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Discover the Delights of Wathnan Mall in Al Rayyan

Wathnan Mall

Qatar’s landscape is dotted with an array of shopping malls, each offering a unique experience. If you’re on the lookout for a fresh destination to explore, direct your attention towards Wathnan Mall. Nestled in the heart of Al Rayyan, this family-centric shopping haven promises a delightful journey into the world of retail therapy, culinary delights, and entertainment.

Table of Contents

A Retail Wonderland

Here is the list of stores at Wathnan Mall categorized by departments:

Department Stores:

  1. Zarabi


  1. Jawahir
  2. Al-Rashidi
  3. Revn

Shoes & Bags:

  1. Top Touch
  2. Barjeel Corner
  3. Sama
  4. Jawdah
  5. Al Raha
  6. Intralink


  1. Al Jazeera Perfumes
  2. Alreef Zahoor
  3. Shams Perfumes
  4. Grasse Perfumes
  5. Al Raha Perfumes
  6. Saieco


  1. Ivory
  2. Al Zahid
  3. Violet Secret
  4. Al Khat Al Fhdi
  5. Jawaher
  6. Tafaneen
  7. Aspect
  8. Gazala Womens Dresses
  9. Nawaeem Fashion
  10. Abayat Al-Kwayty
  11. Bon Soiree
  12. Al Lamsa Al Raqia
  13. Signature Gallery Trading
  14. Al Zabarjad
  15. Kontesa Trading
  16. Silver Line
  17. Rotela
  18. Pink&Blue
  19. Fashionable Abayas
  20. Attai
  21. Rotela
  22. Milodiya
  23. Basma
  24. Taj Al Aroos
  25. Al Muwahad

Jewellery/Accessories Store:

  1. Qintar Jewellery
  2. Wathan Gold and Jewellery
  3. Zemam Jewellery & Gold
  4. Gold Mine
  5. Al Suwlajun Jewellery
  6. Al Salahi Jewellery
  7. Al Serj for Gold and Jewellery
  8. Yafea Jewellery
  9. Rood Bari
  10. Mithqal Gold & Jewellery
  11. Al-Afdal For-Accessories
  12. Jasmine Accessories

Cosmetics Store/Pharmacy:

  1. Wellcare Pharmacy

Honey Store:

  1. Honey and Olive Oil

Optics Store:

  1. V Eye P Optics


  1. Buono Qatar


  1. Al Jaber Watches
  2. Lavender (Florist)
  3. Tawfeeq Travels
  4. Perfect Nutrition Center


  1. Specialist Phone
  2. iStore

Culinary Delights Await

When hunger strikes, ascend to the first floor and be greeted by the enticing aroma of Turkish cuisine at Ahla Istanbul Restaurant. Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of Turkish classics, promising a memorable dining experience.

Kiosks for Every Need

Throughout Wathnan Mall, an assortment of kiosks awaits, catering to diverse needs. From phone accessories to beddings, perfumes, and beyond, these kiosks provide an added layer of convenience and variety.

A Food Court Fiesta

The food court is a charming retreat where you can take a breather and indulge your taste buds. From ice cream to burgers and a range of snacks, the food court features a lineup of eateries including Stomack Snacks Restaurant, Penguin Fried Chicken, Hollywood 5 Star, Mr. Fire, minimelts Ice Cream, Baskin Robins, and Crimy cookies. But the delights don’t end there. Fun City and Katakit Hair Salon offer a haven for kids, with rides, bumper cars, and a dash of entertainment. Please note Fun City operates from 1 pm to 12 am daily.

Captivating Al Rayyan’s Oasis

Nestled within the vibrant streets of Al Rayyan, Wathnan Mall serves as a captivating oasis for locals and visitors alike. This sprawling complex not only caters to your shopping desires but also offers an immersive experience that resonates with every member of the family.

