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List of Top 5 Made in Qatar Dairy Products & Companies

Top 5 Made in Qatar Dairy Companies

Qatar has made significant progress in securing its food supply. The nation, which previously relied on imported dairy brands, has become self-sufficient in dairy products and even managed to surpass its goals by 109% in 2019 and 117% in 2020. We have a variety of dairy products to pick from today. So, we compiled a list of 5 dairy products that are exclusively manufactured in Qatar.

1. Baladna


Baladna began in 2014 as the largest sheep and goat farm in the Middle East. It rose to fame shortly after the ban for airlifting 4,000 milking cows from the US and Europe. The business constructed a milk rotary parlor and stables. With more than 20,000 Holstein cows, it is currently one of the biggest cattle farms in the area and one of Qatar’s largest locally owned dairy farms, producing more than 200 different dairy products.

  • Products- Laban, fresh milk, cheese, yogurt, cream, labneh, long-life milk
  • Website-
  • Phone no.- +974 4035 8888/ +974 5000 1137-39
  • Email ID- (General); (Quality Complaints)

2. Ghadeer Dairy

Ghadeer Dairy

The Arab Qatari Company for Dairy Production (Ghadeer) has been entirely Qatari-owned since 2017. According to its website, it was the first completely integrated agriculture and livestock project and was founded in 1986 as a joint venture by the state of Qatar, the Arab Co for Livestock Development, and Gulf Investment Corporation.

With a capacity for roughly 2,000 Holstein cows, it is the “first pioneer cow farm in Qatar.” The dairy plant in Ghadeer can produce more than 200 tonnes per day. They most recently introduced Non-Dairy Milk in flavors of coconut and almond.

  • Product- Laban, Yoghurt, Milk
  • Website-
  • Phone no.- +974 4460 1129

3. Al Maha Dairy

Al Maha Dairy

H.E. Sheikh Ghanem Bin Ali Al-Thani served as the chairman of Ghanem Al Thani Holdings (GATH) when it was established in 1979. Al Rawdah Dairy & Juice Products, which creates the Al Maha Dairy brand, is a division of GATH. According to the company’s website, the dairy farm contains more than 4,000 Holstein Friesian cows that were imported from Holland, the United States, Australia, and South Africa, as well as a 45,000-square-foot cutting-edge production facility. The business also sells fruit drinks in bottles.

  • Product- Flavoured milk, fresh milk, yogurt (fresh, stirred, fruit, drink), laban
  • Website-
  • Contact- +974 6628 1641/ 8001 009
  • Email ID-

4. Dandy


Gulf Danish Dairy & Williams, the ancestor of Dandy Company Limited, opened a small factory in 1973. According to the company website, the name of the business was changed to Dandy in 1998 “to make it more distinctive.” It relaunched its products following the blockage with a fresh aesthetic and contemporary packaging designs. The business is well-known for its ice cream and beverage offerings in addition to its variety of dairy goods.

  • Products- Yoghurt (flavored, fruit), flavored milk, fresh cream, labneh, laban
  • Website-
  • Contact- +974 4442 2980/ +974 4460 3500
  • Email ID-

5. Raw’a


The Gulf Food Production company, a member of the MJK group, manufactures raw’a. The Gulf Food Production company was founded in 2015, whereas the 100% Qatari group was founded in 1968. In addition to milk and dairy goods, the company makes juices for the neighborhood market.

  • Products- Ayran, laban, yogurt (flavored, stirred, greek)
  • Website-
  • Contact- +974 4432 3571
  • Email ID-

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