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25 Interesting Facts About SEX

25 Surprising and Interesting Facts About Sex

We all know how taboo it is to talk about sex in our society, in front of our family, siblings, and elders. However, we should talk about sex as comfortably as other topics. Because of all this, we all try to deny the importance of sex and how healthy it is for an individual, and how important sex education is in today’s generation. 

25 Surprising and Interesting Facts About Sex :

Today, we are going to talk about the interesting facts about sex and how to give yourself pleasure. Read the complete article to know those interesting facts about sex.

Numbers on sex

A whole new set of digits is coming to the bedroom party.

1. Individuals in their 20s are most active

However, research proves that most of the ‘first time’s happen during teenage years. The nookie digits increase to around 80 times every year for individuals in their 20s. 

2. The magic number is 13

It is said that between 7 & 13 minutes is the ideal optimum time for intimate sex.

3. It burns calories slowly

Studies prove that a passionate sex session burns up to 5 calories per minute.

4. 70% of men watch porn

In comparison to men, only 33% of women watch porn. Women tend to watch it with their partners, whereas men enjoy it alone. 

5. Period sex has five benefits

Although you won’t have to stop surfing because of the crimson wave, you should be aware of its side effects.

Drive me crazy

We all have libido- the energy that drives our passion. However, there are also minimal side effects of libido. 

6. Everyone’s libido is different

There is no normal, it all depends on how often you get busy.

7. You can be too horny

It is suggested by the experts that, if thoughts or actions of sexuality take over your days, lead you to sneak around, or have become a distraction, then it is time you should take professional help.

8. Sex drive + increased years of life = not a sexy combo

Several things decline with age, including libido. Sexual drives in women are more likely to be affected than in men.

9. Sexual drive can be affected by internal issues

Moods are affected by many factors, from drugs to hormones to health concerns. You can examine these factors if you feel off your game.

10. You can do a libido restart

You don’t need to panic if your sex drive jumps from 0 one minute to 100 the next. Small dietary changes and exercise can help you reform balance.

A game of two halves

If you like to play solo or prefer to spend time with others, both approaches have their benefits.

11. It’s a good way to discover yourself

Masturbation is one of the best exercises to turn you on. This is one of the ways you discover yourself and your body and the pleasure. Which makes sex more pleasurable.

12. Self-love boosts self-esteem

Studies prove that masturbation can boost more positive self-esteem in individuals.

13. Sex strengthens bonds

Sexual actions help improve both physical and mental relationships with a partner.

14. Practice makes frequent

Research has shown that having sex can increase affection levels, which, in turn, increases the frequency of sexual activity.

Let’s get physical

Sex feels good. There are long-term health benefits, too.

15. A path to sweet dreams

It is a fact that those who orgasm before bed are more likely to have quality sleep.

16. Toys aren’t just for children

Studies have shown that regular use of vibrators improves overall health.

17. It keeps red days at bay

Is it the period time? Juggying can adjust your levels of luteinizing hormone, which affects your menstrual cycle.

18. Working out makes workin’ it out pleasingly

Sex burns calories. However, to up your bedroom game, you need to hit the ground before you hit the bed.

19. Vitamin S(ex) is good for the body

Immune systems can be improved by sexual activity. Is there a better way to ward off the common cold than by getting hot and steamy? Not likely.

20. Taking care of one’s body leads to a greater sense of pleasure

Intimate relationships can be affected by a variety of physical conditions, but they don’t necessarily have to end. Professional help is not something to be ashamed of when it comes to getting the pleasure you deserve.

Mind over mattress

Mental health boosters are always welcome – and sex can be just the medicine a therapist ordered.

21. You can learn by sex-experience

The area of the brain associated with learning can be activated by sexual stimulation.

22. The bedroom can prep you for the boardroom

In studies, people who have fun in the evening tend to be more engaged at work the next day.

23. You can climax your stress away

Sexual intimacy reduces the stress effects on your blood pressure, and it regulates the firing of stress signals in your brain.

24. It helps to put the Big O in ‘om’

Meditation is not just good for de-stressing after a stressful day at work, it can also improve sexual pleasure and arousal.

25. Nookie and your noggin are linked

In addition to negatively affecting our mental health, depression, anxiety, and PTSD can also impact our sexual lives.

Disclaimer: The Content is derived from WHO and health related sites and compiled in this article to provide the information. it is nither does not have any commericial intent nor supporting any products. Please consult the doctor for best advise.

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