A Retail Haven

Dive into the world of shopping as you navigate the halls of Wathnan Mall. Your shopping journey takes you through an impressive array of department stores and boutiques. Zarabi beckons with its diverse offerings, while Jawahir, Al-Rashidi, and Revn cater to your household essentials. Shoes and bags enthusiasts will find themselves spoiled for choice at Top Touch, Barjeel Corner, Sama, Jawdah, Al Raha, and Intralink. Step into a world of scents and elegance at Al Jazeera Perfumes, Alreef Zahoor, Shams Perfumes, Grasse Perfumes, Al Raha Perfumes, and Saieco. Attire yourself in the latest fashion trends from Ivory, Al Zahid, Violet Secret, Al Khat Al Fhdi, Jawaher, Tafaneen, and more. Admire the exquisite craftsmanship at Qintar Jewellery, Wathan Gold and Jewellery, Zemam Jewellery & Gold, Gold Mine, Al Suwlajun Jewellery, Al Salahi Jewellery, and Al Serj for Gold and Jewellery. Pamper yourself at Wellcare Pharmacy and satisfy your sweet cravings at Buono Qatar’s chocolaterie.

Beyond Retail: A Gastronomic Adventure

Wathnan Mall isn’t just a shopper’s haven; it’s a realm of culinary delights. Ascend to the first floor, where the tantalizing aroma of Turkish cuisine guides you to Ahla Istanbul Restaurant. Indulge in the authenticity of Turkish classics, making each bite a journey to the heart of Turkey’s culinary heritage.

Kiosks Galore: A World of Convenience

Scattered across the mall, an array of kiosks adds a touch of convenience and variety to your experience. From phone accessories to beddings, perfumes, and more, these kiosks offer an eclectic selection, catering to your diverse needs.

A Feast for All Senses: The Food Court

The food court beckons as a haven for both relaxation and indulgence. Savor ice cream, burgers, and an assortment of snacks from a selection of eateries including Stomack Snacks Restaurant, Penguin Fried Chicken, and more. Children will find joy in Fun City, a lively destination offering rides and bumper cars, while Katakit Hair Salon ensures their style stays on point.

Embrace the Journey

Wathnan Mall is more than just a shopping complex; it’s an invitation to embrace a journey of discovery, leisure, and connection. Wander through its corridors, engage with its offerings, and immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of experiences that await within. Whether you’re a dedicated shopper seeking the latest trends, a food enthusiast craving diverse flavors, a family in search of wholesome entertainment, or simply someone looking to unwind in a welcoming environment, Wathnan Mall is ready to cater to your every need.

A Tapestry of Memories

As you step into Wathnan Mall, you’re not just entering a physical space, but stepping into a tapestry of memories waiting to be woven. Every corner, every shop, every kiosk holds the potential to become a cherished memory – a place where you found the perfect accessory, savored a delicious meal, or shared a laughter-filled moment with loved ones. It’s a place where connections are forged, and experiences are etched into the annals of your life.

A Community Hub

Beyond its walls and offerings, Wathnan Mall serves as a community hub, a gathering place where people from all walks of life come together to celebrate the joys of life. It’s a testament to the spirit of Qatar, where traditions blend harmoniously with modern aspirations, and where a simple visit to a mall can turn into an unforgettable experience.

Create Your Tale

In the heart of Al Rayyan, Wathnan Mall beckons you to create your own tale within its vibrant confines. It’s not just a mall; it’s a canvas awaiting your touch, a symphony waiting for your notes, and a memory waiting for your imprint. As you traverse its corridors, indulge in its offerings, and relish in its ambiance, remember that you’re not just experiencing a place – you’re crafting a chapter of your own Qatar journey.

Unveil the Magic

With each visit, you’ll peel back another layer of the magic that is Wathnan Mall. It’s a place where stories are shared, dreams are realized, and moments are cherished. So, embark on this enchanting expedition, immerse yourself in the allure of Wathnan Mall, and let the experience unfold as you add your own unique colors to its vibrant tapestry.

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