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The term “seasonal allergies” most likely brings to mind nasal symptoms like sneezing and sniffling. However, don’t forget about your eyes: they’re susceptible to environmental allergens, as well, and can become itchy, burn, water, and turn red at the drop of a hat (or, in this case, a single pollen-coated flower).

You may also experience allergic reactions to ragweed, dust, pet dander, and grass in addition to pollen. Here are eight of the best options for eye allergy sufferers that provide relief for all kinds of symptoms.

1. Bausch + Lomb Alaway Antihistamine Eye Drops

A common ingredient in allergy eye drops is ketotifen, an antihistamine. Since your eyes respond to allergens in the same way as the rest of your body, they produce a chemical called histamines. Histamines cause swelling, itching, pain, and other unpleasant reactions. 

The main action of ketotifen is to reduce that response. The 12-hour protection of Alaway allows it to be used to treat common allergies such as pollen, dander, and grass. As soon as you apply it, it starts working, and it is safe to use with contact lenses (follow the directions on the packaging). 

2. Visine Allergy Eye Relief Multi-Action Eye Drops

When you hear of OTC eye drops, you probably think of Visine. With decades of experience in eye care, they offer multiple formulations of drops to address virtually every eye problem (yep, even eye strain from excessive screen time).

Due to their affordability, Visine multi-action eye drops are great budget picks for allergy sufferers who need to alleviate the symptoms as soon as possible. Providing antihistamines to relieve itching and decongestants to relieve redness, they’re the eye drops to grab when allergies strike and leave you wandering the aisles of the pharmacy in despair.

The drops may be used up to four times a day, but not more than 72 hours consecutively. Using these drops regularly could lead to dependence on a decongestant. If you have seasonal or chronic eye allergies, then you need to use a product that does not contain any decongestants.

3. Bausch + Lomb Opcon-A Allergy Eye Relief

Opticon-A is effective for reducing the redness associated with allergies because it also contains an antihistamine. Besides reducing redness, it can also relieve itching due to grass, pollen, ragweed, and pets. 

It is important not to overuse this product; your eyes can become accustomed to it, and you may experience more severe redness when you stop using it (which leads you to use it again, creating a vicious cycle). Use for up to four hours at a time is safe when intermittent, but not continuous use. 

4. Refresh Optive Lubricant Eye Drops

For contact lens wearers with allergies, there is no need to choose between wearing lenses and feeling free of allergy symptoms! It is safe to use allergy eye drops with soft contacts. It is important to maintain your eyes’ overall moisture in this situation since irritation and contact lenses can take their toll on your eyes.

5. Systabe Lubricant Eye Drops

Dryness may be your most common allergy symptom, so you might want to start small – with an artificial tear product – and work your way up. The use of lubrication may resolve your dryness problems without the use of antihistamines or decongestants.

 It is a good choice to keep your eyes nice and moist with Systane: with two different kinds of glycol, a humectant that attracts and binds water to surfaces, these drops can be applied any time your eyes require a serious refresher.

It works great for lubricating dry eyes caused by allergies. It can also be used for gritty, blurry, or fatigued eyes, as well as excessive tearing. It’s an all-purpose eye cream.

6. ALCON Pataday Once Daily Relief

It is important to avoid antihistamines that irritate your eyes more before they begin to work if you have eye allergies. If ketotifen-based eye drops haven’t worked for you, use one that contains olopatadine, like Pataday.

Pataday also targets itching and other allergic symptoms caused by grass, pollen, ragweed, and animals, like Alaway. It’s perfect for allergy sufferers who work all day around their triggers, as it lasts 16 hours and only needs to be applied once a day (although it’s also available twice daily if you prefer overnight protection). 

7. Similasan Allergy Eye Relief Drops

The Similasan eye drops contain gentle, non-irritating ingredients, which are perfect for treating eye allergies naturally. These drops treat red, itchy, stinging, and watery eyes due to allergies.

Since the ingredients are natural, you can use the drops as needed without worrying about side effects or rebound effects. Their primary ingredients are three natural botanical extracts. Contact lens wearers are advised to consult their doctors before using this product.

8. Systane Zatidor Antihistamine Eye Drops

It is crucial to use an antihistamine if you have watery eyes since they dry up mucus and can stop runny noses and post-nasal drips. Antihistamines can reduce excess tears caused by environmental allergens as well as watery eyes. 

ZADITOR can provide both immediate and long-lasting relief from pollen and dry air in office buildings. You can use them indefinitely without any rebound effect, and you can also use them with contacts (per instructions on packaging). 

*** This article is just for information only. Please consult a doctor before using any medicine.

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