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Guide to Color-Coded Police Vehicles in Qatar

Qatar Police Internal security

If you are new to Qatar, you may have noticed the many colorful vehicles used by the Qatar police force. You may have seen the same police officers using vehicles of different colors, and this can be confusing. However, the reason behind the use of different color-coded vehicles is to maintain a proper balance in the deployment of police resources and to make people aware of the type of police in their area.

Each color-coded vehicle has a specific purpose. For example, red and blue vehicles are used for emergency response, while white vehicles are used for general patrolling. Green vehicles are used by traffic police, while yellow vehicles are used by the community policing unit. The use of color-coded vehicles helps the police to easily identify and deploy the appropriate resources in different situations, making it easier for them to carry out their duties efficiently.

While the use of color-coded vehicles has proven to be effective for the police force, it can sometimes confuse tourists or those on business purposes who are not familiar with the system. Therefore, it is important for visitors to understand the purpose of the different color-coded vehicles to avoid any confusion. Overall, the use of color-coded vehicles is just one example of how the Qatar police force has adopted innovative methods to enhance its operations and improve public safety.

But here is the breakup of how the colour-coding system works for the Qatar police. Let us take a look at how these colour codes help Qatar Police dispense their duties properly –

Al Fazaa: The Rescue Police (Colour used: Black and White)

Al Fazaa Police cars in Qatar

Al Fazaa is a special police force in Qatar that is dedicated to rescue and emergency operations. Known as the “Rescue Police,” Al Fazaa has been established to ensure the safety and security of people in Qatar.

The force is equipped with specialized vehicles and equipment for search and rescue operations, including advanced communication systems and specialized drones for aerial surveillance. In addition to emergency rescue, Al Fazaa also plays an important role in community policing, conducting patrols and responding to public safety concerns.

The Al Fazaa team is comprised of highly trained personnel who are dedicated to their mission of ensuring public safety. They undergo rigorous training and are well-equipped to handle a variety of emergency situations, including natural disasters, fires, and accidents.

In addition to its rescue and emergency operations, Al Fazaa also collaborates with other law enforcement agencies to combat crime and maintain law and order in the country. Overall, Al Fazaa is a vital component of Qatar’s public safety infrastructure, providing critical services to the people of Qatar in times of need.

  • Security patrols of Highways and communities
  • Responding to crime reports and preventing crime patrols
  • Responding to citizen assistance calls
  • Assistance in checking traffic violations
  • Assistance to children and elderly
  • Service and support to all relevant government ministries.

Qatar Traffic Police (Colour used: Blue, White and Yellow)

Qatar traffic

The Qatar Traffic Police is a specialized unit of the Qatar police force that is responsible for ensuring road safety and regulating traffic in the country. They are easily identifiable by their distinctive blue, white, and yellow vehicles.

The blue vehicles are used by the traffic police for regular patrolling and monitoring of traffic violations, such as speeding or reckless driving. The white vehicles are used for general patrol and law enforcement, while the yellow vehicles are used for special operations, such as traffic control during events or VIP escorts.

The Qatar Traffic Police use advanced technology and equipment to help them carry out their duties. This includes radar guns to detect speeding violations, breathalyzers to test for alcohol consumption, and surveillance cameras to monitor traffic flow and detect violations.

The Traffic Police also collaborate with other law enforcement agencies to promote road safety, such as the Ministry of Interior and the General Directorate of Traffic. They conduct regular awareness campaigns to educate the public about traffic rules and regulations and the importance of safe driving practices.

In addition to their enforcement duties, the Traffic Police also provide assistance to motorists who are involved in accidents or experiencing other road-related issues. They are dedicated to ensuring the safety of all road users in Qatar and work tirelessly to maintain order and safety on the roads.

Their major roles include –

  • Controlling and investigating traffic accidents
  • Overseeing traffic control, patrolling on roads, maintaining orders during processions
  • Coordinating with different departments such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ceremonies Department, and the Internal Security Forces to direct traffic during official functions
  • Enforcing traffic laws

Lekhwiya: Internal Security forces (Red and Yellow)

Lekhwiya Qatar

Lekhwiya is the Internal Security Force in Qatar, responsible for maintaining public order and security in the country. They are easily identifiable by their distinctive red and yellow vehicles.

The red and yellow colors of the Lekhwiya vehicles represent the Qatari flag, and are meant to symbolize the force’s commitment to protecting the country and its people. The force is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to help them carry out their duties, including advanced communication systems and specialized vehicles for various operations.

The Lekhwiya Force plays an important role in safeguarding Qatar’s national security, working closely with other law enforcement agencies to prevent crime, respond to emergencies, and combat terrorism. They are highly trained and skilled in various aspects of security, including crowd control, counter-terrorism, and crisis response.

In addition to their law enforcement duties, the Lekhwiya Force is also involved in community policing, working closely with local communities to identify and address issues that impact public safety. They conduct regular patrols and engage with the public to build trust and establish positive relationships.

Overall, the Lekhwiya Force is a vital component of Qatar’s national security infrastructure, dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of the people of Qatar. Their major duties include –

  • Mobilizing in response to threats against the state and not limited to terror only.
  • Providing security details to visiting dignitaries, heads of states, and VIP to government of Qatar and that of Royal families
  • Assisting in providing overall security coverage of the country and lesioning with various organizations
  • Controlling the riots as well as to combat crimes of smuggling
  • Providing security to large scale conferences and events.

The Amiri Guard and the Royal Guard Brigades (Gold and Black or Green and White)

Amiri Guard

The Amiri Guard and the Royal Guard Brigades are elite military units in Qatar, responsible for the protection of the royal family and the country’s strategic assets.

The Amiri Guard is responsible for the protection of the Emir of Qatar and his family, as well as important government buildings and national assets. The unit is made up of highly trained soldiers and officers who specialize in various areas, including security, intelligence, and logistics. They are equipped with advanced weapons and equipment, and are trained to respond to a variety of situations, from terrorist attacks to natural disasters.

The Royal Guard Brigades, on the other hand, are responsible for protecting the country’s strategic assets, such as oil and gas facilities, as well as critical infrastructure like airports and seaports. They are trained to operate in various environments, including urban areas and the desert, and are equipped with specialized vehicles and equipment to help them carry out their duties.

Both the Amiri Guard and the Royal Guard Brigades are considered the most elite and highly trained military units in Qatar. They are dedicated to upholding the security and stability of the country, and play an important role in safeguarding Qatar’s national interests both at home and abroad. Their other duties include –

  • Gathering of Intelligence
  • Providing security to royal family, The Emir and other VVIPs
  • Providing security during the Qatar National Day Parade festivity
  • They also have mounted royal horseback and camel guards and they patrol in Souq Waqif.

So, now that you have understood the colour combinations used by different agencies of security in Qatar, the confusion of recognizing the vehicles can finally be put to rest.

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