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A guide to colour-coded police Cars (vehicles) in Qatar

Qatar Police Internal security

If you are new in Qatar, you must have been confused by seeing a number of colourful vehicles used by Qatar police. You would have seen the same police using different colours of vehicles. This is because the Qatar police uses a number of color-coded vehicles for different purposes. It does so in order to maintain proper balancing in using the force as well as to make people aware of the type of police in their area. While it makes it easier for police to dispense their duties, it can sometime confuse tourists or those on business purposes.

But here is the breakup of how the colour-coding system works for the Qatar police. Let us take a look at how these colour codes help Qatar Police dispense their duties properly –

Al Fazaa: The Rescue Police (Colour used: Black and White)

Al Fazaa Police cars in Qatar

The Rescue police of Qatar use black and white colours. They are the ones who can be seen commonly on the streets of Qatar who are tasked with the purpose of being at the scenes of emergencies or where assistance is required. This police department was established in 2009 by Qatar’s Ministry of Interior. Their functions include –

  • Security patrols of Highways and communities
  • Responding to crime reports and preventing crime patrols
  • Responding to citizen assistance calls
  • Assistance in checking traffic violations
  • Assistance to children and elderly
  • Service and support to all relevant government ministries.

Qatar Traffic Police (Colour used: Blue, White and Yellow)

Qatar traffic

The traffic police of Qatar use blue, white and yellow coloured vehicles. They are the ones keeping the traffic regulations of Qatar intact. Their major roles include –

  • Controlling and investigating traffic accidents
  • Overseeing traffic control, patrolling on roads, maintaining orders during processions
  • Coordinating with different departments such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ceremonies Department, and the Internal Security Forces to direct traffic during official functions
  • Enforcing traffic laws

Lekhwiya: Internal Security forces (Red and Yellow)

Lekhwiya Qatar

The Internal security force of Qatar is also called the Lekhwiya and their duties including maintaining the internal order of the country. The security force which was commissioned in 2004 use Red and Yellow colour for their vehicles. Their major duties include –

  • Mobilizing in response to threats against the state and not limited to terror only.
  • Providing security details to visiting dignitaries, heads of states, and VIP to government of Qatar and that of Royal families
  • Assisting in providing overall security coverage of the country and lesioning with various organizations
  • Controlling the riots as well as to combat crimes of smuggling
  • Providing security to large scale conferences and events.

(Gold and Black or Green and White)

Amiri Guard

The Amiri Guard and the Royal Guard Brigades are the most elite divisions of security forces of Qatar. They are directly linked with the security of HH The Emir, the royal family members, the high ranking governmental officials as well as some of the visiting head of states and dignitaries. The Amiri Guard use two colour combination – Gold and Black or Green and White. Their other duties include –

  • Gathering of Intelligence
  • Providing security to royal family, The Emir and other VVIPs
  • Providing security during the Qatar National Day Parade festivity
  • They also have mounted royal horseback and camel guards and they patrol in Souq Waqif.

So, now that you have understood the colour combinations used by different agencies of security in Qatar, the confusion of recognizing the vehicles can finally be put to rest.

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