you do not have an account
  • Complete the registration form with details such as a Name, QID, Phone number, and Email.
  • Once you register, you can submit a complaint.

10. Labor complaint through NHRC E-mail or fax

You can also file the complaint via emailing or faxing NHRC.

  • Visit the NHRC website to download the complaint form
  • And print it out.
  • Make sure the form contains the proper contact information.
  • You should attach a copy of your ID and a passport or visa.
  • You should also attach any supporting documents to your complaint.
  • Email or fax it.
  1. NHRC Telephone- 00974-44048844
  2. NHRC SMS Number- 119
  3. NHRC E-mail-
  4. NHRC Fax- 00974-44444013

11. Labor complaint via NHRC Office

Employees can submit written complaints, copies of documents, and other supporting documents directly to the NHRC. The office is situated in the Fereej Abdulaziz Nasser Bin Khalid intersection, Behind Doha Petrol Station, Otabi Tower.

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